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THDP Ch 68 Part 4 – Spirit Points (IV)

Seeing Meng Qi slowly opened her eyes, Sikong Xing immediately jumped over. “Meng Qiqi, how is it?”

Meng Qi stood up and nodded, “I found the solution.”

Indeed, now that she had the thorough understanding of Four Orders And Four Seasons Array, this was actually…just a very simple, yet complex-looking, array.

Meng Qi felt a little ashamed.

Was she also influenced by the author’s comment on the bamboo slip she just read? Before this, she clearly thought that whoever designed the method of using this array was very smart and knowledgeable. But now, her impression changed so drastically.

“Great!” Sikong Xing cheered happily.

Su Junmo still looked at Meng Qi with a weird expression. He wasn’t surprised that Meng Qi actually found a solution. The Lord even led her to Heaven And Earth Book Hall, which was equivalent to helping Meng Qi directly.

With Meng Qi’s brain, it was impossible for her to not gain anything.

After smiling at Sikong Xing, Meng Qi’s eyes fell on Su Junmo. She nodded gently, as if thanking him for his information and tacitly maintaining a secret between them.

Su Junmo’s heart fell with a loud ‘thump.’

Did Meng Qi know something?

In fact, he always felt strange. The Lord ordered him to investigate Meng Qi, but actually was to protect her in disguise. However, the Lord never came forward directly and instead always let him be the middleman.

The Lord seemed to be hiding, and Meng Qi also never mentioned anything about the Lord and the Demon Realm. Since the two involved parties didn’t say anything, Su Junmo of course didn’t dare to mention a word. But even if he was to be killed, Su Junmo refused to believe that Meng Qi, who used the Four Poles Great Array so casually, really knew nothing.

So, the crucial question here is, how much exactly does Meng Qi know?

He is so curious, ah!

Su Junmo felt as if a cat was scratching his heart.

He feels so itchy. He wants to ask, wants to know, wants to gossip!

Su Junmo barely suppressed the blazing gossip fire in his heart and silently watched Meng Qi walked back to Li Che.

“Fellow Daoist Li.” Meng Qi said. “If you want to detoxify your poison, it’s better to have your Master do it. Although it may be more painful for a while, it will be quicker that way. Please bear with it.”

“I understand.” Li Che nodded. His vision was still extremely blurred. So he had to follow the voice to turn his head towards Meng Qi’s direction. His youthful face was still a sickly pale, with a faint blueness under his eyes. Even so, there was no fear in his expression. “Many thanks, Fellow Daoist Meng.”

Meng Qi shook her head. She went to call Shen Zhengheng and the others, who were waiting outside the door, to enter the room again.

Meng Qi sighed in relief. Now that she had known about the array’s true nature, there was no need for her to detoxify Li Che herself. This meant that…

Meng Qi took out the brocade bag containing the spirit stones she had received before and returned it to Shen Zhengheng.

“Young Daoist Meng. This is…” Shen Zhengheng looked at Meng Qi in surprise, “Even Young Daoist Meng cannot do anything about Xiao Che’s poison?”

“No.” Meng Qi shook her head and began to explain, “The array on Fellow Daoist Li’s body is called the Four Poles And Four Seasons Array…” Meng Qi explained everything and finally said: “So, Sect Leader Shen can easily solve the poison on Fellow Daoist Li’s body by yourself. Since I don’t do anything, I naturally cannot accept the payment.”

To be honest, Meng Qi was relieved. She really didn’t want to extort someone like Li Che. Since she didn’t need to do anything, it was the best result.

“I understand.” Shen Zhengheng nodded slowly. Meng Qi had specifically explained the name and characteristic of the array. She was a friend greatly valued by Pei Mufeng. Even a celestial demon noble from the Demon Realm like Su Junmo highly praised her expertise in arrays, saying that she was one of the best in Three Thousand Worlds.

Shen Zhengheng no longer had any doubt. He turned his head and said to Li Che: “Xiao Che, bear with it for a while.”

Shen Zhengheng waved his hand. A golden small medicinal cauldron appeared beside him, floating in the air.

Meng Qi stepped back and looked at the golden medicinal cauldron. Similar to Xue Chengxuan’s silver needles, medicinal cauldrons were a popular choice to be a natal weapon for medical cultivators. She remembered that Li Che’s natal weapon was also a medicinal cauldron. After all, Canglang Academy’s medicine refinery was famous in Three Thousand Worlds.

Shen Zhengheng activated a spell with one hand. A light flashed slightly, and the golden medicinal cauldron also flashed in response. The light fell into Li Che’s body. The young man gritted his teeth in pain, his whole body soon drenched in sweat.

Shen Zhengheng also gritted his teeth and chose to believe in Meng Qi. He stretched out his hand and put it on top of his disciple’s head. His medicinal cauldron swayed around Li Che.

“Ugh—” On Li Che’s forehead, sweats rolled down endlessly.

Shen Zhengheng was already in the Spirit Severing stage. When his strong aura reached Li Che’s body, it drove the array frantically. Li Che felt as if he was submerged under ten thousand years of deep ice. His whole body seemed to be frozen, and his limbs were extremely painful.

Li Che gritted his teeth desperately and endured the pain.

After one incense stick of time, Shen Zhengheng retracted his hand.

Li Che’s body was totally soaked with sweat. But the array on his back has disappeared without a trace.

“Thank you, Young Daoist Meng.” Shen Zhengheng finally breathed a sigh of relief. He turned his head and looked at Meng Qi with sincere gratitude: “Young Daoist has such accomplishments as this young age. Your future surely will be limitless.”

Shen Zhengheng pondered for a moment and took out a bamboo slip from his storage space item. “Young Daoist sincerely told us the solution for the Four Orders And Four Seasons Array and didn’t hide anything. Your kindness is truly admirable. Although our Canglang Academy is just a small one, our medicine refinery technique is still quite famous in Three Thousand Worlds. This is the refinement formula of one of our sect’s exclusive medicine. Let me use it to thank Young Daoist for sharing your knowledge about the Four Orders And Four Seasons Array and saving my disciple.” He stuffed the bamboo slip into Meng Qi’s hand. “Young Daoist shouldn’t refuse. Please accept it.”


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    1. I don’t think he’ll remember because Meng Qi didn’t heal him herself. Also, it seems like she probably has to heal the same condition she did in the past life, so even if she did heal him, I don’t think it would allow him to regain his memories; and even if he did remember, he still believes it was Lu Qingran who saved him, so it would only make him a greater admirer of her, lol.

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