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THDP Ch 70 Part 2 – She Doesn’t Need to be Entangled (II)

Xiao Qi quietly looked at Meng Qi’s sleeping face. What made her so entangled? As he lifted his small paw, the bright lamp on the table dimmed, and the room darkened. Inside the darkness, he seemed to hear Meng Qi muttering, “Master…”

Is that Master again? When she was drunk last time, she also cried and called for her Master.

Is this ‘Master’ the one who taught her Four Poles Great Array and white tiger clan’s Star Array?

But on her body, apart from his own breath, he couldn’t feel any breath from other white tiger demons.


Xiao Qi slowly lay down, gently placing his little paw on Meng Qi’s wrist.

Sooner or later, he will find it out. But for now…

The little white tiger slowly closed his eyes, and his breathing gradually became regular.

Meng Qi slept until sunset. After cleaning up and having dinner with Sikong Xing, she returned to her room and took out the medicine formula given by Shen Zhengheng.

Canglang Academy was famous for its refined medicine. When Meng Qi traveled to the Southern Realm, she heard from the residents there that every season changes, when ordinary people were more prone to get sick, and whenever there were large-scale diseases, Canglang Academy always came forward to sell their medicines at very low prices.

Meng Qi had also bought the medicines sold by Canglang Academy for her own study. Many of these medicines, which were used to treat diseases, were actually had no effect on cultivators. Because once a cultivator reached the Foundation Establishment stage, they were almost immune to ordinary diseases. Therefore, even the Cloud Immortal Pavilion didn’t sell these kinds of medicines.

Meng Qi reminisced her trip to the Southern Realm in her previous life with nostalgia. She poured her aura into the bamboo slip, and its content appeared in her mind. “Ah!” She exclaimed in surprise. Shen Zhengheng actually gave her the formula for Cangmingsan Pill. Meng Qi had seen this medicine mentioned in the book. But the same book also wrote that this was a secret formula of Canglang Academy.

Cangmingsan Pill’s effect was to temporarily raise a cultivator’s power to the highest realm within the same cultivation stage. For example, a cultivator who had just entered the Golden Core stage. Using the Cangmingsan Pill, they would abruptly be promoted to the peak of the Golden Core stage—the tenth realm—for a short time.

Needless to say, the strength of the first realm Golden Core stage was completely different than the tenth realm. Of course, this needed a higher level of Cangmingsan Pill. A third realm Cangmingsan Pill could be used by Golden Core cultivators, the fourth realm for Nascent Soul cultivators, and so on.

Meng Qi stood up suddenly. She truly didn’t expect that Shen Zhengheng gave her the formula of Cangmingsan Pill. This value was far exceeding the value of the Four Orders And Four Seasons Array.

Meng Qi’s mind quickly turned. Her eyebrows frowned slightly.

Could it be that Canglang Academy encountered another trouble?

She jumped up and rushed towards the door.

“Xingxing.” Meng Qi called Sikong Xing, “Did something happen in Xingluo City today?”

“No, why?” Sikong Xing shook her head. As a fourth-rank demon cultivator, staying up all night was nothing to her. When Meng Qi was resting during the day, she still went sightseeing around the city in full spirit. Meng Qi’s late dinner was the snack she brought back from outside.

“Ah, but there is one thing.” Sikong Xing suddenly smiled, “Xue Clan Head—you know, Xue Lingfeng’s father—has arrived. I watched from a distance, but they seem to be pretty busy. They are inviting someone now, then run to invite another person just a moment later. This whole day, many medical sects that have arrived in Xingluo City were being troubled by Xue Clan.” She snorted: “Listening to them, Xue Clan Head should be very powerful, but he still cannot do anything to heal his daughter. When I left, their place is very lively. It seems that they are truly helpless.”

Meng Qi wasn’t surprised. If one knew nothing, the Four Orders And Four Seasons Array indeed looked very ominous.

“They didn’t go to find Sect Leader Shen?” Meng Qi asked curiously.

“Nope.” Sikong Xing said, “They probably think that there is no point in looking for him. After all, Sect Leader Shen cannot even save his own disciple.”

“What about Pavilion Master Pei?” Meng Qi asked again.

“They asked him to come.” Sikong Xing’s smile grew wider. “Pavilion Master Pei is very interesting, ah. Xue Clan’s members, each and everyone had their eyes over their head, very arrogant. But Pavilion Master Pei just said nothing. Hehe…”

Sikong Xing disliked Xue Clan. Not only the First Elder, she also didn’t like Xue siblings. Seeing them were turned upside down made her happy.

“Meng Qiqi.” Sikong Xing said, “Just let them running around headlessly. Since they treated you like that, they should suffer a bit, lest they keep looking down on people.”

Meng Qi couldn’t hold her smile. Sikong Xing was frank and straightforward, always speaking what’s in her mind. Xue Clan’s conducts obviously made her very unhappy.

“Okay.” Meng Qi nodded, “Since their clan head has arrived, Xue Clan will definitely find a way to save Xue Lingfeng.”

“Yeah, yeah.” Sikong Xing took Meng Qi’s arm, “Let’s go out and take a walk.”

“I want to meditate.” Meng Qi replied. “My cultivation progress is too slow. I have to take more time to cultivate.”

Sikong Xing was not surprised. Even on the road, this was Meng Qi’s routine. Unless she was treating patients, she would always find a chance to meditate. Meng Qi once said that she had low talent in cultivation, so her progress and breaktrough were too slow.

Sikong Xing was a little disappointed, but she released Meng Qi’s arm obediently. “All right. I shouldn’t disturb you.” She said again with some regret: “It’s a pity I don’t understand the human race’s cultivation. Otherwise, I can give you pointers.”

Meng Qi’s mind suddenly turned. She was still using Qingfeng Valley’s cultivation technique for her cultivation. This was the most common and basic technique used in Three Thousand World. Allowing cultivators to incorporate the spiritual aura from the surrounding nature into their own bodies, slowly turning it into their own use and expanding their spiritual sea.

For a human cultivator, the process of cultivating was to accumulate more and more spiritual aura into their body until reaching a certain threshold, which then finally changed quantitative to qualitative, allowing their spiritual sea to expand and promote their cultivation level.


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  1. Seeing how the Little Master is writing things in his little black book, makes one wonders what his reaction would be when he realized that the ‘master’ he is trying to find is his future self?

  2. I’m excited for the big reveal and the amount of vinegar he’ll turn over leading up to that moment🤣 is she gonna try a new way of cultivation tho?

  3. Xiao Qi….you’re getting jealous of yourself 😂 the vinegar scent is quit strong!

    I hope when those Xue clan people comes looking for sect leader Shen he doesn’t help them right away. If I were him I say that Meng Qi did it, so they can go begging her 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

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