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THDP Ch 69 Part 1 – B-brother Su??? (I)

“Then, I will receive it. Thank you.” After hesitating for a moment, Meng Qi accepted the formula. She took out another bamboo slip, copied the rest of Four Orders And Four Seasons Array’s patterns, then held the slip with both hands towards Shen Zhengheng. “This is the complete patterns of the same set of the array found on your disciple’s back. Although they look different, in fact, the effect is almost the same. They may look fancy and confusing, but these arrays are not very powerful.” Meng Qi subconsciously used the author’s comment.

“I understand.” Shen Zhengheng also accepted the bamboo slip.

For medical cultivators, this kind of transaction was commonplace. The Medical Cultivators Conference’s existence was also to promote the exchange of knowledge between medical cultivators from all over Three Thousand Worlds, to prevent the tragedy where many legacies were cut off by a sect’s total demise.

Of course, each sect still had its own secret legacy. In fact, in the current Three Thousand World, both sword cultivators and spell cultivators placed more emphasis on keeping the legacy of their sects secret. However, medical cultivators were weak in self-protection ability. After suffering several catastrophes, some of those sect leaders had become more open-minded.

Like Shen Zhengheng, even though he just gave away one of their sect’s exclusive medicine formulas, he didn’t feel reluctant.

“Sect Leader Shen should take a good rest. We are leaving now.” After nodding politely, Meng Qi walked out of the door with Su Junmo and Sikong Xing.

“Finally, it’s over.” Outside the room, Sikong Xing stretched her body. She looked towards the horizon. The morning sun had been rising, and the eastern sky was already bright.

Meng Qi also loosened her shoulders: “Thank you for your hard work today, Xingxing.” She then smiled meaningfully at Su Junmo: “Brother Su, you too. Today is a great harvest. I’m very satisfied!”

Su Junmo “…”

Why does he suddenly feel uneasy?

The way Meng Qi looks at him, why does it make his back cold?

And why does Meng Qi suddenly call him ‘Brother Su’?

She always calls his name directly. Could it be…

Sikong Xing leaned forwards and took Meng Qi’s arm. Seeing Meng Qi smiled, she asked curiously: “So, what did you get at Beyond The Heaven that makes you so happy?”

“Um…” Meng Qi smiled, but didn’t answer. Instead, she turned her head at Su Junmo again: “Can I tell her?”

“Tell…tell what?!” Su Junmo almost bit his tongue. “What do you mean?”

Meng Qi pursed her lips and chuckled. Her eyes were drifting. She had a beautiful appearance, just like a typical seventeen years old girl. But her smile now made her look more her age. Usually, Meng Qi was so calm and unperturbed, so Su Junmo often forgot her young age and low cultivation level.

Meng Qi was smiling sweetly. Standing in the courtyard, the light from the morning sun shone upon her. Coating her beautiful face with a soft, gentle light. Even her smile seemed to be mixed with honey, revealing a bit of unusual shyness.

“Then…let’s not talk about it.” Meng Qi said gently to Sikong Xing. “When Brother Su allows me to talk, you will be the first person I tell.”

“Okay…” Sikong Xing pouted. She glared at Su Junmo dissatisfiedly.

Su Junmo “…”

He really didn’t understand. The Lord cared so much about Meng Qi, so why did the Lord always use a roundabout way to help her?

Like this time. The Lord was an expert in arrays, far above the others. Why didn’t he teach Meng Qi himself instead of leading her to the Third Elder’s library pavilion? Moreover, he even forbade his name to be mentioned in front of Meng Qi.

Meng Qi also never mentioned the Lord either. But after returning from Third Elder’s library, she suddenly became shy….

Su Junmo was totally at a loss. Meng Qi didn’t react like this because of the Third Elder, right?

As the celestial demon white fox, although Su Junmo had never fallen in love, he had seen plenty of examples!

Third Elder’s library stored countless books. From the official history to wild gossip, biographies of powerful figures in the three realms, all kinds of personal notes…when Su Junmo was a kid, he also liked that place.

No way!

Su Junmo couldn’t understand. What exactly was happening between Meng Qi and the Lord?!

He really couldn’t understand!!

While Su Junmo was busy battling with his own curiosity, Meng Qi had already walked away with Sikong Xing, arm in arm.

Pei Mufeng walked to Meng Qi’s other side, talking to her in a low voice: “So Li Che’s poison is actually easy to solve?” Pei Mufeng pondered, “According to your statement, the preparator merely used a trick to confuse people, but this person is actually not so skillful.”

“Not necessarily.” Meng Qi replied, “Whoever did it, they can use Four Orders And Four Seasons Array and probably know about other arrays too. They may use similar methods to attack medical cultivators around Xingluo City again.” She paused. “You must be careful.”

“I see.” Pei Mufeng nodded.

“I think this person is deliberate, ah.” Sikong Xing said from the side. “Xingluo City is hosting the Medical Cultivators Conference. All the top medical sects and medical cultivators from all over Three Thousand Worlds are gathering here. However, they are made helpless against low-level poisons. If this matter spreads, what will people think?”

Meng Qi and Pei Mufeng looked at each other.

Sikong Xing continued, “At that time, the preparator will finally show up…Meng Qiqi, didn’t you say that if a Foundation Establishment cultivator used detoxifying spells, they wouldn’t trigger the array?” She rolled her eyes quickly. “…and then, in front of the gathering of medical cultivators, this person will let a Foundation Establishment cultivator detoxify Xue Lingfeng and the others…tsk!! The large medical sects would have their reputation severely beaten. This person isn’t doing something totally horrendous, but what they do is still causing chaos!”


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  1. Hehehehehe already know who it issssssss
    Going to go about that to get spirit stones no?? To pay off a certain debt. Hahahha
    Many thanks

  2. In a weird way, collecting debt has shifted the debt they owe back onto the former FL’s head… literally.

  3. I feel like they’ve been a bit harsh on the Four Orders and Four Seasons array these last few chapters… If you can stop people from healing people by using it, does it really matter if it’s through a trick or through an a more direct obstacle? A trick might be useless once people know about it, but so long as nobody knows about it… It probably avoids a lot of unnecessary work.

    Sure, it might be disappointing to find out that an array doesn’t do what you thought it did, but that just means your expectations were off. It still has several clever aspects (making use of external aura to power itself, confusing observation of its target by shifting perception, easily dressed up with decorative aspects to hide the core array) – it’s just not that directly powerful.

    If I had to make a comparison, it’s like hiding something in a big, sturdy safe vs a hollowed out book in your library. They take very different approaches, and which is better will vary depending on your circumstances, but they’ll both protect what you’re trying to hide in a large variety of situations – one’s not necessarily better than the other.

    (Also, why do I get the feeling that having Su Junmo send her to the library is kind of like having a guy send his best friend to give his crush flowers while making it seem like it was said friend’s idea? It’s like he has no idea what effect a gesture like giving a treasure trove of knowledge to someone like her would have…)

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