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THDP Ch.7 Part 2 – Isn’t He….Her Master?! (II)

“This little white tiger?” Meng Qi also noticed Chu Tianfeng’s vigilance. Indeed, her actions just now were careless.

Meng Qi has never been a person who pretended to know something she didn’t, so she politely asked: “May I ask Young Master Chu, is this little white tiger a very powerful demon?”

Chu Tianfeng took a deep breath and made another gesture to activate a different spell. As its name suggested, Fentian Palace1 was a sect specialized in flame-based spells. A pale blue flame appeared from his fingertips and danced in a full circle, enclosing the little white tiger who didn’t have any strength to even move its body. He then asked: “Do you know about the Demon Realm?”

“Yes.” Meng Qi nodded.

“Qingfeng Valley is the place where the Demon Realm, the Devil Realm, and the Three Thousand Worlds meet.” Chu Tianfeng continued: “The boundary isolated human realm from the other two realms, but sometimes escaped demons or devils can enter the Three Thousand Worlds.”

“But they are not enough to be a threat.” Right after he said this, Chu Tianfeng immediately remembered how he had been badly beaten up by a devil beast before. His face once again became hot, and he took a glance at the girl secretly. Fortunately, Meng Qi simply nodded: “I know.”

“Demon Realm is the demon cultivators’ territory. Compared with human cultivators, they practiced different cultivation methods. The high demon…. the ones usually called the celestial demon by lesser demon cultivators, often possess star shadow that enables them to use starlight to cultivate.” Chu Tianfeng paused, then he turned his head to look at the little white tiger trapped inside the flames: “White tiger clan, among the celestial demons, is ranked royal.”

Meng Qi:” … ”

Indeed, she never knew this before. But she once heard that compared with human cultivators, the grades of demon cultivators were far more rigid. A high-level demon cultivator’s descendants were usually also born powerful—especially the celestial demon’s nobles. For example, the white fox who loved Lu Qingran was rumored to be a high ranking noble among the celestial demons. Noble identity, respectable status, indeed powerful enough.

Chu Tianfeng seemed to worry that she may not believe his explanation. He raised his left hand, and a red flame burst out from the palm. The flame was flying higher and higher and burning even bigger before finally, it formed a flame curtain as high as two people, with equal width.

The flame kept burning. Slowly, a picture formed on it and became cleared by each second passed.

Meng Qi wasn’t shocked. She had seen members of Fentian Palace using and learning this spell before. She also knew that this was a special technique exclusive to Fentian Palace. Like bamboo or jade slips, it could be used to record spells, techniques, or important matters. Meng Qi even knew that anything recorded with this technique was a very important secret of Fentian Palace. She turned around and looked at Chu Tianfeng in surprise.

The black-robed young man was focusing his gaze on the burning flame and lightly said: “In the past century, demons were invading the Three Thousand Worlds from time to time, and the boundary that separates the three realms became more unstable. My father and other elders in our sect have long grown worried about the two realms invasion. This is the record made by an elder at the Spirit Severing stage. He sacrificed one realm of his cultivation to send part of his detached spirit into the Demon Realm for reconnaissance.” As he talked, Chu Tianfeng’s cold eyes looked over the little white tiger lying on the ground.

The flame kept flickering. Gradually, the picture became clear enough. A vast mountain range was extending forever in the distance, lush with greenery. It was a magnificent world that Meng Qi had never seen before. They absolutely didn’t lose with the Three Thousand Worlds habituated by humans. The picture gradually got closer to the mountain, and the tall trees became more and more apparent. High mountain and deep canyons, sparkling waterfall, the scenery was magnificent and beautiful.

The little white tiger narrowed his eyes slightly. His clear blue eyes swept over Chu Tianfeng. That indifferent gaze was totally unsuited with his cute and charming appearance.

In the flame curtain, the picturesque scenery was suddenly destroyed. A cultivator dressed in black flew in.

“That is our sect’s elder.” Chu Tianfeng said.

Meng Qi nodded. A Spirit Severing cultivator, in Three Thousand Worlds, was a very powerful personage. Qi Condensation, Foundation Establishment, Golden Core, Nascent Soul, and then Spirit Severing. The higher one’s cultivation, the harder it was to breakthrough. From Nascent Soul to Spirit Severing, some people may never be able to reach it even in a lifetime.

It wasn’t accidental that Fentian Palace managed to be ranked in the top ten of the Eastern Realm. Besides having such a powerful person in their sect, they also had a long-term vision, so that this powerful elder was willing to sacrifice part of his cultivation to gather information from the Demon Realm.

In the recording, the Fentian Palace’s elder seemed to be running away from something. Even if it was just a detached spirit sent into the Demon Realm, its power was equivalent to the cultivator at the Nascent Soul stage. Yet he was….running away?

He was flying very fast, like a gust of wind, and in an instant, already left the mountain range behind. The elder even looked a little haggard. The flame curtain suddenly flashed, and another white figure appeared. Just a moment before, that person was still a little far away, but as soon as Meng Qi blinked, he immediately appeared next to the elder. Compared with the elder, who was in a sorry figure in his desperate attempt to escape, the other man seemed extremely leisurely.

In this closer distance, Meng Qi could see him clearly. That man wore a white robe, with long black hair hanging over his shoulders. Every step he took was like a walk in the park, lazy and relaxed. However, the Fentian Palace elder, whose power was equivalent to a Nascent Soul cultivator, could not escape from him even after running away with all his strength.

The white-robed man did not look to be in a hurry. Just like a cat catching a mouse, he was toying his prey with great interest. He seemed to notice the recording spell and suddenly turned around lazily, looking in Meng Qi’s direction.

“Ah!” Meng Qi unconsciously exclaimed with a loud voice.

The flame curtain flickered brightly, showing the man’s perfect face. Even in the Three Thousand Worlds that never lack any good looking face, he was very handsome. But the most important thing was…

“He was said to be the white tiger’s sovereign of the Demon Realm. The most powerful of this generation’s white tiger clan.” Chu Tianfeng unconsciously clenched his hands. The flames made his eyes look a little red, and there was also excitement in that gaze. “One day, I will beat him!”

White tiger sovereign… Meng Qi murmured, repeating this phrase in her heart. Fentian Palace must have made a mistake because this man is…

Even after accustomed to seeing it for three years, that familiar face still made Meng Qi feel amazed by his perfect beauty. That lazy, yet seemingly indifferent expression…

Isn’t he… her master?!

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  1. , Fentian is written with Chinese characters that mean ‘Heaven Burn.’

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