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THDP Ch 72 Part 1 – Scheme and Ploy (I)

Meng Qi raised her lips, letting Wen He drag her forward. Sikong Xing quickly rushed over to keep up and gently pulled Meng Qi’s sleeve.

Xue Chuan and Wen Su were farther behind, looking at the three with a smile, like a kind elder who was watching their family’s talented children. A little helpless and a little proud.

Meng Qi lowered her hand, and her fingertips gently traced Sikong Xing’s palm. Their long sleeves concealed their palms, so no one else noticed their small movements.

Wen He walked very fast. “Younger sister Lingfeng is very pitiful.” He prattled. “Because she was in a hurry to see a person, she ended up departing alone and was attacked on the road.” Wen He paused. “The poison is nothing serious, but whoever did it was very cunning, actually using a little trick so that we cannot save younger sister Lingfeng. That person clearly wants to make our Feng Alliance, our four great clans, lose our face. Truly infuriating!”

Meng Qi drooped her eyelids a bit, concealing the gleam in her eyes. “When did you arrive here?” She asked, seemingly in passing.

“I originally set off from Fentian City with Brother Xue, but I have some business on the road, so I was two days late. I arrived at Xingluo City yesterday morning.”

“Hmm.” Meng Qi responded casually. The corner of her lips raised again, “Where is Murong Fei?”

“He and Brother Xue arrived together. Why?” Wen He looked at Meng Qi curiously.

“Nothing.” Meng Qi smiled slightly. She then raised her jaw towards the door before them: “Let’s go.”

“Right, right!” While talking, the group had reached Xue Lingfeng’s room. Outside, it was quiet. Except for the two Feng Alliance disciples guarding the door, there was no one else.

“Where is Fellow Daoist Xue?” Meng Qi asked again.

“He went to see the two other poisoned Feng Alliance disciples. The preparator is truly hateful! There are countless medical cultivators in Xingluo City at this moment, but they are just aiming at our Feng Alliance!” Wen He’s voice was filled with righteous indignation. As he spoke, he stepped forward and pushed the door open.

A faintly bitter medicinal scent permeated Xue Lingfeng’s room, rushing into Meng Qi’s nostrils as soon as she stepped inside. She inhaled slowly, and suddenly remembered the book she had read in Heaven And Earth Book Hall just now.

The book recorded some special medicines from a certain area in the Demon Realm. The author of that book wrote a meaningful sentence in the opening: poisons can save lives, and medicines can also be harmful.

“Meng Qi, come and take a look.” Wen He pulled her toward the bed. The curtains were still hanging low, covering the inner bed.

Meng Qi reached out her hand to lift the curtain, and saw Xue Lingfeng lying quietly on the bed. Xue Lingfeng looked paler. Her long eyelashes hung down, and there was a faint blueness under her eyes. Her cheeks seemed to be bloodless. Her lips were slightly dry, with some shallow toothmarks on them.

If the poison of the afterimage grass and winter plum blossom juice remained inside the body for a long time, it would attack more and more frequently, with the pain intensified each time.

Meng Qi had seen Xue Lingfeng resisting the pain when the poison attacked. The toothmarks on her lips were probably from when she gritted her teeth and endured the pain.

“Younger sister Lingfeng is really strong.” Even though Xue Lingfeng was unconscious, Wen He still lowered his voice, afraid of disturbing her. “Even if the pain was unbearable, she often endured it in silence.”

“We grow up together. Younger sister Lingfeng usually is so sweet and lovable. I never expect…” Wen He sighed. “I’d rather having myself poisoned instead of her.”

Sikong Xing, who came in with them, snorted softly. “Where is Su Junmo?” She asked, “Isn’t he here?”

“Brother Su and Brother Xue are seeing the other poisoned Feng Alliance disciples.” Wen He quickly explained, “They should be back after lunch.” He then turned around and looked at Meng Qi: “Meng Qi, what do you think? Younger sister Lingfeng is poisoned by the afterimage grass and winter plum blossom juice. Qingfeng spell can dispel these two poisons. Did you train Qingfeng spell?”

“Up to the fourth realm.” Meng Qin answered.

“Great!” Wen He slapped his palm again. “We should have sought you earlier, so younger sister Lingfeng doesn’t have to suffer this long.”

“Hey!” Sikong Xing immediately rushed between them and pushed Wen He away from Meng Qi: “We haven’t promised to cure this little girl yet.” As Sikong Xing spoke, she pulled Meng Qi behind her back.

“Eh?” Wen He was startled.

Sikong Xing was slim and slender, but she was also taller than average women. With her covering Meng Qi with her body, Wen He could only stretch his neck: “Meng Qi, will…will you save younger sister Lingfeng?” He asked cautiously.

Sikong Xing sneered, “Don’t you know that we visited your younger sister Lingfeng two days ago. Your elder, a dignified Spirit Severing cultivator, actually grabbed Meng Qiqi and threw her to the wall because of the slightest disagreement!”

“This…” Wen He was also stunned. He muttered, “I don’t know about this. It must be Xue Clan’s elder who was too worried about younger sister Lingfeng. Brother Xue would definitely not sit back and watch Meng Qi get hurt!”

“And…aren’t we friends?” He looked at Meng Qi, “Brother Xue has been complimenting you all the way, saying that you are smart and open-minded, pure-hearted and firm, and that we should learn from you more.”

“Meng Qi, as a friend, as a healer, are you going to let someone die without lending a hand?” Wen He muttered.

“He’er!” At this moment, Wen Su and Xue Chuan walked into the room. Wen He’s last remarks fell into their ears completely. Wen Su’s face sank, and he sternly reprimanded his son, “What are you talking about?”


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  1. Omg.. this chapter just made this wen he so sus.. like did he talk this much before? Heck.. wasn’t he adverse to MQ last time they meet cause he thought her foresight was lacking????
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