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THDP Ch 72 Part 2 – Scheme and Ploy (II)

“He’er!” At this moment, Wen Su and Xue Chuan walked into the room. Wen He’s last remarks fell into their ears completely. Wen Su’s face sank, and he sternly reprimanded his son, “What are you talking about?”

“Father.” Wen He seemed a little dissatisfied, but he turned at his father and didn’t retort.

Wen Su glanced at his son sternly. Seeing Wen He’s stubborn face, he shook his head helplessly, and sighed: “Didn’t I told you many times before? Although our Wen Clan’s motto is ‘saving the dying and healing the injured, never letting people die without lending a hand,’ we can only use our motto to ourselves. You must never demand the same from others.” After a pause, he slowly said again: “If Young Daoist Meng is willing to help, Feng Alliance is naturally grateful. But if she has some unknown difficulty and isn’t willing to help, we cannot force her. Do you understand?”

“Yes.” Wen He’s face was still full of dissatisfaction. But in front of his father’s authority, he still replied obediently: “This child understands.”

Now, even Sikong Xing gradually figured out something was wrong.

“Young Daoist Meng must not take He’er’s words to heart. Firstly, you are not our Feng Alliance people. Secondly, you are not even a member of the Medical Society Alliance. Although in the time of crisis, we have the right to mobilize all medical cultivators in Three Thousand Worlds, none of us will misuse our power to force others to help.”

Wen He gently said to Meng Qi, “As for saving Lingfeng, that is our Feng Alliance’s responsibility. Young Daoist doesn’t need to bear the slightest burden.”

Sikong Xing glared intently without speaking a word, totally pissed off. She looked at Wen Su and Xue Chuan again, slowly blinking.

What were they doing? She clearly saw that Wen father and son, plus Cheng Xuan, were actually roasting Meng Qi on the fire.

First, Xue Chuan and Wen Su, the head of two large medical clans and the big figures in the Feng Alliance, greeted Meng Qi with high courtesy. Wen He, who appeared next, became a ‘friend’ and showed a close relationship with Meng Qi.

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Su Junmo had told her before about Meng Qi’s meeting with Xue Chengxuan, and also mentioned Wen He. How did Su Junmo describe their relationship? He clearly said that Meng Qi was not familiar with them. They first met in Fentian City and separated ways in Huajiang Manor after two days. Moreover, at that time, Xue Chengxuan and the others seemed to have a little misunderstanding with Meng Qi and were dissatisfied with her. Thus, their last attitude was rather cold.

But seeing Wen He’s attitude now, it seemed that he and Meng Qi had been good friends for many years.


Sikong Xing glanced at the pale girl on the bed.

She got it!

They wanted Meng Qi to detoxify Xue Lingfeng! But they didn’t want to take the initiative to ask, because it would seem that Feng Alliance was begging Meng Qi.

The best way was, of course, having Meng Qi took the initiative to cure Xue Lingfeng.

And that Wen Su still said to not let Meng Qi bear the slightest burden?

Burden your fart!

Sikong Xing rolled her eyes in disdain.

No wonder her master repeatedly warned her to be careful before she departed to Three Thousand Worlds. Her master also told her that human cultivators were different than demon cultivators, especially celestial demons, who were already natural cultivators the moment they were born.

But humans were very smart. As a whole, their brain was far better than demons or devils. This was also the reason why Three Thousand Worlds could survive in the gap between the Demon Realm and Devil Realm. They gradually developed and grew, and finally, became an individual realm that could stand on their own feet.

Sikong Xing didn’t understand the meaning of her Master’s words before. But now, she understood thoroughly.

Such a small matter, isn’t it easy to speak directly?

But they have to go around in such a circle!

During this time, it was more than enough time for Meng Qi to clearly explain about the Four Orders And Four Seasons Array, and let them cure Xue Lingfeng.

Sikong Xing snorted softly.

No way! She must remind Meng Qiqi not to fall into these people’s traps. She must never let her suffer a loss!

She hates this kind of deceitful people the most!

Sikong Xing made up her mind. Anyway, she wasn’t afraid to offend these Feng Alliance’s bigwigs. She deliberately raised her voice and said: “Wen Clan Head is right. Miss Xue’s life and death really have nothing to do with us. We are taking our leave now!” She took Meng Qi’s hand: “Let’s go, Meng Qiqi. You have been working hard these two days. Let’s go back and have a good rest. Tomorrow the conference will start.”

Finished speaking, Sikong Xing pulled Meng Qi and was about to take her away.

Wen Su’s expression changed, and a trace of annoyance flashed in his eyes. But he quickly nodded with a smile, “Right, tomorrow is the first day of the Medical Cultivator Conference. Young Daoist Meng should take a good rest. This old man also looks forward to your performance in the tournament.” He smiled and waved his hand, raising his sleeves slightly. “This old man and Brother Xue are both examiners in the tournament, and we also know the importance of this tournament to young medical cultivators, especially wandering cultivators. I should be more considerate and shouldn’t disturb Young Daoist Meng today.”

Wen Su smiled at Meng Qi, “Young Daoist should go back and rest earlier. Do not miss the tournament tomorrow.”

Sikong Xing raised her eyebrows.

This old fart is truly despicable! He is clearly threatening Meng Qiqi!


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  1. Them all playing this game. Like heck . If they asked nicely and straightforwardly MQ would have let them know the answer for the price of a few spirit stones. Pft these guys all trying to take advantage for a little bit of face??

    Many thanks

  2. I don’t think the human brain is better, the humans just know more tricks because they need them to have a “better life”.
    They are so amazing. Even threatening a junior…
    They just want her to do it so then that girl doesn’t need to be in pain like the other guy? Who cares? She shouldn’t help at all!
    Su Junmo, if you don’t come soon you are going to be punished later.
    Thanks for the chapter!!!!

    1. Nope
      Pretty sure they don’t know tht they can heal her although she will have to bear the pain. These idiots can’t figure out the array. Only MQ has tht also with ML’s help. So they don’t know they can easily cure it. They are thinking to get her to cure since she isn’t golden core cultivator

    2. Reminds me of Sora’s ‘humanity speech’ from No Game No Life. Except the downsides to it instead.

  3. In the wonderful words of a side character from a muppet movie, “Peeples is peeples!” Humans and demons just happen to be ‘the peeples’. 😉

  4. “Such a small matter, isn’t it easy to speak directly?

    But they have to go around in such a circle!”

    I’m with Sikong Xing on this one.
    This whole play just to pressure and coerce her 🙄
    (Maybe I’m also not av human cultivator lol)

    And all because of pride/face?
    Well, they can eat their pride/face. Let’s see how that can serve them.

    I hope Qiqi drives a hard bargain and scams the hell out of them. And then they can’t even call it a scam, because they asked for it with all this circus.

    Bunch of bouncing clowns.

    Ty for the chapter!!

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