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THDP Ch 80 Part 1 – The Second Test (I)

Ji Wujiong laughed out sarcastically and walked back and forth a few steps. “I am willing to stop saying bad things about him. But to make me say that I am inferior to him?” He snorted coldly, “In your dream.”

Meng Qi squatted down again, putting back her focus on the small medicine cauldron, which was boiling now. The spirit stones used to fuel the Lihuo array gradually turned dim, and the flames slowly became smaller.

From the medicine cauldron, white smoke began to emerge. The medicinal fragrance gradually thickened, and a slightly bitter aroma spread to the surroundings.

Ji Wujiong stood still. Seeing that Meng Qi no longer looked so displeased, he continued his lecture: “In ancient times, arrays of cultivators were everywhere. They were so powerful, feared by many, and were not lost in strength to the sword or spell cultivators. It’s a pity that the legacy of their knowledge was gradually cut off. Many ancient great arrays are now extinct. Array cultivators in Three Thousand Worlds were slowly declining, until finally, not a single one remained. Their existence was replaced by refinery cultivators…heh—” Ji Wujiong sneered, “A group of incompetent fool who can only refine magic tools and be the stepping stones for others dares to claim themselves as the heirs of the arrays! They probably have forgotten that their long lost predecessors were once the powerful people who could compete with the sword cultivators and spell cultivators, while they only know how to be subservient to others.” He curled his lips in full contempt: “Shameful!”

Ji Wujiong paused for a moment, then leaned over slightly towards Meng Qi: “Meng Qi, you are indeed a little talented in arrays, but you never…uh…had a chance to learn arrays systematically.” He changed his words in time to avoid angering her again.

After Ji Wujiong finished speaking, he looked at Meng Qi and waited for her reply.

Meng Qi kept staring at the small bronze cauldron until the last blaze from the Lihuo fire array finally dissipated. With a soft ‘poof,’ the cauldron’s lid jumped up slightly before falling back to its place. Wisps of pale green smoke emerged from the small cauldron, followed by an even more bitter medicinal fragrance.

Meng Qi silently took out a big box from her storage space item and poured all the finished antidote into it. She then stored back the cauldron, turned around, and walked back in the direction they were coming from.

From beginning to the end, she didn’t look at Ji Wujiong at all, treating the man as if he was a mere air.

Ji Wujiong: “…”

Meng Qi walked very fast. From entering the Grand Tournament’s barrier, discovering the Qiwu poison, fighting Ji Wujiong, falling unconscious, and refining the antidote…two days had passed in an instant. Meng Qi didn’t know how many trials were waiting for them, but she wanted to go out as soon as possible. Sikong Xing and the others must be sickly worried about her now.

“Hey!” Ji Wujiong was stunned for a moment, but he quickly caught up with Meng Qi: “Why didn’t you reply to me?”

Meng Qi completely ignored him. With the box of antidote in her hands, she walked for another hour, and finally saw the river in the distance, followed by the rushing sound of flowing water.

Meng Qi looked around. She had arrived in the center area of the barren land, but how to use this antidote? If a person was poisoned, the antidote naturally would be taken by the patient. In this case, however, the poison directly affected the soil, which cut off its vitality and killed all growing plants and vegetations.

Meng Qi hesitated as she frowned slightly and looked around. There was not enough medicine to be used on such a vast land.

Ji Wujiong stood behind her. He could see that this girl was angry with him, just because he refused to do what she told him to do.


Although he was indeed wrong for going back on his words, but to make him, Ji Wujiong, admit himself to be inferior to someone he had never seen? In her dream!

Ji Wujiong saw that Meng Qi obviously didn’t know a way to detoxify such a vast land. He folded his arms around his chest and watched her movements. He knew a method. As long as she took the initiative to ask, he would teach her the method and let her see the true prowess of arrays!

Meng Qi stood unmoved for a moment, seemingly in deep thought. Then suddenly, she took out her silver medical knife from her storage space and began to draw an array on the barren soil.

She actually thought out of a method…

Ji Wujiong’s expression was a bit conflicted. He stood in place and couldn’t help but to look at the array Meng Qi was drawing.


Ji Wujiong was dumbfounded. This array…wasn’t it the modified version of the Hundred Ghosts And Hundred Charms array that he used before? This array allowed the user to summon tiny ghost puppets for their own use.

Ji Wujiong was taken aback. This modification was actually his own creation. Many array cultivators would modify existing arrays, which enabled them to fit an array’s usage to their own needs. From a single array, countless modifications were possible. Since the man who taught arrays to Meng Qi also knew about Hundred Ghosts And Hundred Charms, it wasn’t strange for him to also modify it. And perhaps, their ideas coincidentally overlapped.

Although Ji Wujiong made this guess, he still felt a little moved by the fact that Meng Qi could perfectly replicate an array just by looking from afar. He watched Meng Qi finish drawing the modified Hundred Ghosts And Hundred Charms array and then began to draw a new array one after another. In the end, six small arrays, superimposed around the first and biggest array, were completed.

Those are…

Ji Wujiong looked at the formation of arrays with some surprise.

Her idea was a bit too bold!


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  1. 🤣 so what I’m getting from this is that he’s an array nerd, the same way she’s a healer nerd…

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