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THDP Ch 72 Part 3 – Scheme and Ploy (III)

This old fart is truly despicable! He is clearly threatening Meng Qiqi!

Why were these people so annoying? On the surface, they behaved like benevolent immortals. But just for such a small thing, they acted so despicably.

Sikong Xing also knew that the Grand Tournament held during the Medical Cultivator Conference was a significant opportunity for the medical cultivators who had no sect or wanted to join a larger sect. One of the main reasons Meng Qi came to Xingluo City this time was also to participate in this tournament. However, Sikong Xing now didn’t want Meng Qi to enter the Feng Alliance. She didn’t want Meng Qi to be influenced by these people and become like them in the future.

She really didn’t want it to happen!

Sikong Xing bit her lower lip lightly, hesitating. She turned to look at her good friend. Meng Qi’s expression was totally indifferent. Except for the slight smile she showed in the beginning, she was never affected by their play at all.

She wasn’t ignorant of this kind of method. Although cultivators had to cultivate their minds, Three Thousand Worlds had so many cultivators. Naturally, there were all kinds of them. Especially large sects like Feng Alliance, their insides were always more complicated.

Meng Qi looked at Sikong Xing’s worried eyes and smiled. Although she understood why they did this, it didn’t mean that she agreed with their way. “I can detoxify Miss Xue.” Her voice was clear and cold, with a trace of alienation.

Wen He looked up at Meng Qi in amazement.

Wen Su and Xue Chuan’s expressions remained unchanged as if it didn’t matter to them whether Meng Qi offered her help or not.

“Oh?” Wen Su even exclaimed with a concerned tone. “Although I am worried about Lingfeng, we will never force Young Daoist Meng. After all, tomorrow is the first day of the conference, and the Grand Tournament will officially start on the first day. Young Daoist should take a good rest.”

“Father!” Wen He became anxious.

“Shut up.” Wen Su coldly glared at his son, “We can’t be so selfish. Do not just think of ourselves.”

Sikong Xing wanted to throw up.

Meng Qi’s expression remained calm. “Wen Clan Head doesn’t need to be worried. I know my limit.” Meng Qi said. “However, since I’m willing to detoxify Miss Xue…” She paused her words, seemingly pondering.

“Since Young Daoist insists, this old man naturally cannot persuade you anymore. Young Daoist can say anything you need. Our Feng Alliance will naturally provide you with the best we can.” Wen Su was still smiling.

“I can detoxify Miss Xue, but my treatment fee isn’t low.” Meng Qi said calmly.

Wen Su and Xue Chuan seemed to be startled. The two looked at each other, and a trace of disdain flashed in their eyes.

Feng Alliance was a medical sect, and they naturally didn’t heal people for free. Just, they didn’t expect that this small Foundation Establishment cultivator would ask for spirit stones. If they knew she was so superficial, why should they bother going in such a big circle?

“Miss Xue is born noble. Her status is honorable, and the poison afflicted her is very tricky.” Meng Qi’s tone gradually became colder, “I want three thousand profound-grade spirit stones.”

“Profound grade? Three thousand?!” Wen He couldn’t help but shout.

As the largest medical sect in the Western Realm, Feng Alliance was actually much richer than sword sects like Xingluo Pavilion or spell sects like Fentian Palace.

But what Meng Qi demanded were profound grade spirit stones!

Three thousand profound grade spirit stones. Even Wen He, a Wen Clan’s direct descendant of who had never lacked spirit stones since childhood, was shocked!

With such wealth, in Beyond The Heaven’s top-end Heaven Auction House, they could get a powerful heavenly treasure or a long-lost medicine formula!

Not to mention small sects, even some medium-sized sects who are eligible to participate in the Medical Cultivator Conference might have to extort all their sect’s power and even need to sell their treasured artifacts and magic weapons to barely produce so many profound grade spirit stones.

Meng Qi really dared to demand so high!

Wen He’s eyes were slightly cold, and all the enthusiasm just now had disappeared. His dark eyes swept across Meng Qi, and he was quite disdainful in his heart. No wonder Brother Xue, who praised her quite a bit in Fentian City, never mentioned Meng Qi again after they parted ways in Huajiang Manor. This woman was truly cold-hearted and calculative. Not only that she had no compassion towards her senior sister, but she was also very greedy.

Really disdainful!

“…alright.” There was also fleeting anger in Wen Su’s eyes. He took a deep breath and slowly said, “But Young Daoist Meng has to ensure that you really can cure Lingfeng.” His voice also turned cold. The smile on his face disappeared, and he stared sharply at Meng Qi. “Young Daoist Meng, can you guarantee?”

“I can.” Meng Qi raised her eyebrows and replied with an equally cold voice.

Three thousand profound grade spirit stones. Any of the four major clans that formed the Feng Alliance definitely could pay this amount. It’s just that Wen Su never expected that a small Foundation Establishment cultivator would actually be so arrogant, directly asking for profound grade spirit stones payment. He took another deep breath, went out, and whispered to the disciple guarding the door.

Someone with his identity naturally wouldn’t carry too many spirit stones on his body.

Less than one incense stick of time, the disciple returned, bringing a brocade bag on both hands. He respectfully gave it to Wen Su.

“Give it to her.” Wen Su raised his jaw slightly and nodded in Meng Qi’s direction.

The disciple felt the coldness in the Clan Head’s voice and quickly gave the bag to Meng Qi. When he retreated, he couldn’t help raising his head and quickly glanced at Meng Qi.

The girl was beautiful. Her cultivation base was obviously lower than his own. But even in the face of Feng Alliance’s two clan heads, whose cultivation was much higher than herself, she still remained calm and composed.


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  1. I always enjoy reading how surprised people are when she requests a fee. Thanks for working on this translation – its one of my favorite stories right now.

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