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THDP Ch 77 Part 1 – Bet (I)

As he spoke, the black-robed man reached out to his storage space item. After suffering the great change, he had almost nothing left on his body, only some spiritual herbs and medicines.

Meng Qi also reached out for her own storage space to take out the medicinal ingredients she prepared beforehand. “Huh?” Meng Qi suddenly froze. She raised her eyes and looked at the black-robed man: “None of the medicinal ingredients can be taken out.” She asked: “What about you?”

“Me too.” The black-robed man stood with his hands down.

“I used an ointment just now.” Meng Qi muttered. “Strange.”

She then tried to take out the ointment that she used for external injuries: “This one is okay.” Meng Qi took the small box and carefully looked at it again before taking out a few more bottles.

“I see.” She finally said. “It seems that we cannot use medicinal ingredients brought from outside, and also any rare materials and treasures. Artifacts and magic weapons also seem to be so, but I can still use my medical knife and cauldron.” Meng Qi looked around and glanced towards the distance: “It seems that we can only try to find medicinal ingredients here.” She put everything back to her storage space, leaving only the medical knife in her hand. In addition, she also took out the Yinyue sword method that Xue Chengxuan previously gave to her.

After she got this Yinyue sword method, Meng Qi just glanced at it casually. But now, she didn’t know how long she would be trapped in this place, and there was also a dangerous guy whose attitude was uncertain and might turn his face on her at any given moment.

No matter how insignificant, she must add another point to her self-protection.

“Which direction to go?” The black-robed man asked coldly.

“East.” Meng Qi discerned the direction and said confidently. The area surrounding them was barren and withered everywhere, but it wasn’t necessarily so inside the whole barrier. East was the direction of the wood element, and woods grew life. If this place became like this because of an array, their best chance was undoubtedly to go to the east.

The two walked side by side towards the east direction.

Meng Qi was holding the Yinyue sword method with her hand hanging down. Various sword tactics and moves flashed through her mind. They weren’t too complicated and were quite practical, suitable for a long-term user of a medical knife.

Xue Chengxuan said the same thing when he first gave this sword technique to her.

Meng Qi’s mind slightly stirred, and she then took out the blood moon that Xue Chengxuan had given her before she was thrown here. This thing was not hindered by the barrier’s restriction, and Meng Qi could take it out. The blood-red jade lay on her palm, emitting a soft red light.

The black-robed man glanced at her palm, and his eyes flashed slightly: “This is a good thing.”

This barrier had many restrictions. They tried it just now, and even flying magic weapons couldn’t be used, so they could only rely on their feet to walk toward the east.

The black-robed man was probably also bored. He said casually, “This thing is an ancient jade swallowed by a monster beast and was nourished in its body for a long time until taking form, sometimes up to tens of thousands of years.” He continued: “If the beast that swallowing the ancient jade is a spiritual one, after more than ten thousand years, the jade will become a spiritual item that can dispel all kinds of poison. Yours is at least a thousand years old. Let me see it.”

As he spoke, the man rudely took the blood moon from Meng Qi’s hand. He played with the jade for a while and then threw it back to her: “Barely able to dispel some common poisons. For you who are just slightly stronger than ordinary people, this thing is still a bit useful.”

Meng Qi turned a deaf ear to the man’s mockery. On the back of the blood moon, there was a strong and elegant inscription of the character ‘Xuan,’ which should have been carved by Xue Chengxuan himself. She knew the origin of the blood moon. In addition to its anti-poison property, a blood moon could also be used as medicinal material. Some of the more special medicines could be induced using a blood moon, which improved their efficacy.

“Tsk…” The black-clothed man glanced at the word ‘Xuan,’ “Your little lover gave it to you?” He sneered: “But he opened the barrier and sent you in with his own hands. They clearly don’t care about your safety.”

“Young master Xue isn’t my lover.” Meng Qi said indifferently. She carefully put back the blood moon. This black-robed man was a poison expert. Even though their disparity in strength was so great that he only needed to move one finger to kill her without bothering with poison, having a blood moon at hand gave her another layer of protection.

“Yes.” The black-robed man nodded, and in a rare moment, actually agreed with Meng Qi. “Xue Clan of the Feng Alliance has always been arrogant and conceited. That kid surnamed Xue probably is going to be their future clan head and even inherit the position of Feng Alliance’s leader from his father. When looking for a dao companion, he can only choose a woman whose talent and background are comparable to the Xue Clan. It is indeed impossible for you, a female cultivator with no sect and no backing, and whose talent is also…in any case, it is impossible for you, unless Xue Clan no longer wants to be the leader of Feng Alliance.”

Meng Qi’s expression remained unchanged as if she didn’t care about the black-robed man’s mocking words. To her, Xue Chengxuan was just a passerby, and couldn’t make any ripples in her heart.

Meng Qi lowered her head and slightly closed her eyes. Her long eyelashes slightly trembled as she concentrated on the Yinyue sword method she was holding in her hand.


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