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THDP Ch.8 Part 1 – Soul Oath (I)

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The white-robed man inside the flame curtain glanced lightly in Meng Qi’s direction. His lips slightly arched, raising his long eyebrows with a smile, yet not a smile. It seemed that he knew that the cultivator in front of him was making a record, but didn’t seem to be care in the slightest.

Meng Qi stared at the man. His appearance and bearing were a bit similar, but somehow different.

His facial features …

Meng Qi’s eyes slowly examined the man’s face.

Very alike.

His gesture was also so lazy, similar to her Master. However, unlike Master, this white tiger sovereign’s eyes were too indifferent. It was as if glancing into the waterfall Meng Qi saw before. Very cold and devoid of any emotion.

Her Master was not like that. Even when he smiled so lazily, his eyes looking at her weren’t at all cold, but bright and warm like the bright stars in the night sky and the spring’s warm sunshine. Master was also the best looking person Meng Qi had ever seen.

Before Meng Qi fully returning from her reminiscence, the scene inside the flame curtain changed again. Probably knowing that he couldn’t escape from the white-robed man, the elder suddenly stopped fleeing. Fentian Palace was a large cultivation sect, and the elder himself already reached the Spirit Severing stage. Even the strength of his detached primordial spirit was equivalent to a Nascent Soul cultivator—already much stronger than Qingfeng Valley’s sect leader.

The elder quickly made a hand seal. In an instant, a raging flame blazed, covering the sky and burning the earth.

Meng Qi’s eyes widened in surprise. It wasn’t her first time seeing the power of a Nascent Soul cultivator. Nevertheless, seeing the raging flame that seemed to swallow everything in its wake was still shocking.

Chu Tianfeng clenched his fists in excitement. “This is one of Fentian Palace’s three great forbidden spells, the Flame Red Lotus.” He whispered to Meng Qi. “At its greatest strength, the ninth realm, this spell can burn anything on earth, destroying its surrounding into ashes. It can even harm a cultivator at the Great Ascension stage. Devouring their spiritual aura and reducing their cultivation.”

Ninth realm…

Meng Qi lightly glanced at Chu Tianfeng. The so-called forbidden spells weren’t called that because they were forbidden to use, but because of their overwhelming strength and the insane amount of spiritual aura needed to activate it. For example, when a Nascent Soul cultivator used a fourth-realm forbidden spell, their aura would practically be drained in just one usage. However, the destructive power was equally incredible. So powerful that sometimes, even the caster themselves would not be able to control it.

If a forbidden spell from a great sect like Fentian Palace really reached the ninth realm, then as Chu Tianfeng said, it would even be able to harm a Great Ascension cultivator. Therefore, this kind of spell was called forbidden to warn the sect members of its danger and prevent them from using it casually.

Moreover, there was another problem. To promote the realm of a spell, one had to use it repeatedly. But a spell that drained so much spiritual aura obviously couldn’t be practiced easily, making it extremely hard to reach the ninth realm.

Meng Qi herself was not a fan of these powerful spells. Especially after being influenced by her master’s teaching, she learned that even low-level medicines and spells have their own’s strength.

Keeping all those thoughts to herself, Meng Qi once again focused her eyes on the scene inside the flame curtain. The raging flames overwhelmed the entire area, yet the white-robed man still looked so relaxed and indifferent. Fentian Palace’s elder turned around, coldly smiling. The next moment, the flame quickly rushed forward, trying to engulf the other man in its blaze.

The white-robed man finally moved. With a single flick of his long sleeve, a pale blue light flashed, very easily extinguished the blazing flame that overwhelming the scene.

“Heh—” Chuckling lazily, the man took another step forward. Although he didn’t seem to make any shocking movement and simply stretched out his hand a bit, at the next moment, heaven and earth seemed to be cut open. The elder’s detached spirit suddenly let out a blood-curdling scream. His body was split into two at his waist by an unknown force. Then a wind blew, and the elder dissipated completely.

The white-robed man brushed his sleeves and once again glanced lazily at Meng Qi’s direction. He should have known that the Fentian Palace’s elder was taking a record all the time, yet he didn’t care. He took a step up. His movement wasn’t quick, but in an instant, his figure disappeared into the mountain scenery. As if everything that just happened was simply an illusion, nothing was left in that place.

The flame curtain slowly disappeared. Neither Meng Qi nor Chu Tianfeng took the initiative to speak.

After a long time, Meng Qi slowly let out a breath. Although her expertise was in medics, she was still a cultivator. The battle she just saw ended quickly and so abruptly, leaving the spectators confused, as if: “Eh? Is it over? What happened just now?”

Analyzing carefully, although the detached spirit of Fentian Palace’s elder was weaker than its main body, it still had a Nascent Soul’s strength! In Qingfeng Valley’s hundreds of years of history, only the founding sect leader had ever reached that level.

Before Meng Qi died in her previous life, she was at the Golden Core stage, which was already thanks to her master’s help. If she never met him, Meng Qi probably would have been stuck at the Foundation Establishment stage for so many years.

But just now, the white-robed man barely made any effort to deal with someone with Nascent Soul strength, easily wiped him out in one gesture.

Really is…. too strong!

Master shouldn’t be that strong….right?

Meng Qi shooked her head, recalling Chu Tianfeng’s words. He said that the man was the white tiger sovereign. Was that man the king of all celestial demons in the Demon Realm? So this little white tiger would also grow to be so powerful?

Meng Qi turned to look at the little white tiger. He seemed to understand that he was seriously injured and could not run away, so the little guy simply gave up struggling and lying lazily on the grass. Blood still oozed from the wound in his front paw, but he didn’t seem to care, quietly observing Meng Qi with a pair of bright blue eyes. The Big Dipper was faintly loomed in his eyes, as if floating in the sea of stars.


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