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THDP Ch 76 Part 3 – Trapped in the Same Place (III)

“Are you not afraid that I will use you to leave this place and then kill you before I go out?” The man asked again.

“I am just a beginner in the Foundation Establishment stage.” Meng Qi replied. “Hundreds of Golden Core and even Nascent Soul cultivators came in for the tournament each time. Even if they worked together, the fastest record to finish the competition and leave this barrier is nine days.”

“During the time, I will come up with a way to protect my life. Besides…” Meng Qi paused. “Even if I cannot avoid the worst outcome, I still want to strive to live as long as possible.”

“Heh.” The man slowly loosened his hand. He took a step back and stared at the thin and petite figure in front of him. This girl was clearly so weak, yet she stayed calm and unperturbed: “How do I know that you are not lying to me?”

“You can try.” Meng Qi gestured slightly. “The center of this barrier holds the large array formation that controls this space, created by the ancient predecessors. You can try and see if you can break it by yourself.”

Her voice was calm, with no particular emotion.

The black-robed man swept his eyes across Meng Qi’s face. The thin bloodstain from his previous threat was still there. The falling blood drops left a bloody brown trace on her white cheek.

The girl’s eyes were bright and lucid. She even clearly said that she wanted to live, so she wouldn’t dare lie to him even if she wanted to. Besides, a Foundation Establishment cultivator was just a weak ant. He could crush her at any time, and he wasn’t afraid of her lies.

“I can cooperate with you.” The man said coldly: “But you must tell me who your master is. Otherwise, I will kill you now, and I will slowly look for the way out myself. Even if I cannot find it, the worst is just waiting for ten years.”

Meng Qi: “…”

“The person who taught me arrays is not my master. I don’t know his name or identity. He…” Meng Qi’s lips pursed slightly, finally showing a fragile expression appropriate to a girl of her age: “He never accepts me as his disciple.”

The man sneered: “Of course. You are so stupid, barely entering the Foundation Establishment stage at this age. If it’s me, I will also refuse to accept you as my disciple. You will only bring me a shame.”

Meng Qi: “…”

Endure it.

“Let’s go.” The man turned around and started walking. The corner of his eyes swept across Meng Qi: “But you had better not lie to me; otherwise, I will make even death an extravagant hope for you.”

Meng Qi didn’t seem to mind the threat. She leaned down and picked up her blue robe from the ground, then put it on again. She then took out a small box of ointment from her storage space and used it on the wound on her face. The ointment was very effective. In just a moment, the wound on her face disappeared without leaving a trace.

The man glanced coldly, but did not stop her. She was just a weak human cultivator girl, yet she really didn’t afraid when he threatened to disfigure her face.

Indeed a miscalculation on his part.

“Why did you attack me at the Apricot Forest earlier?” Meng Qi put the ointment back and walked briskly towards the black-robed man.

She was walking on the man’s right side. As long as she raised her gaze, she could see the three terrible black scars on his face. But Meng Qi was totally unperturbed. Even her eyelids didn’t tremble in the slightest. She asked again: “After we met at the Huajiang Manor, we didn’t seem to have seen each other again.”

Meng Qi wanted to ask this matter clearly. Previously at the Apricot Forest, the killing intent burst out of this man after seeing her was not fake. At least, she didn’t think that her recognizing the Hundred Ghosts And Hundred Charms array to be the reason for this man’s killing intent.

“Humph.” The man snorted coldly and refused to answer.

Meng Qi pursed her lips and stopped talking.

The two walked along the river. They were now at the foot of a mountain. The surrounding area was desolate; the grass was withered, and no flowers were blooming. Even the trees they occasionally saw had alertly died. There were no signs of other living creatures, let alone people.

After about half an hour, the scenery didn’t change. From time to time, Meng Qi turned her head to look at the man. Now that she was closer, she could see the scars on his face more clearly. Although the scars were long, they were very narrow and should be caused by a thin and sharp weapon. The scars were black, and the flesh around them was slightly turned out, which made them looked very terrifying.

Meng Qi couldn’t help pursing her lips again.

In addition, she also felt that the man’s aura seemed to be unstable. Walking next to him, she could feel that sometimes, his aura was overwhelmingly pressuring, but sometimes, it was so weak that it seemed to be even weaker than her aura.

Did he have an internal injury? It must be severe enough to damage his spiritual sea.

She remembered their first meeting in Huajiang Manor. At that time, Su Junmo said that this person’s cultivation base was definitely above his.

Since his cultivation base was higher than even Su Junmo, it was normally unthinkable for her, someone who was still in the Foundation Establishment stage, to notice the fluctuation of his aura.

As Meng Qi walked, she was deep in thought.

Did his internal injury have something to do with the unhealed wounds on his face? This man himself was very proficient in poison and definitely also knowledgeable in medicine, which was proven when he cured the people injured by immortal devouring vine at the Huajiang Manor. But when she lied to him just now that the Great Dao medical path only acknowledged medical cultivators, he didn’t refute her.

That’s right. What Meng Qi said to the man just now was actually only half true. This place was indeed a special barrier for the Grand Tournament. However, what she said about the Great Dao medical path presiding over this place and only acknowledged medical cultivators was complete nonsense. There was no record of such a thing in the book she read. Meng Qi herself knew very few senior medical cultivators, and no one had taught her about the Apricot Forest holy land or the Grand Tournament.

She was just talking nonsense. In any case, she should strive to stay alive first.


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