THDP Ch 71 Part 2 – Xue Clan Head (II)

The old man handed the jade slip with the unknown symbol to Meng Qi, “This is just okay. You can use it for now.” This book hall didn’t have many cultivation techniques. In Three Thousand Worlds, cultivation techniques were the most important part of a sect’s legacy. Many guarded them secretly, and very few were passed outside. For the old man, it was not necessary to collect these cultivation techniques. The one he singled out for Meng Qi was the best here.

Anyone familiar with the old man would know that when he said, “This is just okay,” it was actually his highest evaluation for anything from Three Thousand Worlds.

Meng Qi happily took it over, “Thank you, Senior.” For her, as long as it is better than Qingfeng Valley’s cultivation technique, it was enough.

The old man became even more satisfied. He lived on celestial tree, and his clan’s members were notoriously sparse. There were only a few people who would come to visit and talk with him. Meng Qi’s total trust, as well as the pure admiration in her eyes, made him very satisfied.

“Senior.” After thinking for a while, Meng Qi said: “Since I have more than nine thousand spirit points, can I borrow other books?”

“Of course.” The old man nodded with a smile. “What else do you want?”

“I wonder if Senior has medical-related books here?” Meng Qi asked again.

“Well…” The old man glanced at Meng Qi up and down, “There are many books in this criteria. The seventh floor,” the old man pointed up, “is full of books related to medical techniques, medical spells, and other medical-related knowledge. There are also material compendium, medicine formulas, treatment notes, and such.”

“Ah!”Meng Qi was ecstatic, “Can I also borrow them by ten spirit points per book?”

“Yes.” The old man nodded, “I’ll give you a mark.” As he said, a star-like ray flew from his finger into Meng Qi’s forehead. “The books on the seventh floor, as long as you have enough spirit points, you can read by yourself here, but you cannot take them out.”

“Many thanks for Senior’s help.” Meng Qi was thrilled. In her heart, she sincerely thanked the owner of Beyond The Heaven. This place was truly a huge treasure trove, especially this book hall.

Besides, she earned spirit points so easily.

Meng Qi happily held the jade slip the old man had picked for her, sent spiritual aura into it, and closed her eyes. The content of the jade slip began to pour into her mind. Meng Qi’s talent in cultivation was mediocre at best. If it were a medical book, she might be able to read the whole content and remember it within one stick of incense of time. But for cultivation technique…it was hard to say.

Meng Qi simply found a secluded place, sat cross-legged, and slowly devoured the content.

One’s cultivation talent was also reflected in their ability to comprehend a cultivation technique. Some people could immediately apply a simple cultivation technique as soon as they learned it. With a more complicated technique, the time they learned was still twice the ordinary people, and they could get twice the result with half the effort. But other people would take a long time just to comprehend the technique, and even a longer time to start using the technique for their cultivation.

Using the same technique, a highly talented cultivator would take less time to run the technique each time. At the same time, the amount of aura they could absorb was also a bit more. One day, two days, the difference might be insignificant. But as time accumulated, their cultivation speed would also be increased.

For example, Meng Qi’s senior sister Lu Qingran, whose talents wer high and versatile. Using the same low-grade cultivation technique from Qingfeng Valley, she was able to stand out from hundreds of other disciples and broke the record of being the fastest disciple who reached the Foundation Establishment stage in Qingfeng Valley’s thousand years of history.

On the contrary, Meng Qi’s progress was much slower. She had an extremely high aptitude in the medical path, but her cultivation talent was mediocre. She cultivated step by step for half a year, but in the end, she still had to rely on the help of the array her Master taught her, in order to break through from the Qi Condensation stage and entering the Foundation Establishment stage quickly.

When Meng Qi finally mastered the cultivation technique, it was several hours later. She opened her eyes. The old man had already left, and the whole book hall had become quiet again. Meng Qi took a deep breath and stood up, carefully putting back the jade slip into a shelf nearby.

She loosened her body and looked up at the seventh floor.

Shall she go up and take a look?

Meng Qi couldn’t help thinking about countless medical-related books on that floor. Unable to hold back, she quickly walked to the wooden spiral staircase, which made a creaking sound upon her steps.

On the way, each floor was filled with rows of rows of bookshelves that reached the ceiling. Meng Qi didn’t linger. Her eyes merely swept over quickly, and she could see countless bamboo and jade slips stacked on each shelf.

Her pace became faster and faster, and her heart was throbbing with excitement.

Treasure trove!

A real treasure trove!

She was really thankful to the owner, and also to Su Junmo, who informed her about this shop.

Finally, Meng Qi reached the seventh floor. There were also more than a dozen bookshelves there, fully stacked with countless bamboo and jade slips. Meng Qi took a deep breath, trying to calm herself down. But her heart pounded even faster, and she was enveloped by absolute joy. She always thought that she at least had to pass the Grand Tournament at Medical Cultivator Conference and enter a large medical sect before she could see so many medical books.


Meng Qi took a deep breath and rushed to the nearest row of bookshelves.

So many books. So many…

Meng Qi felt her mouth a bit dry. As if seeing the person she like, she was so nervous that her palms sweated slightly. She reached out her trembling hand and took out a bamboo slip.


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