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THDP Ch 79 Part 4 – Winning the Bet (IV)

Meng Qi’s interest was gradually piqued, and she began to listen attentively. Ji Wujiong was extremely knowledgeable. Meng Qi had noticed this even when his remarks were still full of mockery and thorny words. Unexpectedly, once his attitude was changed, he was very pleasant to listen to.

“Then what?” Meng Qi asked again.

Ji Wujiong turned his head toward Meng Qi, and the corners of his lips curled up quickly. He originally looked very cold, arrogant, and gloomy. The big scars on his face only made him look even more frightening, and his actions were secretive and extreme. Even when he was forced to cooperate with Meng Qi, his expression was full of disgust and condescension.

Just now, Meng Qi fought him to the end despite knowing their huge discrepancy in strength. He didn’t lie. If he still had spirit stones left, he was confident that he would win. Meng Qi was just a Foundation Establishment cultivator. If he lacked in spirit stones, then she lacked in the spiritual aura.

However, regardless if it was the Three Thousand Worlds, Demon Realm, or Devil Realm, the strong were always worthy of respect and admiration. After that battle, Ji Wujiong no longer felt so disdainful of Meng Qi. Later, he discovered her amazing and extraordinary talent in array, and he instantly saw Meng Qi was much more pleasing to the eye.

Ji Wujiong lightly coughed again: “However, the number of array cultivators was not many, and their knowledge is not easy to pass on.”

“Why?” Meng Qi couldn’t understand: “As long as an array was recorded in a bamboo slip, future generations can learn it by rote memorization. On the contrary, sword and spell techniques are much more difficult to be recorded and hard to be learned without the guidance from a teacher.” She asked, “Why is it not easy to pass on?”

Ji Wujiong: “…”

Okay, he was now sure that Meng Qi’s talent in arrays was indeed extraordinary.

Otherwise, how could she say such a thing!

“The person who taught you arrays should also teach you that when drawing an array, you must do it one go. The aura injected during the process absolutely cannot be cut off. Otherwise, the array will fail.” Ji Wujiong was not only not getting angry, he even became more patient.

“Yeah.” Meng Qi nodded.

“This is exactly why arrays are difficult to pass on. Sometimes, it only takes a moment of carelessness to ruin the whole array. The more complex and bigger it is, the difficulties only grow exponentially.”

“It’s similar to a sword technique. The one you practiced before…” Ji Wujiong didn’t know what sword technique Meng Qi tried to learn. After all, it was too weak to enter his eyes. “Although you memorized every movement perfectly, can you immediately use it?”

Meng Qi: “…”

She really couldn’t. Even if she lowered her speed to try to make the correct movement, the strength of the sword technique would also lose. Now that Ji Wujiong brought it out, she finally understood.

“This is normal!” Ji Wujiong glanced quickly at her and then said: “But you cannot be blamed. Every cultivator has different talents of their own. It’s okay if you don’t have the talent to become a sword cultivator.” His tone was stiff, but he still forcefully said: “There is no need to be sad.”

Meng Qi: “???”

Did she mishear something? Ji Wujiong’s character wasn’t supposed to be like this, right?

This person had spared no effort to mock her before. He even said that she made the best choice to be a medical cultivator, because if she chose either sword or spell cultivation, the sect wouldn’t be able to bear her, and would kick her out on the second day.

Ji Wujiong ignored Meng Qi’s shocked face and continued: “There are millions of paths for millions of cultivators. Choosing the suitable path for yourself is the most important thing.”

Meng Qi: “…”

She stared at Ji Wujiong dumbfoundedly.

“Cough…your talent in arrays is not bad. Judging from your cultivation base alone, I never expect…” He paused for a moment. “There is quite a bit of aura in your array.”

“Oh.” Meng Qi responded lightly.

“Now the study of arrays in Three Thousand Worlds is in decline. The group of stupid refiners inherits only the simplest arrays. But they are short-sighted, so they hide in their sect and use those arrays only to refine artifacts and weapons…”

As Ji Wujiong spoke, his eyes fell on the Lihuo Great Fire array Meng Qi used to refine medicine.

This was not the same! Meng Qi could modify the original Lihuo Great Fire array to suit her needs, yet still retain one-third of its original properties. This talent was beyond amazing!

Ji Wujiong ignored the burning flame: “Array cultivation, like sword or spell cultivation, is powerful enough to dominate the world. The path of array cultivation is vast and expansive, going straight to the blue sky. It definitely doesn’t lose to other cultivation branches.”

“The person who taught you…” Ji Wujiong looked at Meng Qi: “…should have seen your talent in array cultivation. Unfortunately, he is short-sighted and arrogant, and cannot see that you—…”

“He isn’t!” Meng Qi stood up suddenly and glared at Ji Wujiong fiercely. There seemed to be a Lihuo great fire burning in those eyes.

She said furiously: “He is a man as great as a high mountain, and whose mind is as open as a valley! He has never been prejudiced or arrogant! Be it arrays or other things, he is extremely talented and powerful! It is because I am not good enough that I am not qualified to be his disciple.”

Meng Qi took a deep breath. She rarely got so angry.

“Okay, okay, okay!” Ji Wujiong conceded, “He is very powerful, perfect, and strong!”

Meng Qi glanced at him coldly and suddenly said, “You lost the bet.”

“Yes.” Ji Wujiong admitted easily. “The content of the bet is that the loser obeys the winner’s order for the next 24 hours. You were unconscious for more than fifteen hours, but I don’t bully a little girl, so let’s count it begin now.”

“Okay.” Meng Qi said: “From now on, every time you speak, you must add this sentence…” She paused: ” ‘I lost to the person who taught Meng Qi arrays. He is too strong, and I am inferior to him.'”


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