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THDP Ch 74 Part 2 – Preliminary Test (II)

“…You really pay attention to him.” Su Junmo looked at Meng Qi with a weird gaze. Pei Mufeng disappeared so quickly and silently that he didn’t even notice, but Meng Qi actually did.

“Yes.” Meng Qi nodded casually. She raised her eyes at Su Junmo: “I want to see Sister Xue, can you help me?”

If Su Junmo and Sikong Xing’s guess were correct, that the person who poisoned Xue Lingfeng and Li Che wanted to smear the reputation of Medical Society Alliance…then the one behind today’s attack should be the same person—someone who was good at both poison and array.

Meng Qi couldn’t be considered an expert, but her knowledge about array was far richer than the majority of medical cultivators in Three Thousand Worlds.

“Okay.” Su Junmo nodded, “Excuse me.” The sleeves of Su Junmo’s robes fell down, completely covered his hands. He then gently held Meng Qi’s waist through the sleeves.

Su Junmo moved so quickly. The cultivators around them only saw a white shadow flashed by like a ghost. In an instant, he had brought Meng Qi through the crowd and put her down right beside Xue Jinwen. Su Junmo immediately retracted his hand from Meng Qi’s waist and spread his sleeve in a protective manner.

Before the crowd could react, they saw a blue-robed young woman who looked to be just seventeen or eighteen years old squatted down near one of the poisoned people.

“Sister Xue.” Seeing the woman lying quietly on the ground, Meng Qi’s eyes flickered. This person was really the third miss Xue she met at Beyond The Heaven, the Xue Jinwen who was in charge of medicine appraisal at Profound Auction House.

Xue Jinwen was lying on the ground stiffly like a puppet. Her eyes wide open, looking straight ahead with no focus. At this moment, she didn’t have her usual charming look that Meng Qi was used to see.

Meng Qi’s heart trembled. She flicked her sleeves and put on the silk gloves she used the other day.

“Hey, where did this little girl come from?”

Among the surrounding crowds, almost all were cultivators of the Golden Core stage, and some were even Nascent Soul cultivators. They were busy around the injured disciples when a young female cultivator suddenly appeared next to third miss Xue.

Looking carefully, this girl was just a Foundation Establishment cultivator.

“Which Fellow Daoist’s disciple is she?” Someone immediately said. “Come and take her back.”

“This is not a place for playing around. Get out of the way.”

“What is someone still in the Foundation Establishment stage doing here?”

The surrounding cultivators clamored for Meng Qi to get out of the way, but Su Junmo stood firmly behind her, his eyes squinted as he looked around in warning.

“It’s Su Junmo.” Someone recognized him, “It’s the celestial demon noble Su Junmo, who is staying a long time in Three Thousand Worlds.”

“Su Junmo has a good relationship with Feng Alliance.”

“Then, is this girl a member of Feng Alliance’s four great clans?”

Despite the bustling noises from the surrounding, none seemed to enter Meng Qi’s ears. She reached out her hand and gently pinched Xue Jinwen’s chin. Not only Xue Jinwen looked so stiff, but her body actually also became stiff. Meng Qi tried to move Xue Jinwen’s chin to the right, but it was unmoved.

Meanwhile, after recognizing Su Junmo’s identity, the surrounding crowd had become much calmer. They watched Meng Qi’s movement attentively, their expression was weird, and they gradually quieted down.

“How is it?” Su Junmo leaned over and asked in a low voice.

“Poisoned and injured. It is the same as Xue Lingfeng…” Meng Qi reached out her hand and slightly lowered the clothes on Xue Jinwen’s shoulder. Several thin red lines stretched out from her back towards her neck. The lines on the exposed part were smooth and delicate, like a beautiful tattoo deliberately drawn on the skin.

“Sure enough, it’s that person again!” Su Junmo’s expression turned stern. He stood up, turned his body around, and swept his gaze upon the twelve peaks in the distance. There, the people of the large medical sects stood majestically. They looked down at the commotion below with no panic at all, as if everything was going according to their plan.

Xue Chengxuan had paid attention to Su Junmo and Meng Qi from the beginning. At this moment, he finally stepped forward and said again: “Father, let me take a look.”

“Alright.” Xue Chuan nodded slowly, half-closing his eyes, “Be cautious.”


Xue Chengxuan silently retreated behind Feng Alliance’s disciple and jumped down from the peak. He quickly walked towards Meng Qi and Su Junmo. Most of the cultivators focused their attention on the injured, and few noticed his movement.

“What should we do now?” Su Junmo squatted down and asked in a low voice.

“I don’t know this array.” Meng Qi frowned slightly. She looked at Xue Jinwen’s unfocused gaze, feeling a bit sad. This Sister Xue had always taken care of her in Beyond The Heaven.

Meng Qi hesitated. The arguing voices of the surrounding crowd surrounding kept ringing in the background. If it was just poison or injury, with so many medical cultivators gathered here, there absolutely would be no problem. But apparently, Xue Jinwen’s condition was similar to Li Che and Xue Lingfeng, with an unknown array was drawn on her back. This array, coupled with the poison and injury, made the situation much trickier.

“Do you…want to go to that place, to find out what kind of array is this?” Su Junmo suggested in a low voice.

Regarding the mastery of arrays, even if all cultivators of the three realms were added up, they wouldn’t necessarily be better than his Lord. Anyway, Su Junmo was now very sure. Whenever Meng Qi encountered a problem that she couldn’t solve by herself, the Lord would be pleased to be the hero saving the beauty.

Otherwise, why else was Meng Qi given access to Heaven And Earth Book Hall?

“Alright.” Meng Qi hesitated for a moment and nodded.

At this moment, Xue Chengxuan passed through the crowd and arrived by Meng Qi’s side.

“It’s the Xue Clan…”

“It’s Xue Chengxuan from Xue Clan.”

“Is this girl really from Xue Clan?”


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