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THDP Ch.8 Part 2 – Soul Oath (II)

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“Do you understand?” Chu Tianfeng said in a deep voice. “You see how powerful the white tiger clan is! Our Fentian Palace’s elder had his detached spirit destroyed by a single move, seriously injured his real body. The Elder’s cultivation fell from the Spirit Severing stage. Even until now, he was still recuperating in seclusion.”

“So …” Chu Tianfeng looked at the little white tiger coldly, “You must not save that tiger.”

Chu Tianfeng’s last words finally caught the little guy’s attention. He glanced lazily at the young man. Although the little white tiger was small and cute like a fluffy little ball, his indifferent and cold gaze somehow a bit similar to the white tiger sovereign they saw in the flame curtain just now.

Chu Tianfeng clenched his hands tightly. Somehow he felt that he just had been despised. Taking a deep breath, he strode towards the little white tiger.

“Wait!” In a flash, Meng Qi’s figure jumped in front of the little white tiger. “Young Palace Master Chu told me before that the scene was recorded by your sect’s esteemed elder when he infiltrated deeply into the Demon Realm.”


“So, do you also have a record of this guy’s clan member entering the Three Thousand Worlds and harming other humans?” Meng Qi asked.

“…Do you want to save him?” Chu Tianfeng did not answer and directly returned another question. He looked surprised when Meng Qi jumped in front of the little white tiger, but soon let out a bitter laugh and murmured, “I should have guessed it, you are always like this…”

“I want to save him!” Meng Qi said clearly. Although she wasn’t sure whether the man in the record was her Master or not, Master was so handsome, like a celestial being. There must be very few mortals in the whole Three Thousand World whose appearance was at his level. Thus, the man who was so similar to her master, even if they were different people, must be related by blood.

That’s why she wanted to save this little white tiger.

She must save it!

Meng Qi looked at Chu Tianfeng’s changing expression, and countless thoughts flashed through her mind. An elder from his sect got his detached spirit destroyed by the white tiger demon sovereign, damaging his cultivation and forcing him to recuperate for a long time. There was no way Chu Tianfeng could let the matter goes by. But now that his cultivation has been restored, even ten Meng Qis weren’t his opponents, except….

Meng Qi bent her hand and took a small pill from her storage bracelet. She quickly crushed the pill, releasing a colorless and odorless medicinal aura. This was one of the medicine she prepared to protect herself. Although the grade wasn’t high, it was imbued with a spell that temporarily made people feel limp, effective for the cultivators below the Golden Core stage. As for those at Golden Core, at most, it would only rob their strength for one incense stick’s worth of time.

“Meng… Meng Qi.” Chu Tianfeng wanted to convince Meng Qi. But when he just opened his mouth, he suddenly felt his whole body was sore. Unable to keep standing, he fell to the ground, his limbs listless. “You …” Chu Tianfeng couldn’t move his body. He looked up incredulously at Meng Qi, who quickly walked towards him.

“I…” Chu Tianfeng wanted to explain that he would not harm her.

—He was reluctant to even speak harshly at her now. He simply worried that this little tiger might harm her.

Right after he spoke, Meng Qi took out a silver knife and brought it down to Chu Tianfeng’s face. Its tips shone with cold light, looked extremely sharp. This was the weapon Meng Qi personally refined. It was just a very simple knife, and the grade also wasn’t high. But it couldn’t be helped; her master’s proficiency in refinement was too deep, but the time she spent with him was simply too short, so Meng Qi only got to learn some superficial things.

“Give me a soul oath.” Meng Qi narrowed her eyes at Chu Tianfeng.
“This medical knife was poisonous and harmed your eyes. Even with the help of Fentian Palace’s healers, it will still be difficult to restore your eyesight unless you reach the Spirit Severing stage.”

She was not lying. This knife was just a second-grade weapon, but it was specially designed by her Master in her previous life. At that time, Meng Qi was just a Golden Core cultivator. She needed to refine her natal weapon by herself to develop a spiritual connection with it. In order to give Meng Qi a suitable natal weapon, her master took great pain to help her refine this medicine knife.

Although the knife was only in second grade now, it would grow up with Meng Qi’s cultivation. According to her master’s design, when Meng Qi’s medical cultivation broke through from the ninth-rank and entered the legendary heaven-earth-profound great realm, this medical knife would also transform into a genuine divine artifact, a natal weapon that carried great power.

For now, well, it still enough to threaten a young Golden Core cultivator who had just been recovered from grave injuries.

Meng Qi’s slender fingers held the small silver knife, her gaze firmly locked at Chu Tianfeng. Her hand was steady, her eyes calm and indifferent like the cold stars in the night sky. Not even the slightest warmth was found in those pupils of hers.

Chu Tianfeng looked at Meng Qi’s indifferent eyes and suddenly raised his lips. A bright color instantly flashed across the young man’s handsome face.

“I, Chu Tianfeng.” He touched his right little finger with his thumb and positioned them on his chest, right above his heart. “…swear by my soul …” Without breaking their eye contact, Chu Tianfeng slowly continued, “…Meng Qi had done her best to save my life without regard to her own safety. Thus in this life, I will follow all her commands, never to disobey. If I broke this oath, heaven would never forgive me.”

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  1. She. Should. Have. Been. Specific.
    This is why you read clauses in a contract before signing your name to anything (ʘᴗʘ✿)

  2. Ahahahahaha Meng Qi, you earned yourself a follower xD So much for breaking that karma with the ML ^^

  3. …but soon let out a bitter laugh and murmured, “I should have guessed it, you are always like this…”

    Does this guy perhaps had his past life’s memories like Meng Qi as well?

  4. So when did his memories of a past life happen? He mentioned something before but he didn’t give his pov… Hmm

    1. It should be when Lu Qingran accused Meng Qi he defended her. He’s been like this since then. So looks like after breaking karmic ties they get memories of previous life

  5. Very confused as to what’s what but after thinking a bit more and reading the other comments…So, this Young Master might’ve regained his memories of the past timeline at some point and either knew Mc is good or at the very least have connected some points and cleared her of her previous trespasses that were false or so? Will see.

    Definitely quite a sudden and odd change from the Young Master but yeah.

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