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THDP Ch 74 Part 3 – Preliminary Test (III)

Xue Chengxuan was a well-known figure in the medical society. Seeing him here, the crowd immediately burst into another clamor. For someone of Xue Chengxuan’s status, it was not easy for ordinary medical cultivators to see him outside public events such as this Medical Cultivator Conference.

Countless gazes went back and forth between Xue Chengxuan and Meng Qi. One was a seventeen or eighteen years old tender little girl, and the other was the famous heir of Xue Clan.

Then, was this girl Xue Clan’s person or Xue Chengxuan’s person?

Xue Chengxuan’s eyes moved slightly and fell on Xue Jinwen’s face. His expression remained unchanged, as if the person lying on the ground had nothing to do with him.

“Brother Su.” Xue Chengxuan first nodded towards Su Junmo, then turned to ask Meng Qi, “How is it?”

His expression was relaxed, and the corners of his lips even curled up in a slight smile. Seeing this, the cultivators around became more and more convinced that these injured disciples were deliberately arranged by the Medical Society Alliance as the preliminary test for the Grand Tournament.

A cultivator who knew Xue Chengxuan half-jokingly said: “Fellow Daoist Xue, logically speaking, you shouldn’t be here.”

“Yes, yes.” Others immediately echoed. “Since this is the preliminary test for the Grand Tournament, even if you are brother and sister, relatives shouldn’t be allowed to help.” Another person also said jokingly.

Xue Chengxuan smiled slightly and said with a gentle voice, “I’m just standing on the side and will do nothing.”

“Brother Xue, is this Fellow Daoist from your Xue Clan?” Someone asked.

“No.” Xue Chengxuan hesitated for a moment before smiling and shaking his head. Afterward, he really stopped talking and just stood silently by Meng Qi’s side.

The crowd couldn’t help and began to whisper again. Their gaze at Meng Qi became even more curious—who exactly was this Foundation Establishment girl who was accompanied by Su Junmo and protected by Xue Chengxuan?

Because of these two episodes, the crowd around Xue Jinwen appeared to be more reserved. Because Xue Chengxuan was watching in person, many of those medical cultivators were hesitant to take action, so as not to lose face in front of Xue Clan’s heir.

In contrast, the situation around the other six injured disciples was much more lively. Some cultivators had begun to try healing and detoxifying them. When healers made their move, they were always accompanied by the fragrance of medicines. In no time, the slightly bitter medicinal fragrance began to permeate in the whole apricot forest. Rays of light from various natal weapons and spells also could be seen from time to time. Some people even directly took out their medical cauldron and refined antidote on the spot.

“Ahhhh!” Another scream suddenly rang. A cultivator jumped out of the crowd, covering his face and screaming endlessly. His body stumbled to the ground, and he rolled in pain.

In an instant, the crowd began to clamor again.

“What’s happen?”

“What’s going on?”

“Who is this?”

“Someone is injured again?”

The cultivators in the crowd exclaimed one after another, casting a sympathetic gaze towards the person who was still rolling in pain on the ground. Losing face and making such a mess in front of so many people, this person surely had lost the qualification for the Grand Tournament!

“Agh—” The man who fell down first seemed to be a trigger. Immediately afterward, screams resounded one after another in the crowd. People kept jumping out, then fell to the ground screaming and rolling in pain. Those who fell first were those who used their natal magic weapon to try detoxifying the first seven injured disciples, continued by those who used spells or medicines. Finally, those who had touched the injured also began to scream in pain.

In an instant, the whole Apricot Forest holy land seemed to have turned into a purgatory of scream. People kept falling down one after another, followed by incessant screams.

Xue Chengxuan’s expression finally changed. He took a deep look at Meng Qi, his sleeves lightly brushed her palm. “Stay here, do not move.” Xue Chengxuan said to Meng Qi. He then nodded at Su Junmo before rushing towards the place where the screams were the loudest.

Meng Qi watched Xue Chengxuan rushed away in an instant. She slowly opened the palm that was touched by Xue Chengxuan’s palm just now. A blood-red jade in the shape of a crescent moon lay there quietly, shining with a warm light.

Meng Qi had no time to be surprised because suddenly, a cultivator jumped near her.

“My eyes! My eyes cannot see anything!” The man screamed. He fell down with his hands covering his eyes.

“My fingers…why did my fingers suddenly disappear?” Another scream came from nearby.

“My hands too! Ah…!!!”

Among the crowd surrounding Xue Jinwen, the cultivators who had checked on her began to fall one after another.

At first, they impatiently squeezed around Xue Jinwen, for fear of losing the chance to enter the Grand Tournament. Now, they desperately stepped back in panic.

In an instant, a large vacant area formed around Xue Jinwen.

The cultivators who stepped back looked at Meng Qi in horror: “Why is she okay?!”

“It’s the Xue Clan’s blood moon! She has the blood moon in her hand!” A sharp-eyed cultivator cried out, “Xue Chengxuan gave her the blood moon that protects against hundred of poison and illness! Of course she is okay!”

“It’s not poison! I’m not poisoned!” A cultivator lying on the ground gasped heavily, “It’s a devil aura! These people have devil aura in their bodies!”

“Devil aura?! Why is it here?!”

“Isn’t this a preliminary test? How can there be devil aura?!”


A burst of gloomy laughter suddenly rang. The laughter was not loud, but it overwhelmed the screams of so many cultivators and reached the ears of all people in the Apricot Forest.

As if an evil wind was blowing behind them, most of the cultivators couldn’t help but shiver. All of them immediately turned their heads towards the entrance where the laughter came from. There, a beautiful girl in a blue robe was supporting a black-robed man with a black gauzed hat, walking slowly towards the Apricot Forest.


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  1. I wonder if Meng Qi already went to the bookstore. Here inaction and lack of comment since Xue Chengxuan arrived seems odd. She didn’t seem to move or respond at all until Chengxuan handed her the blood moon and touched her.

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