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THDP Ch 79 Part 1 – Winning the Bet (I)

Meng Qi didn’t have time to feel sorry for the bloody moon. She raised her head and looked at the sky. Under the blue cover, the majestic and huge goshawk spread its wings, really seemed to cover the whole sky.

Although the goshawk was only a summoned projection, it was very lifelike. Even the feathers on its wings seemed to be very distinct, sharply pointing at the tiny white figures of the ghost puppets on the ground.

Meng Qi turned her head toward Ji Wujiong. His eyes were blood red now, and the scars on his face also faintly glowed red, as if about to burst into a flame.

The narrow black saber in his hand pointed diagonally to the ground, and his lips gesticulated as if he was holding back his emotion.

“Just a small bug!” The man’s voice inside Meng Qi’s mind had now become relaxed, with a hint of laziness. “You can start thinking of what you want him to do for the next twenty-four hours.”

Hearing this lazy tone, Meng Qi’s mind subconsciously recalled her Master’s figure. A man in a wide-sleeved white robe and headdress, a face that was far more refined than even the celestial beings, an elegant bearing that seemed to be detached from the mortal world.

That person liked the spring afternoon the most. Under the peach blossom tree was a wooden chaise lounge covered with soft cushions, and next to it was a small black table with seasonal fruits. He lay lazily on the chaise lounge, eyes half-closed, watching Meng Qi’s doing her training.

That was the most peaceful and beautiful time in her two lives.

Now, listening again to the man’s casual tone that seemed to pay no heed to anything, Meng Qi’s expression also turned relaxed. In contrast, Ji Wujiong’s eyes, as well as his scars, had turned scarlet.

Logically speaking, Ji Wujiong’s ability was clearly much better than hers, but Meng Qi still felt relaxed for some reason.

She was suddenly afraid of nothing.

She could face any difficulties and obstacles with no fear!

The corners of Meng Qi’s lips lifted slightly, and her smile reached her eyes.

Ji Wujiong glared at her and snorted coldly. In an instant, the array in front of him exploded fiercely. All the remaining ghost puppets merged into one lump, which grew increasingly bigger before finally, a large white arm emerged from the ground.

A figure of a white giant slowly formed inside the array.

“Heh—”” The man’s voice chuckled lazily.

“Hahaha…” Ji Wujiong laughed coldly.

Meng Qi stood solemnly. In her hand were several profound-grade spirit stones. After receiving the payment from Feng Alliance, she was very wealthy and could easily supply what her Master needed to defeat Ji Wujiong.

Another loud shriek sounded throughout the blue sky. The goshawk suddenly swooped down, spreading its sharp talons, and fiercely pounced on the white giant. Although the giant was bigger, its movement was far less flexible than the goshawk.

What’s more, one was in the air, moved swiftly and sharply, and could fly away and dive back at any time with a forceful momentum.

In an instant, the white giant was forced to dodge repeatedly and even had to retreat several times.

“Look carefully at his movements.” The man’s voice suddenly reminded Meng Qi.

“Yes.” Meng Qi turned her eyes at Ji Wujiong. The narrow black saber in his hand was carving on the ground once again, seemingly was drawing a new array.

Meng Qi’s right hand was hanging on the side, mimicking the trajectory of Ji Wujiong’s movement with her fingers. With each stroke, Meng Qi’s carefully memorized the array he was drawing.

“Have you memorized it?” The man asked gently.

“Yeah.” Meng Qi nodded obediently, “But I don’t know what it is.”

“This guy probably studied under a devil cultivator.” The man said. “Just remember it for now, and I will teach you slowly later.’

“…Okay.” Meng Qi was stunned for a moment before nodding softly.

It was just a simple sentence, but for some reason, her nose was sore, and her eyes were a little hot. She shouldn’t feel sad just because of Ji Wujiong’s few words.

Master clearly treats her very well!

Meng Qi quickly blinked her eyes, driving away the tears that almost spilled.

The battle between the goshawk and the giant ghost puppet was almost over, with the ghost puppet summoned by Ji Wujiong on the loser’s side.

Ji Wujiong cursed suddenly. He thrust the narrow saber into the ground and turned to look at Meng Qi coldly. The blood color in his eyes gradually faded, and the scars on his face turned black again.

Ji Wujiong’s eyes turned back to normal as he glared coldly at Meng Qi: “You win.”

“Huh?” Meng Qi asked curiously, “What about your new array? You are not going to activate it?”

“No more spirit stones.” Ji Wujiong snorted coldly. As his voice fell, the giant ghost puppet slowly faded.

The goshawk screeched, and its sharp talons swiftly fell on the giant ghost puppets. Just like the smaller ghost puppets just now, the giant turned into a light smoke with a soft ‘poof’ and disintegrated into the wind.

The goshawk returned to the sky, and other smaller goshawks began to flew back from all directions. Except for the two medicinal plants they robbed from Ji Wujiong before, the goshawks quickly brought back the other ingredients needed to solve the poison of Qiwu powder to Meng Qi.

Ji Wujiong snorted coldly, refusing to look at Meng Qi at all.

He actually still had some spirit stones remaining on him before. Except for the spirit stones he used to pay back some of Lu Qingran’s debt to the Cultivator Alliance, he still had about one hundred eighth-grade spirit stones. For most cultivators, this amount would be enough for a long time.

In Ji Wujiong’s entire life, he had never needed to think about spirit stones before. Therefore, he had no idea that living in Three Thousand World without having sufficient spirit stones would be very hard.

After he was forced into an embarrassing situation because of Lu Qingran’s debt, Ji Wujiong, who fell into his weakest state, began to keep some spirit stones on him at any time just in case. On the competition with Meng Qi just now, especially on the final stage, he quickly used up all his stock.

The new array was finished, but without spirit stones, he couldn’t activate it.

This was the second time Ji Wujiong was beaten back by a lack of spirit stones.

And both were because of Meng Qi!


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  1. GiveMeAmericanoPls

    I pity him but he deserves it, no? Wait. HAHA there’s a big chance all of his spirit stones are going to be used to pay for treatment from Qiqi HELP

  2. Imagine being a villain who admitted defeat just because you were too poor. Welcome to the club lol

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