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THDP Ch 72 Part 4 – Scheme and Ploy (IV)

“All of you, please go out.” Meng Qi said.

“Hmph!” Wen He snorted coldly. He turned and strode towards the door.

Wen Su flicked his robe and followed his son out.

Xue Chuan was the last. Before he turned and left, he gave Meng Qi a deep look. The imposing Xue Clan Head paused slightly, and said with a flat tone: “This old man originally wanted to say that since my son admires Young Daoist Meng so much, regardless of how your result in the Grand Tournament is, I can still speak a word in the Feng Alliance to give you a place.” He paused for a moment. “But it seems that Young Daoist Meng is pretty thoughtful and very confident of your ability. You certainly don’t need this old man’s help.” Finished speaking, Xue Chuan walked out without looking back.

The door closed with a squeak. Sikong Xing let out a sigh, “Meng Qiqi, I thought those two despicable old men are going to hit you.”

“They won’t.” Meng Qi smiled.

“How do you know?” Sikong Xing looked at her curiously, “Could it be that they are really cannot detoxify Xue Lingfeng’s poison? But they obviously only have to…” Sikong Xing suddenly clasped her hand on her mouth. Her bright eyes widened. She blinked several times at Meng Qi. Her meaning was clear.

“They didn’t ask Sect Leader Shen?” Sikong Xing became even more puzzled. “Li Che’s poison has been solved. They can go and ask Sect Leader Shen, no?”

“They won’t.” Meng Qi said calmly. “Among all medical sects in Three Thousand Worlds, Canglang Academy isn’t even ranked high, while Feng Alliance is one of the largest. They won’t ask for help from a sect they look down.” Meng Qi paused for a while. “Sect Leader Shen is a low-key person. He won’t spread news needlessly, let alone taking the initiative to come without any reason. Probably Feng Alliance people still don’t even know that Li Che’s poison has been cured.”

Sikong Xing “…”

It was rare for her to be this speechless.

“Then Meng Qiqi, they really cannot solve Xue Lingfeng’s poison by themselves?”

“No. If they have a bit more time, they can.” Meng Qi said. “But you and Su Junmo’s analysis that day make a lot of sense. The one who poisoned Li Che and Xue Lingfeng is targeting the Medical Cultivator Conference. Moreover, that person even poisoned two more Feng Alliance’s disciples in one go, making it clear that they want to smear Feng Alliance’s reputation.”

“I understand!” Sikong Xing nodded, “So Feng Alliance must solve Xue Lingfeng’s poison before the conference starts tomorrow. Moreover, they absolutely cannot let the three victims died. That’s why they don’t dare to take the risk to try.”

“Yes.” Meng Qi nodded.

“That’s why they go around like this to force you to help them! Humph!” Sikong Xing snorted disdainfully. “Meng Qiqi, fortunately, you didn’t get fooled, and even extorted them severely.”

Meng Qi smiled. She took out a bottle from her pocket, dissolved the powder inside, and feed it to Xue Lingfeng, who was still unconscious. Then she lifted Xue Lingfeng’s upper body and said: “Xingxing, please help me.”

“Okay.” Sikong Xing walked to the bed, “What do I need to do?”

“Protect me. Don’t let them in.” Meng Qi said.

“Huh?” Sikong Xing was stunned, “But that old men’s cultivation bases are higher than me. Looking at their appearance and strong aura, they are about to enter the Void Comprehending stage.”

Meng Qi pondered for a moment. She got up and quickly drew an array on the sheet surrounding the bed, then tossed a few spirit stones above and said to Sikong Xing. “Xingxing, if they come in, you should activate this array.”

“What is this?”

“A protective array using Four Orders And Four Seasons Array.” Meng Qi smiled. “A newly-gained knowledge should be utilized as soon as possible. Once a person in the peak of Spirit Severing stage entered….tsk tsk…” She shook her head with a smile and sat on the bed cross-legged.

Meng Qi was willing to directly tell the secret of Four Orders And Four Seasons Array to people like Sect Leader Shen and Li Che.

But for Feng Alliance’s people, she absolutely refused!

Meng Qi glanced down. She reached out her hand, activating a spell, and touched Xue Lingfeng’s back. Xue Lingfeng was a Golden Core cultivator, while Meng Qi was still in the Foundation Establishment stage. However, her Qingfeng spell was of the fourth realm, so it was possible to detoxify her.

It took her almost two hours. Because of lack of aura, she had to stop midway several times and waited until her aura recovered. Two hours later, Meng Qi finally retracted her hand from Xue Lingfeng’s back, sweating profusely.

She jumped out of bed, and then swallow a Beiming pill to restore her aura first.

“Meng Qiqi, is she okay now?” Sikong Xing glanced at Xue Lingfeng and asked.

Meng Qi didn’t spoke, and just nodded gently. She took out a bamboo slip and wrote to Sikong Xing: “I gave her a medicine that will make her sleep for twelve hours.”

Sikong Xing understood what Meng Qi meant. She wrote back, “Are you worried that they might do something to you?”

“Better to be cautious than be sorry.” Meng Qi wrote. “Anyway, we should wait for Su Junmo. Moreover…” She gave Sikong Xing a rare cunning smile: “This treatment cost Feng Alliance’s leaders three thousand profound grade spirit stones. We have to make them feel that the money spend is worthwhile.”

Sikong Xing laughed. She always felt that after curing Li Che that day, Meng Qi seemed to have changed a bit.

Meng Qi poured a cup of tea and took a sip, then she sat cross-legged on the bed again. She closed her eyes and began to recall the new cultivation technique she had just learned at Beyond The Heaven.

It took her a great effort just to remember this technique before, and now she was going to use it for cultivating. For a while, Meng Qi tried to apply the technique and absorbing the aura from her surrounding.

After more than an hour, she finally felt the spiritual aura slowly entering her spiritual sea.

The technique ran through her body in one circle, and the amount of absorbed aura was more than ten times the usual of her previous cultivation using Qingfeng Valley’s technique.

Meng Qi was overjoyed!

This meant that her cultivation speed would be increased by at least tenfold, maybe even more. However, Meng Qi didn’t lose her calmness. She kept sitting on Xue Lingfeng’s bed and meditated silently.


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  2. Hahahaha! 12 hours of patient sleep means 12 hours of cultivation. Yup, those stones are definitely worth it! 👍

  3. Thanks for the chapter! It’s excellent as always 🙂
    I have one quibble with the translation: ‘False Tearing’ sounds wrong to me. Could it perhaps be translated as ‘Void Tearing’ instead?
    I don’t speak Chinese, but I know that some cultivation systems have a ‘xudan’ stage, where the ‘xu’ means void/hollow/false, and I’m wondering if this uses the same word.

    1. Thanks for the suggestion! After checking it again, I decided to change it into ‘Void Comprehending’ instead, since the next stage, 洞真, is apparently translated as ‘Comprehending Perfection’ according to a random book I found on the internet (yeah, translating cultivation term kills me a bit every time…)

  4. Their priorities are really well chosen…
    Nanny Mo isn’t doing his job well at all.
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