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THDP Ch 76 Part 4 – Trapped in the Same Place (IV)

“Hey!” The black-robed man finally became impatient. “Where should we go now?”

“This is my first time here.” Meng Qi said seriously. “Moreover, according to the legend, every time the barrier is opened, the situation inside will totally change. So no one knows what they will face the next time they enter the barrier, or what they should do there.”

“…Then what is the use of you here?!”

The man stopped and looked into the distance: “It seems that there are no other living creatures around here.”

“Yeah.” Meng Qi also nodded: “The surrounding flowers, plants, and trees are all dead, and not even the slightest vitality can be felt…”



Meng Qi and the black-robed man suddenly exclaimed at the same time. The two looked at each other, and both saw the light flashing in the other’s eyes.

A river was flowing nearby, so this place obviously had no shortage of water. There was also soft and fertile soil by the river. On top of that, the withered grasses and dead trees around indicated that plants could grow here in the past.

Then there was only one possibility…

“This soil is poisoned!” Meng Qi and the man blurted at the same time.

A smile flashed in the man’s eyes, but it disappeared too fast. Let alone Meng Qi; even the man himself didn’t notice it.

“Tsk.” He sighed softly, “Worthy of being a treasure left by the ancient powers. The test has started from the very beginning. It’s a pity…” The man snorted coldly: “The younger generations are too disappointing, and their incompetence cut off the legacies passed down by the ancestors.”

Meng Qi didn’t bother to argue with this person. She took out her small silver medical knife, put on her gloves, squatted down, and carefully dug out a bit of soil. She carefully observed the soil sample and tilted her head slightly: “It’s a bit like Qiwu powder.”

“Let me smell it.” The man said.

Meng Qi stood up and didn’t bother to argue. She knew that it would be very difficult to leave this place on her own. Now that the man had agreed to cooperate with her, then just cooperate. Her intention still didn’t change. In this case, she could live a bit longer, and maybe could find a way to protect herself later.

The man stretched out his hand and was just about to grab the soil sample from Meng Qi.

“Eh!” Meng Qi quickly reminded, “Be careful. There is poison here.”

The man didn’t pay heed to Meng Qi’s warning and touched the soil with his slender bare fingers. While he did that, he still didn’t forget to mock Meng Qi sarcastically: “Do you think I am as weak as you? Just touching this kind of small poison isn’t enough to harm me!”

Meng Qi: “…

“Indeed Qiwu powde—..ugh!” The man suddenly groaned. With a ‘bang!’, he fell backward and fell heavily to the ground.

Meng Qi: “???”

She was totally caught off guard. After standing dumbfounded for a moment, she hurriedly stepped forward to check the man’s condition. The fingers that had touched the soil just now had become pitch black. Cold sweat perspired from his forehead. His whole body seemed to stiff frozen. The luster on his skin had dimmed in an instant, as if his vitality was slowly drained away from him.

It is the poison of Qiwu powder!

But this reaction…how powerful!

She had never seen such a powerful Qiwu powder!

Meng Qi instantly activated a spell with her right hand and pointed it at the man’s forehead.

Anyway, save his life first!

She reacted completely out of instinct. But when her finger hadn’t reached the man’s forehead yet, a cold hand suddenly gripped her wrist.

The man’s body, which was very stiff just now, suddenly seemed to regain vitality and returned to normal. Even the black color on his fingers had faded away.

The man sat up again. “Very good.” He gave Meng Qi a cold look, “You didn’t take the opportunity to try to kill me.”

Meng Qi: “…”

“You are still a bit clever, not too dumb to the point of being hopeless.” He let go of Meng Qi’s wrist as he spoke.

“It’s Qiwu powder.” The man stood up and leaned over to examine the soil.

“Yeah.” Meng Qi also stood up, “Seven different ingredients are needed to make Qiwu powder, and the combinations can be changed for different effects. Just the formulas I know are no less than fifty or sixty. A Qiwu powder so powerful that it takes effect so quickly, able to drain vitality from one’s body, makes the body stiff and perspiring cold sweat…there is not many of such formula, it should be…” She tilted her head slightly: “…it should be one of the three, we can try one by one.”

“Haha.” The man sneered. “I was poisoned just now.” He reminded Meng Qi.

“…Do you already know which formula?” Meng Qi widened her eyes in surprise.

It was only a moment, and the other party was also poisoned. Could he tell which seven different ingredients were used in this Qiwu powder in such a short time?!

This talent…Meng Qi thought of the Four Orders And Four Seasons array and also the man’s various ingenious poisoning methods. It did not seem strange. After all, this guy was someone who could fool the bigwigs of the Feng Alliance with the simplest deception!

The man glanced towards the sky. “I know more formulas than you. There are at least five or six formulas that can achieve the effects just now. Trying one by one…really stupid! Are you planning to stay here until you reach the Golden Core stage? Don’t you feel ashamed going out with such a stupid brain of yours?!”

“Moreover…will ten years be enough for you to reach the Golden Core stage?” The man added.

Meng Qi: “…”

“So you got poisoned on purpose?” She couldn’t help asking.

“Do you really think that this small poison can harm me?” The man gave her a cold glance, “Didn’t I just say it! Do you think I am as weak as you?”

Meng Qi: “…then when you fell down with such a loud ‘bang!’, did it also deliberate?”

Meng Qi had a good temper and was not easy to get angry, but even she couldn’t help but sneer back.

The black-robed man: “…”

The atmosphere turned stalemate for a while.

“Meng! Qi!” After a long time, the man slowly squeezed out two words. He asked: “Did you cure the poison on Xue Lingfeng and the others?”

Meng Qi was stunned. She nodded slowly.

“Haha.” The man sneered: “Didn’t you ask me why did I want to kill you before? That is the reason! Just now, you add another reason! When I leave here, I will definitely kill you a thousand times! For now…I am going to make an antidote!”

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  1. ” While he did that, he still didn’t forget to mock Meng Qi sarcastically: “…just a small poison. Do you think I am as weak as you? Just touching isn’t enough to poison me!”


    The man suddenly groaned. With a ‘bang!’, he fell backward and fell heavily to the ground.

    Meng Qi: “???” ”

    Me, and the audience: ” O.O That easy???”

    “The man sat up again. “Very good.” ”

    Everyone: “Aaaawn. >_< "

    This is like losing that last goal (that you didn't even know you emotionally needed and was a possibility) that could have ended the match.

    And now we have to put up with stoppage/additional time. T.T

    author such a troll
    To play up my expectations like this~

  2. He is so naggy just like an old guy being pissed off by some eldest of medical cultivator and try to get revenge then suddenly some little medical girl ruin his plan.thats why he is super mega pissed now. LoL. I dont know why but they snapped at each interaction was oddly funny

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