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THDP Ch 72 Part 5 – Scheme and Ploy (V)

Six more hours passed. Suddenly, there was a rapid knock on the door. Su Junmo’s anxious voice came from outside: “Meng Qiqi, Sikong Xing, are you inside?”

Meng Qi opened her eyes and turned her gaze towards the door. She jumped out of bed and quickly erased the traces of the array on the floor.

Sikong Xing walked over to open the door.

When Su Junmo saw the two, he was visibly relieved. His eyes were full of fear and regret. He shouldn’t leave Meng Qi and Sikong Xing alone at the inn! If something really happened to them, he wouldn’t be able to forgive himself even if he died one hundred times!

“Fellow Daoist Meng.” Xue Chengxuan stood beside Su Junmo. He cupped his hands at Meng Qi in greeting. His gaze then wandered into the room. He asked: “We have really troubled Fellow Daoist Meng for my younger sister. I wonder if Lingfeng is better now?”

“The poison has been solved.” Meng Qi replied indifferently. “We are leaving now.”

“I will send you out.” Xue Chengxuan’s eyes flashed with helplessness. He could hear the alienation in Meng Qi’s tone. He could also see that the red-clothed girl who accompanied Meng Qi was clearly guarding against him. He could even feel the dissatisfaction from his friend Su Junmo.

“No need.” Meng Qi shook her head. She said to Su Junmo, “Let’s go.”

The three walked side by side, while Xue Chengxuan could only watch their departing figures. He stood in a daze for a moment, before turning around and hurried towards Xue Lingfeng’s room.

“Lingfeng.” Xue Chengxuan touched his sister’s wrist. Her pulse had become stable. Her poison had indeed been eliminated from her body.

Xue Chengxuan took a long breath, and a trace of helplessness flashed quickly in his eyes.

Outside Xue Lingfeng’s door, Wen He probed in, “Brother Xue, is younger sister Lingfeng okay now?”

“Yes.” Xue Chengxuan nodded. He turned around to look at Wen He. There was anger on his face: “I told father before. If we still cannot figure out how to cure Lingfeng’s poison today, I will personally ask Meng Qi to do it. Why did you lead me out, and let me deceived Brother Su? Even doing this kind of thing?”

On the other side, the three people who had returned to Ruyi Inn were sitting around the table in Meng Qi’s room.

“What?!” Su Junmo was dumbfounded, “You really extor-…no, you really received three thousand profound grade spirit stones from Feng Alliance?! Meng Qiqi, you are awesome! Too awesome!” He laughed excitedly: “Feng Alliance deserves it! The reason they can do nothing against Xue Lingfeng’s poison this time, apart from the effect of the Four Orders And Four Seasons Array, is because they don’t want to lose face!”

“Those two old men are truly despicable!” Sikong Xing snorted. “One surnamed Wen and one surnamed Xue. Humph, none of them are good people!”

“The disciples brought by Feng Alliance to Xingluo City this time are all Golden Core and above. Of course, in Xingluo City right now, it is not difficult to find a Foundation Establishment healer. However, what they need is a Foundation Establishment healer who can use Qingfeng spell at least of the third realm. This is not easy.” As if mumbling to himself, Su Junmo explained to the two.

“Furthermore, there is no such absolute secrecy in this world. If words spread out that Feng Alliance’s own disciples were poisoned, that they couldn’t solve it, and have to seek outside help, their reputation would be damaged. Moreover, the one they ask for help is a Foundation Establishment healer. Feng Alliance’s thousands of years of pride and prestige as the Western Realm’s number one medical sect might even be in danger.”

“Heaven! The preparator is truly clever!” Su Junmo slammed his palm heavily. He turned to look at Meng Qi and Sikong Xing, his eyes brightened in astonishment: “This person’s brilliance is not only lie in the poisoning method, but also the clever scheme behind. This person clearly understands Feng Alliance’s thought process, and knows that those people won’t dare to act rashly.”

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“In addition, people who don’t understand array will definitely feel cautious and worry upon seeing the array on Xue Lingfeng’s back.” Su Junmo paced back and forth inside the room. “Feng Alliance probably had come to find Canglang Academy people. But Sect Leader Shen obviously didn’t tell them the truth of the array. Very good!”

Meng Qi nodded. Shen Zhengheng and Li Che were indeed good people.

“So, after various calculations, Meng Qi, who is a Foundation Establishment healer, already know about this matter and could find the array on Xue Lingfeng’s body at a glance is obviously their best choice. However…” Su Junmo squinted his eyes. “Here is Xingluo City. Xingluo Pavilion Master made it clear that he is protecting you. As Eastern Realm’s number one sword sect, if they truly make a move, a medical sect certainly wouldn’t be their match. Feng Alliance obviously doesn’t dare to offend Pei Mufeng too much. So Xue Chuan and the others came up with this trick to deceive you, but they probably never expect…hahahahahaha!”

Su Junmo obviously was also furious. Today, Xue Chengxuan came to invite him out, saying that he was investigating the poisoning case. Later, Su Junmo realized that the other party was leading him away to lure Meng Qi in.

Su Junmo was really angry, but fortunately, Meng Qi and Sikong Xing were fine. Not only were they fine, Meng Qi even extorted three thousand profound grade spirit stones from the Feng Alliance.

So many spirit stones. Even those old geezers from Feng Alliance should feel pain, right?!


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