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THDP Ch 74 Part 1 – Preliminary Test (I)

The commotion in the Apricot Forest gradually turned into chaos. The three Medical Society Alliance elders stood on the middlemost mountain peak, watching down on the messy scene below.

The three exchanged a glance; their expression was very dark.

Since the Medical Cultivator Conference first started two thousand years ago, there had never been such chaos before. Even at the beginning, when the conference and alliance were still in their infancy, there had never been such a chaotic situation.

Someone was provoking the Medical Cultivator Conference, provoking the Medical Society Alliance!

The elder standing on the left looked to the side. Next to them was the peak where Feng Alliance was. Xue Chuan, Wen Su, and other Feng Alliance’s people stood solemnly, watching the commotion below with cold eyes.

Standing behind Xue Chuan, Xue Lingfeng grabbed her eldest sister’s sleeve and asked: “What’s happen? I seem to hear someone mentioning third sister?”

Xue Zichen raised her eyebrows and said coldly, “It’s not your third sister. She should be in Xue City now. Since father didn’t allow her to come to Xingluo City, there is no way she will show up here.”

“But…” Xue Lingfeng opened her mouth and was about to say more.

Xue Zichen’s charming and beautiful face turned slightly to the side. With a soft and gentle voice, she warned: “Little sister, a person who doesn’t respect the clan head’s order doesn’t deserve to be a Xue.”

Xue Lingfeng suddenly shut up, dared not to say more.

Xue Chengxuan was standing next to them, clearly heard the conversation between his sisters. He looked at Xue Chuan, who stood majestically on the forefront. That was their father, the head of Xue Clan, and also the current leader of Feng Alliance.

Xue Chengxuan hesitated for a moment, but he still asked in a low voice: “Father, how about I take a look?”

Xue Chuan did not answer, his deep eyes focused on the commotion below. He raised his hand slightly and nodded to Wen Su who stood next to him.

Wen Su stepped forward and coughed lightly. His voice was not loud, but it directly penetrated the ears of every cultivator below. In an instant, most of the cultivators turned their attention from the poisoned people to Wen Su.

“Medical Cultivator Conference’s Grand Tournament has already begun.” Wen Su announced with a smile. “There are too many cultivators eligible to participate in this year’s tournament. Although we are very pleased, the number of cultivators that can be accommodated in the holy land’s barrier is limited. So…” He waved his hand. “This is the preliminary test to select people qualified to enter the holy land’s barrier to participate in the Grand Tournament’s main event. Everyone, please do your best.”

Wen Su spoke unhurriedly. Each and every word fell clearly on everyone’s ears. The cultivators who were still disorderly below suddenly were all stunned. They looked at each other, suddenly understood—

So this is actually a test!

Many cultivators who wanted to participate in the Grand Tournament immediately began to reflect on their previous behavior. Were they too panicked and at a loss just now?

Have these been seen by the people standing on the mountain peaks?

Have they been disqualified?

The whole place immediately restored its order.

A sneer flashed in Wen Su’s eyes, and he stepped back again.

At the same time, his son Wen He quietly sneaked away from his position among Feng Alliance’s disciples. He walked behind the group of disciples and quickly went towards Xingluo Pavilion’s peak.

“Pavilion Master Pei.” Wen He hurriedly walked towards Pei Mufeng, “Please lend your hand to stop the person outside the holy land.”

“Mm.” Pei Mufeng nodded slightly.

“Pavilion Master.” One of Xingluo Pavilion’s elders next to Pei Mufeng said: “I’ll go.”

“No need. I’ll go.” Pei Mufeng said coolly. His body leaned forward, and in an instant, a black shadow flashed mid-air towards the entrance gate. All the cultivators below focused their attention on the injured people, and no one noticed the black shadow passed above them.

Under the mountain peaks, the cultivators who had been quiet for a while started to become busy again. Some people were originally hiding behind the crowd, distancing themselves from the commotion, and wanted to preserve their energy for the tournament. When they heard that this was the preliminary test, they hurriedly rushed over.

The three injured disciples were instantly surrounded by the crowd. Some medical cultivators directly summoned their natal magic weapon. Countless pale lights flashed, rushing one after another towards the injured people on the ground.

“Here is another one!” There was another shout from the crowd.

“There is here too!”

“And here!”

The number of victims increased. But this time, the crowding medical cultivators were no longer so nervous. There were a total of seven victims: five men and two women, all of whom were young disciples from large medical sects.

Some of them were rolling around in pain. Some were attacked by a horrible coldness that made their body stiff and their teeth clacked furiously. The rest seemed to be okay, but they lost the strength on their body and was unable to stand up.

With Sikong Xing’s help, Meng Qi finally managed to squeeze among the crowd and got closer to the injured person suspected to be Xue Jinwen. But at this moment, all the seven injured disciples had been crowded by many people. Meng Qi stood on the tiptoe, but she still couldn’t see clearly whether Xue Jinwen was really among them.

Su Junmo’s figure flashed forward. He disappeared for a moment and soon returned, whispering to Meng Qi: “It’s really Xue Jinwen.”

Meng Qi frowned and turned around to look at the Feng Alliance people on the mountain peak. She couldn’t see their expression at such distance with her current cultivation, but she could still see that everyone, from Xue Chuan to the disciples, all seemed to be indifferent, standing quietly on the peak.

“What are they doing?” Su Junmo was confused. “Even if they want to do a preliminary test, they don’t need to make it this chaotic.”

“It’s not a test,” Meng Qi whispered. Her voice was very low, and the crowd around was busy. Unless someone paid attention, no one noticed what she said.

“Pavilion Master Pei just went out.” Meng Qi said, “If it is really a preliminary test, would Pavilion Master Pei need to take action?”

Su Junmo glanced at the mountain peaks. Sure enough, the figure of the handsome and tall young man had disappeared from among Xingluo Pavilion people.

“…You really pay attention to him.” Su Junmo looked at Meng Qi with a weird gaze. Pei Mufeng disappeared so quickly and silently that he didn’t even notice, but Meng Qi actually did.


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  1. Sister Wen should join then after this.
    Maybe she looked for him because she thought it was problem and not a test?
    It wasn’t really smart to say it was a test. Won’t the number of people who can pass be too little?
    Thanks for the chapter!!!!

  2. Many thanks
    The third sister should just leave the family and join MQ’s team of misfits. Although the team is made up of mostly demon clan members right now, there are 2 male human cultivators lol and a potential strong backer coughPeiMufengcough

  3. So dignity is much important than the lives of these people. Honestly these sects are just are all evil.

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