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THDP Ch 68 Part 3 – Spirit Points (III)

After leaving the shop, Meng Qi looked back once again. Under the night sky, it was only a small and unimpressed shop, located in the deserted northwest corner of Beyond The Heaven City, and didn’t even have a name written on its sign.

Who would have thought that a completely different world was hidden inside?

Meng Qi carefully remembered the location, then began to walk towards the teleportation array and returned to the city gate.

A moment after she left, a white light flashed on the third floor of the book hall. A handsome white-robed young man appeared from the flash and casually pulled out a bamboo slip from the bookshelf nearby.

Without reading its content, he put the bamboo slip back to the shelf. The white-robed man repeated this many times, and in just a moment, he had taken out and returned the bamboo slip seventy or eighty times.

The old man who was still sorting out the bamboo slips on the first floor finally looked up at the third floor, “What are you doing?”

“She is very stupid.” The white-robed man replied, “Just a Four Orders And Four Season Array can amaze her so much. She will definitely have to come here a lot in the future.” While speaking, he kept taking out the same bamboo slip and throwing it back again and again.

“Why don’t you just directly give her your excess spirit points?” The old man couldn’t help rolling his eyes.

The white-robed man paused, but soon continued to take out and returned the bamboo slip, as if nothing happened. “How can the rules laid down by the ancestors be broken just for one Foundation Establishment cultivator?” He said nonchalantly. “I cannot make an exception for her.”

“Heh—” The old man chuckled. He turned around and continuing to organize the bookshelf. “Rules?” He strokes the bamboo slips on a shelf. “What kind of rules?” His gaze drifted into a distance. “Is it Three Thousand World’s Heavenly Dao’s rules? Or the Demon Realm’s Nine Heaven’s rules? Or the Devil Realm’s Twelve Great Sky’s rules?”

The white-robe man’s hands once again paused.

The old man smiled slightly and continued, “But this is also good. It is rare to have such a well-behaved, polite, smart, and diligent little girl come here and accompany me to read books and chatting. If you want to help her, just do so. Help her slowly earn more spirit points, so she can come to accompany me more. This third grandfather of yours will also be happy.” The white-robed man’s granduncle—the book hall’s old man—waved his hand and smiled brightly: “Just take your time there. I will make tea and take a rest.”

The white-robed man quietly watched the old man’s back disappeared behind the bookshelf. His grip on the bamboo slip tightened. The man slowly opened his hand and lowered his gaze at the bamboo slip on his palm. This was the bamboo slip Meng Qi exchanged for thirty spirit points just now. According to the old man, every time someone borrowed this bamboo slip, Meng Qi would earn three spirit points—and the white-robed man exactly was doing this.

Only a few select in Beyond The Heaven knew about the spirit points. In addition to borrowing books at the legendary Heaven And Earth Book Hall, spirit points could also be used to redeem some rare things. For example, if a sect wanted to open their own store on one of the two of Beyond The Heaven’s floating islands, they needed to use spirit points.

In addition, these spirit points could also be used to exchange for some exclusive experiences provided by Beyond The Heaven. For example, the tokens needed to enter Beyond The Heaven’s mountain that previously was auctioned at the Heaven Auction House. Anyone with enough spirit points could directly redeem a token without having to participate in the fierce bidding war. Therefore, the value of spirit points in Beyond The Heaven was much higher than spirit stones.

Because of its value, few people knew about spirit points. Not to mention newcomers, even many of the veterans who had been patronizing Beyond The Heaven for a long time didn’t know about its existence and value.

In Three Thousand World, most people who knew about spirit points were the leaders of large sects. Otherwise, they were the most prestigious and powerful wandering cultivators. But not even many of them knew the location of Heaven And Earth Book Hall.

Because of the old man’s words, the white-robed man seemed to pause for a moment. But he soon resumed taking out and putting back the bamboo slip.

After working hard for a month, she barely solved the poison of jackdaw grass. This progress was too slow. What’s more, even such a small place like Xue Clan’s library collection could attract her so much.

What’s so good about Feng Alliance?

The sects in Three Thousand Worlds, the bigger they were, the more people there would have a higher heart, and few would cultivate wholeheartedly. Meng Qi should visit the Heaven And Earth Book Hall a few more times and see more, so she would no longer be attracted and distracted by those small places.


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    But in Little Master’s case it is to give Qiqi points!

  2. So that’s why he keeps taking it out & putting it back 😂😂 she’s probably loaded now…next time she won’t need to exchange anything in order to read.

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