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THDP Ch 76 Part 2 – Trapped in the Same Place (II)

As for what was going on inside the barrier, nothing was written in that book, so Meng Qi had no idea.

At that time, the only thing in her mind was to separate the injured cultivators from the black-robed man who controlled them immediately. As long as the man could be separated from them, the people controlled to attack her would naturally stop moving. In that place, sending the man into the barrier was the quickest way. Otherwise, if the array was not solved, the Apricot Forest might be bathed in blood today.

Meng Qi took another step back. The corners of the black-robed man’s lips raised, and the three black scars on his face looked even more terrifying.

The man raised his right hand casually and looked at Meng Qi with a sneer: “Do you think you can run faster, or is my spell faster?”

“You are faster.” Meng Qi sighed inwardly and answered honestly.

“Heh—” The man chuckled, “You are still a bit clever. Since you know the Hundred Ghosts And Hundred Charms array, your master should be well-known.” He squinted his eyes: “Who is your master?”

Meng Qi shut up and said nothing.

“Don’t want to tell me?” The man snapped his fingers casually.


A sharp light flashed from his fingertips. Even though Meng Qi saw it clearly, she couldn’t avoid it at all. The next moment, a thin bloodstain appeared on her smooth cheek, and tiny drops of blood slowly rolled down from the wound.

The man asked softly: “Who taught you about arrays?”

Meng Qi still shut up and said nothing.

“I was merciful just now.” The man slowly said: “The second one will be deep, and it will leave a scar that cannot be removed from your pretty little face.”

Meng Qi: “…”

She pondered for a while and said: “I am a healer, a medical cultivator.”

What scar would a healer be afraid of? One or two ointments would solve it. Unless it was like this man’s scars, which were caused by an unknown powerful weapon or spell which made them couldn’t be healed easily.

The black-robed man: “…”


“Heh—” The man sneered again, “Still don’t say it?”

His figure suddenly shook, and before Meng Qi could see his movement, he was already standing next to her. With a tearing sound, Meng Qi’s blue robe was torn apart by him, revealing the clean and soft shirt inside.

“You are not afraid of disfigurement. Are you also not afraid of this?” The man’s fingers reached out to pinch Meng Qi’s chin, forcing her to turn her head to look at him, “Hmm?”

Meng Qi: “…”

All this moment, she was busily recalling all the men who had appeared around Lu Qingran in the previous life, but she still couldn’t remember who this very powerful and knowledgeable man was.

The blue robe fell on the ground, and Meng Qi raised her eyes.

A pair of clear eyes met dark ones.

“Here is inside the Grand Tournament’s barrier of Apricot Forest holy land.” Meng Qi suddenly opened her mouth and spoke slowly.

The man’s fingers were icy. It was as if his whole body had just been pulled back from a glacier. Having her jaw pinched by such cold fingers was very uncomfortable.

But Meng Qi’s expression was as calm as usual, and she was looking at the man without blinking. There was no tremble in her voice as she spoke in a clear and composed manner: “Apricot Forest is the treasure of the medical cultivators handed down since ancient times. You are knowledgeable in arrays. As soon as you enter the Apricot Forest, you should notice the array left behind by the ancient powerhouses. The array not only enables the Apricot Forest to enlarge as needed, but also resonates with the Great Dao of medical path, which preserves the apricot trees in the forest for tens of thousands of years.”

The black-robed man quietly looked at Meng Qi. This weak Foundation Establishment cultivator in front of his eyes was a creature that he could easily crush with one finger, an existence that was no more than an ant.

But she dared to talk so calmly at him.

“This barrier is also left by the ancient powers to test the younger generation of medical cultivators. Therefore, it can also be said to be personally presided over by the Great Dao medical path itself. Even the Feng Alliance could only open the barrier, but couldn’t control it in the slightest. Thus, the Grand Tournament is also known as the fairest competition.”

“What do you want to say?” The man asked coldly.

“The Great Dao of medical path only acknowledges medical cultivators.” Meng Qi replied indifferently. “It is only open once every ten years. If all the medical cultivators who enter here fail to pass the test, then they have to wait for another ten years to get out.”

The black-robed man: “…”

“And this year, I am the only medical cultivator inside this barrier.” Meng Qi continued. “Of course you can also try to kill me first, then go to the center of this barrier and destroy the core of the formation. Maybe you can get out that way.” She nonchalantly added: “However, this is also my first time here. I don’t know if this would work or not.”

“Are you threatening me?” The man stared coldly into Meng Qi’s eyes. He emphasized each of his words coldly.

The fingers pinching Meng Qi’s jaw tightened.

Meng Qi frowned slightly, but her expression remained calm: “I just want to leave this barrier alive.”


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