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THDP Ch 73 Part 3 – Medical Holy Land (III)

“If this array is used to refine artifacts, a portable grotto-heaven can be refined to be carried around.” Meng Qi turned her gaze again and muttered to herself. “I wonder what array is being used here.”

A large number of cultivators had gathered in the holy land. At this moment, three old men in white robes walked in slowly. Originally, many people were gathering around in small groups and talking in low voices, but the moment the three old men appeared, they immediately closed their mouths and stood up.

The three elders smiled and walked towards the middlemost peak, the one with twelve apricot trees. Then they leaped up lightly and arrived on the platform on the top of the peak.

“They are three elders from the Medical Society Alliance.” Su Junmo said.

“I see.” Meng Qi nodded. The bamboo slip given to her by Xue Jinwen also wrote that the Medical Society Alliance didn’t have a leader, and instead was run by a council of elders. This council was composed of thirteen elected medical cultivators. Of that thirteen members, eight were from various medical sects of the four realms, with each realm elected two elders. Of the remaining five elders, two were wandering cultivators without affiliates, and three were elected by the public.

These last three elders were responsible for presiding over the next Medical Cultivators Conference.

Meng Qi raised her head and looked at the three elders.

“One from Xue Clan, one from Murong clan, and the last is from Northern Realm.” Su Junmo explained in a low voice. “In the last six or seven hundred years, at least one of the three elders was from Feng Alliance.”

Meng Qi nodded. No wonder ordinary disciples of Feng Alliance were so arrogant. They did have the basis to feel proud.

Finally, Pei Mufeng, the leader of Xingluo Pavilion, entered the last. Still wearing his usual black martial suit, the young man walked into Apricot Forest holy land accompanied by several elders of his sect.

Pei Mufeng was too young. Compared with the leaders of various medical sects who came in earlier, he was more like an ordinary disciple.

All over the Apricot Forest, whispers suddenly spread. Countless gazes instantly fell on Pei Mufeng. Almost all medical cultivators knew the in and out behind this year’s Medical Cultivators Conference. They all knew how this young leader of a sword sect actually exchanged ten years of promise to hold the conference in his Xingluo City.

Pei Mufeng was tall and straight, and his expression was quite cold and rigid. Even under so many curious gazes, his expression remained unmoved.

The last of the twelve peaks was reserved for the Xingluo Pavilion. Pei Mufeng leaped up lightly and stood upright on the peak. His sharp, sword-like facial features were as equally handsome as they were cold. He was like a sword himself, looking down on the people below, bringing the sharp momentum of a ruler.

Along with everyone else, Meng Qi also raised her eyes to look up at Pei Mufeng. On the other eleven peaks, many large medical sects were clearly still dissatisfied with him. Some elders even flicked their robes and turned in the other direction as if silently opposing the young sword sect leader’s mischief.

“Tsk, tsk, tsk…” Su Junmo clicked his tongue. “Those stubborn old men probably really hate Pei Mufeng now.”

“But why did he do this?” Sikong Xing couldn’t understand, “What is the benefit of him doing this?”

“Who knows?” Su Junmo shrugged, “Maybe it is just a means of the sword sects to show their might to medical cultivators. Or maybe the rumor is true, that Pei Mufeng did it for a young female medical cultivator. But in any case, I will say that this may be a good thing for the whole Medical Society Alliance.”

Once the noisy fox opened his mouth, he would start to babble endlessly. Unless he finished expressing his thoughts from beginning to end, he would never stop.

Meng Qi had long mastered the ability to grasp the information she needed from Su Junmo’s endlessly long talks. She listened to him talking about the history of the Medical Cultivators Conference and the reason for its establishment. After a long and winding prattle, he finally began to talk about the situation of the present-day conference.

Su Junmo shook his head, “Meng Qiqi, your predecessors had great ability and foresight. They worked hard to finally come up with this method in order to preserve the knowledge and legacies of Three Thousand World’s medical cultivators. They wanted to prevent the same tragedy that happened to refinery cultivators to repeat on medical cultivators, having most of their inheritance die out.”

He paused for a moment. “The predecessors’ idea is good. But the current Medical Cultivators Conference is getting further and further away from the original intention. Now in the Eastern and Southern Realms, medical sects are declining, unable to compete with spell sects and sword sects. Northern Realm is a bit better, but only the Western Realm’s situation is still very good, thanks to Feng Alliance’s existence. Although this is a good thing, not all is good. Feng Alliance preserves the medical society status in the Western Realm. Still, in recent years, there was hardly any other power that could compete on the same level as Feng Alliance. If this continues, Medical Cultivators Conference will soon become the private property of Feng Alliance.”

Meng Qi was silent. Although Su Junmo was too talkative and loved to gossip, he was a person who came out of the Demon Realm to travel all around Three Thousand Worlds. He had sharp eyes and a wide range of knowledge.

These days, she also saw the pride of Feng Alliance’s disciples and their elders’ strong dominance.

Meng Qi raised her eyes towards the twelve peaks.

However, a lone wandering cultivator like herself was still far away to begin worrying about these issues.

“Meng Qiqi.” Su Junmo rattled for a long time before finally turning back to the topic. “Actually, I don’t think you have to go to Feng Alliance. Look at those people. They are not very friendly to you.”

“Let’s just watch the excitement. Don’t participate in the tournament.”

“No.” Meng Qi said, “I’m still going to participate.”

“Why?” Su Junmo was anxious, “Are you still curious about Xue Clan’s library pavilion? How can that kind of place be compared with Heaven And Earth Book Hall?!”

“Heaven And Earth Book Hall?!” Sikong Xing exclaimed in a small voice. “Is it the Heaven And Earth Book Hall that I heard about?”

Their group was standing on the left edge of the forest, far away from other people. Others couldn’t hear them if they talked in a low voice.

“Is it true, is it true??” Sikong Xing chased after Su Junmo: “Is it really that Heaven And Earth Book Hall I heard about?”

Su Junmo “…”

Why did he forget that this curious ghost was here!


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