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THDP Ch 71 Part 3 – Xue Clan Head (III)

Meng Qi felt her mouth a bit dry. As if seeing the person she like, she was so nervous that her palms sweated slightly. She reached out her trembling hand and took out a bamboo slip.

The old man said that she had been given the permission to read all the bamboo and jade slips on the seventh floor at will, as long as she had enough spirit points.

She held her breath and poured a strand of spiritual aura into the slip. Sure enough, the content of the bamboo slip was immediately presented into her mind.

“Wei Ran’s Medical Record.” She murmured the book title. This should be a medical note left behind by a predecessor. This kind of personal note that recorded a practical experience was a precious asset for any medical cultivator.

Ah, she is so happy!!

No one was around. Meng Qi stroke the bamboo slip lovingly.

She doesn’t want to go back! She wants to live here!

Her more than nine thousand spirit points could be used to read more than nine hundred books. Meng Qi suddenly felt distressed. She actually spent sixty points just now to exchange for six cultivation techniques. She should have asked for the old man’s help from the beginning, so she could read five more medical books.

Meng Qi pouted her lips and sat down against one of the bookshelves. She could read a medical book very quickly, and basically remembered most of the content after just reading it once. Unlike the cultivation technique she had just read before, where she forgot the previous paragraph the moment she moved to the next paragraph.

Meng Qi didn’t even choose. After reading the first book, she randomly took the second, then the third…

Medical notes, records of spiritual herbs from a certain part of the Demon Realm, and even a book about the Demon Realm’s medical knowledge…

Meng Qi was fascinated, and totally forgot about the time.

“Meng Qiqi! Meng Qiqi!” Sikong Xing’s voice rang in her ears, seemingly came from far away. “Meng Qiqi, are you in the room? Are you okay?”

Meng Qi was stunned. Her mind slowly returned from the book she was reading. She stood up and lightly stretched her body. If someone outside called her near her body while she was inside Beyond The Heaven, she could hear them.

Just like this, the voice seemed to come from far away, as if separated by a boundary.

Sikong Xing’s voice was tense, and she also knocked on the door.

Meng Qi reluctantly put the bamboo slip back into the bookshelf and quickly walked back to the first floor. She then left the Heaven And Earth Book Hall, and then left Beyond The Heaven through the teleportation array.

Meng Qi opened her eyes slowly. Beyond The Heaven’s jade slip was still warm in her grip. Xiao Qi was by her side, lying lazily as usual. The little white tiger heard Meng Qi’s movement and raised his eyes slightly, glancing at her.

“Meng Qiqi? Meng Qiqi!” Sikong Xing knocked on the door again, “Are you inside?”

“Xingxing.” Meng Qi quickly opened the door.

“Huff—” Sikong Xing sighed in relief. “If you don’t open the door, I’m about to break in.”

“What’s the matter?” Meng Qi asked.

“Excuse me, are you Fellow Daoist Meng Qi?” Before Sikong Xing could answer, a young man’s voice came from behind.

Meng Qi looked over Sikong Xing’s shoulder. In the courtyard they rented from Ruyi Inn, two tall and slender young men in a blue robe stood in front of her. The chest of their robes was embroidered with Feng Alliance’s emblem.

Meng Qi had seen this emblem on Xue Clan’s robes.

“Meng Qiqi.” Sikong Xing curled her lips, “They insist on seeing you.” Sikong Xing didn’t hide her dislike at all. Unwillingness was written all over her face, “Su Junmo is with them.”

Meng Qi raised her eyebrows. For Sikong Xing to be so angry, did Feng Alliance dare to detain Su Junmo to threaten them?

“Young Master Su always has a good relationship with Feng Alliance. He is the guest of our Alliance Leader and four major clans.” Feng Alliance’s disciple who spoke earlier said. “It is also Young Master Su who asked us to invite Fellow Daoist Meng to discuss a matter.”

“What matter?” Meng Qi’s tone was indifferent.

“Fellow Daoist Meng will know when you are there.” The disciple replied. “This matter is related to the three major clans of Feng Alliance and cannot be discussed here.”

From beginning to end, the two disciples didn’t even greet Meng Qi, and their expressions also showed the peculiar arrogance of a large sect’s disciples.

Sikong Xing’s face was very dark, but Meng Qi didn’t care.

However, hadn’t the Xue Clan Head arrived? They still couldn’t cure Xue Lingfeng’s poison?

“Wait a minute.” Meng Qi said. “I need to take some things.”

“If Fellow Daoist Meng needs to take any medicinal ingredients, I don’t think it is necessary.” The disciple said haughtily. “Although Feng Alliance comes in a hurry, we still bring all kinds of spiritual herbs and other medicinal ingredients.”

“Oh.” Meng Qi still went back to take Xiao Qi. Seeing that they made Sikong Xing so upset, she raised the corner of her lips and asked: “Has Xue Lingfeng’s poison been detoxified?”

Feng Alliance’s disciple “…”

“Puff…” Sikong Xing truly disliked these two uninvited guests, and immediately burst out in laughter. She didn’t like Xue Clan, and also didn’t like these two arrogant disciples.

Seeing the disciples’ expression sinking, Meng Qi was sure of why they came to her. She went back into her room, took Xiao Qi into the beast house, and put it into her storage space. Then she went out and closed the door again.

“Meng Qiqi, I will accompany you.” Sikong Xing took Meng Qi’s arm. She couldn’t feel assured letting Meng Qi go alone. Remembering that old fart from Xue Clan who almost harmed Meng Qiqi last time, she wanted to curse.

“Pavilion Master Pei is also there?” Meng Qi asked again.

Feng Alliance’s disciple still had dark faces, and their tone was bad: “Pavilion Master Pei, as the Lord of Xingluo City, is naturally there.”

“The Lord of Xingluo City?” Meng Qi was stunned. It was the first time she heard such a statement.

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  1. I so enjoy watching Meng Qi using her good manners to put others to shame. Even though she’s changed her (new) life’s path, she’s never been anything but polite and helpful. She is creating so many alliances just through kindness. Thanks for translating this novel – you make it so readable.

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