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THDP Ch 73 Part 2 – Medical Holy Land (II)

In Three Thousand Worlds, medical society’s influence was the strongest in the Western Realm, and many medical cultivators originated there. Su Junmo also made acquaintances with many medical cultivators during his long stay in the Western Realm. Meng Qi and her group had just sat down for less than one incense stick of time, and six or seven people had already come to greet Su Junmo.

Sikong Xing sat next to Meng Qi, watching in boredom as Su Junmo was busy socializing. She wanted to continue chatting with Meng Qi, but when she turned her head, she saw that the other girl had closed her eyes, clearly entering a state of meditation.

Sikong Xing’s opened mouth closed again, just as Su Junmo returned to their place. He asked in a low voice: “What’s the matter?”

“Hush—” Sikong Xing made a silent gesture and tilted her head slightly towards Meng Qi. “I feel that Meng Qi’s cultivation state is very good recently. Don’t bother her!”

Su Junmo sat down on the mat next to Sikong Xing, watching Meng Qi, who was using every moment to cultivate. His gaze became a bit complex.

That was Heaven And Earth Book Hall, ah. That place was off-limits except for a select few. Even he was allowed to enter only a handful of times before. But Meng Qi actually set foot in there while still in the Foundation Establishment stage.


The group of three sat there for a while, while more and more cultivators arrived in the Apricot Forest holy land.

But the twelve mountain peaks were still empty.

The aura inside Meng Qi’s body circulated a few times. This holy land was full of aura, which made her progress much better than when she cultivated in Ruyi Inn last night. After a while, Meng Qi opened her eyes in satisfaction and turned to look around.

Just at this moment, four tall middle-aged men walked in tandem into the Apricot Forest holy land. A group of disciples followed behind, very impressive and mighty.

Upon seeing the newly-came group, all the medical cultivators who already arrived in the holy land immediately stopped what they were doing. Some cultivators who were sitting on the mats even stood up in reverence.

Feng Alliance’s four great clans—this was the name considered to be the top medical sects in Three Thousand Worlds. What’s more, the four clans were connected in an alliance, making them even more formidable. Among so many medical cultivators who came to participate in the Medical Cultivators Conference this time, many were coming for Feng Alliance.

Meng Qi’s eyes flickered slightly. Among the four middle-aged men, two were Xue Chuan and Wen Su. She also saw Xue Chengxuan, Wen He, and the newly recovered Xue Lingfeng among the disciples following behind. Next to Xue Lingfeng was an elegant and beautiful woman who looked a few years older.

“That is Xue Zichen.” Su Junmo followed Meng Qi’s gaze and said, “She is Xue Lingfeng’s eldest sister and also Xue Chengxuan’s younger sister. Her medical skill was second only to her elder brother. She is twenty years old, yet her medical cultivation already reaches the fourth rank’s peak, only waiting for an opportunity for a breakthrough. Her cultivation base is in the second realm of the Nascent Soul stage. Her name and fame as a young medical fairy spread throughout the Western Realm, equally famous with her brother. After Xue Chengxuan, she is Xue Clan’s most outstanding disciple of this generation.”

Sikong Xing, who disliked Xue clan, pouted on the side.

Meng Qi nodded. She suddenly remembered, “Then, where is Xue Jinwen?”

“Xue Jinwen?” Su Junmo gave Meng Qi a deep look. At this point, he already had no doubt that Meng Qi was Beyond The Heaven’s Xiao Qi, who astounded countless medical cultivators with her bottle of Beiming pill.

However, since she didn’t speak, he would pretend to know nothing!

Su Junmo thought for a while and said: “Xue Jinwen is Xue clan’s third young miss, Xue Lingfeng’s elder sister. There is also a second sister above them, but she passed away three years ago.”

“So currently, Xue clan’s main house has three daughters and one son. Xue Jinwen’s medical talent is not as good as her sisters, and she is not valued in the family. She voluntarily stays at Beyond The Heaven’s Profound Auction House, probably want to live peacefully separated from her family.”

Meng Qi nodded. She looked at Feng Alliance’s disciples, but didn’t find Xue Jinwen among them.

“Xue Jinwen doesn’t seem to be here.” Su Junmo also glanced at the group. He snorted slightly. Although he had a good relationship with Xue Clan and Feng Alliance, the events from the past few days made him a bit dissatisfied.

“Maybe Xue Chuan didn’t bring her here.” He whispered to Meng Qi. “Xue Clan has always been like this. Untalented children have never been taken seriously. When I went visiting their home, I seldom met this third miss Xue.”

“Snobbish!” Sikong Xing curled her lip.

“It’s not about snobbery.” Su Junmo glared. “In any sect, the best resources will always be given to the disciples with the best talents. Do you think everyone is like your father, only have you this sole precious daughter, so everything is yours?”

After Feng Alliance, other top medical sects also entered the holy land with their respective leaders. More and more people gathered in the Apricot Forest, but people from large sects didn’t mingle with smaller sects, let alone with wandering cultivators, who were standing on the side.

Feng Alliance who entered first had already walked towards the twelve peaks. The heads of the four clans walked up to the peak with eleven apricot trees and stood on the top platform. Then, other large sects also followed one by one. In the end, only the two middle peaks were left empty. One of them was the peak with twelve apricot trees, and the other was the one with eleven trees.

More and more cultivators entered the holy land. The vast grassland seemed to expand endlessly. No matter how many people were here, it never seemed to be cramped.

Meng Qi looked around. At first, their position was on the left side of the apricot forest, not far from the edge. They hadn’t moved a bit, but the apricot forest on the right seemed to be further away. From their position now, only some black shadows could be seen from afar.

“There is an array here.” Meng Qi said, “It’s a bit similar to Beyond The Heaven’s auction site, but not that sophisticated.”

“This holy place should have been handed down from the ancient times.” She added, “The current medical cultivators don’t know this kind of array.”

Su Junmo “…”

They demon cultivators, even the celestial demons, not everyone is good at array, okay?!


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