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THDP Ch 73 Part 1 – Medical Holy Land (I)

That night, Meng Qi didn’t sleep at all. The efficiency of the newly-learned cultivation technique was significantly higher, so she simply sat cross-legged on the bed and cultivated. Even without resting all night, she was full of energy the following day.

At breakfast, Sikong Xing couldn’t help but stared at Meng Qi for a while and asked: “Meng Qiqi, did anything good happen? I feel that you are in a good mood today.”

“It’s fine.” Meng Qi slowly ate the porridge.

“Shall we go to the conference venue now?” Sikong Xing propped her cheek with her hand and asked again. She, Meng Qi, and Su Junmo were sitting in the courtyard they rented, having a light and delicious breakfast placed on a stone table.

With Sikong Xing and Su Junmo’s cultivation level, it was the same whether they ate or not. But Sikong Xing was a foodie. From Huajiang Manor to Xingluo City, she never missed a meal, enjoying Three Thousand Worlds’ delicacies.

“Let’s go.” Meng Qi lowered her eyes, her long eyelashes quivered twice.

She came to Xingluo City for the Medical Cultivators Conference. Even though there were people like Feng Alliance, there was also a sect like Canglang Academy among medical sects. Furthermore, no matter how arrogant Feng Alliance was, Xue Chengxuan’s high medical ability was also true. In regard to Xue Lingfeng, they were at a disadvantage because of their lack of knowledge about arrays.

Meng Qi finished the porridge and put down the bowl, “Let’s go.”

Today was the first day of the Medical Cultivators Conference. Outside Xingluo City, Xingluo Pavilion had set up a venue. When Meng Qi’s group arrived, they saw a magnificent gate tower standing ten miles outside the city’s eastern side. This gate was very tall, with richly ornamented carved columns. White mist permeated behind the gate like white clouds, truly resembled a heavenly palace.

Outside the gate, there were already a number of cultivators in various sects’ robes. Some were Xingluo Pavilion’s disciples, and some were disciples from large medical sects. Meng Qi also saw several young cultivators wearing robes with Feng Alliance emblem, standing together and talking in a low voice. On the contrary, other sects’ disciples, dressed in robes of various colors, gathered together regardless of their sects, talking and laughing quite relaxedly.

After taking a look, Meng Qi walked into the gate with Sikong Xing and Su Junmo. Once inside, white mist permeated, like the land of the immortals. Moving forward, her eyes suddenly widened. The three of them suddenly arrived in a beautiful valley, surrounded by green grassland and apricot forest with lush leaves and no flowers.

Meng Qi looked around. This place was also mentioned in the bamboo slip Xue Jinwen gave her. Here was not the venue prepared by Xingluo Pavilion, but space belonged to Medical Society Alliance, and also the holy land yearned by every medical cultivator of Three Thousand Worlds.

In her previous life, Meng Qi had never attended Medical Cultivators Conference before, but she had heard about this Apricot Forest holy land.

Many mats had been prepared on the grass. Right before their eyes, twelve mountain peaks rose from the ground. The mountain peaks were not high, and each of them seemed to be cut off in the middle. On the top of the peaks were fairly open flat ground, with many apricot trees growing on it. The number of trees was different for each peak. The most middle peak had the most apricot trees, which were twelve. The peak with the smallest number also had seven trees.

Meng Qi tilted her head slightly and looked over. The twelfth mountain peaks corresponded to the twelve ranks of medical cultivation. From the first rank to the ninth rank, then the three realms of Profound, Earth, and Heaven.

The medical cultivators in Three Thousand Worlds were declining year by year. Since the great catastrophe ten thousand years ago, there were hardly cultivators who crossed the boundary of the Great Ascension stage, let alone ascending. In this ten thousand years, not a single medical cultivator had broken through the ninth rank and entered the profound realm.

“The Medical Cultivators Conference is here?” Sikong Xing asked curiously. She looked around, “It looks pretty simple and naturistic. Are these apricot trees?”

“Yes.” Meng Qi nodded, “This is the holy place for medical cultivators, the Apricot Forest.”

“Wow!” Sikong Xing marveled. “Then these apricot trees will bloom and bear fruit?”

“Yes.” Meng Qi smiled slightly, “Medical cultivation is also divided into nine ranks, then the three realms of profound, earth, and heaven. It is said that if a medical cultivator wants to break through the ninth rank and enter the profound realm, except for possessing a superb medical talent, they also have to be recognized by the medical path itself.”

“I see.” Sikong Xing nodded, “So it seems that Three Thousand Worlds and Demon Realm is the same. Our cultivation is also divided into nine ranks and three realms. However, it has long been known that breaking through from the ninth rank is very tough and difficult. Even the great celestial demon, even the royal clans, have not been able to break through for thousands of years.”

“Yeah.” Meng Qi continued, “It is said that once a cultivator breaks through the ninth rank and entering the profound realm, the ten thousand flowerless apricot trees in this holy place would bloom at the same time, releasing their magnificent scent. At that time, the cultivator can enter this place, and if they were injured, no matter how badly, they would recover instantly.”

Sikong Xing: “!!!”

“This is not all. According to the legend, when the cultivator reaches the earth realm, all flowers on the ten thousand apricot trees would wither instantly, and the branches would be covered with countless green apricots.” Meng Qi continued, “If this great person can go further in their lifetime and reach the heaven realm, the green apricots would ripen, and become an extremely valuable heavenly treasure. By adding just one of this apricot, the efficacy of any medicine will double.”

Talking about the great medical predecessors from the legend stirred Meng Qi’s heart, and her eyes sparkled. In any case, having stepped her feet into the Apricot Forest holy land meant that her trip this time was not in vain.

Sikong Xing and Su Junmo are not medical cultivators, and they didn’t feel the same awe and yearning as Meng Qi.

They looked around in a circle, then looked back at the road behind them. Many people had already gathered in the Apricot Forest. Compared with sword or spell cultivators, the majority of medical cultivators looked scholarly and elegant. Their outward disposition was gentle, and the air around them seemed to contain a faint medicinal fragrance.

Sikong Xing took a deep breath and whispered, “Are all of them medical cultivators?”

“It should be so.” Meng Qi nodded. She looked around, took three mats at random, and sat cross-legged.


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  1. This makes we wonder if the author is setting us up for a majestic apricot blossoming and even later, a ripening. Those would be cool markers in Our Heroine’s new life.

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