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THDP Ch 81 Part 2 – Fengyu Town (II)

Ji Wujiong and Meng Qi followed the mayor, who brought them to the town center. The streets were flat and tidy, with the surface paved with beautiful slabs of bluestone. There were various shops on both sides of the streets. Those shops, and even the buildings in the town, looked very similar to those of Three Thousand Worlds. The hustle and bustle of the crowd, the voices of people bargaining, and the tasty smell of food mixed into one liveliness.

A lot of pedestrians were coming and going on the street, and many of them took the initiative to greet the mayor with a smile. More than half of these pedestrians were ordinary people without a cultivation base. Even the rare cultivators among them were around the same strength as the soldiers guarding the wall, which was around the Qi Condensation stage to the second or third realm of the Foundation Establishment stage.

However, the whole town, or at least the places Meng Qi and Ji Wujiong had seen, was so real that not a single fault could be found.

Soon, the mayor took them to the best-looking building located in the town center.

“This is the best inn in our town. I hope you will like it.” The mayor stopped at the entrance and smiled.

This inn looked similar to Ruyi Inn. Its front lobby also served as a restaurant and was packed with many diners. Meng Qi followed the mayor into the back area. As she walked, she observed the customers carefully and found more cultivators here than on the street. More than half of them were of a higher cultivation base than her.

“There are many Golden Core cultivators, and one of them is at the third realm of the Nascent Soul stage.” Ji Wujiong glanced disdainfully. “Just so-so.”

When he spoke, the cultivators drinking in the lobby also looked at their group. Several people smiled and raised their cups friendly.

Meng Qi also smiled back politely.

“Two guests, you may use this place.” The mayor stopped in front of a courtyard and said with a smile. “Have a good rest.”

Finished speaking, the mayor turned around and left.

“Hey!” Ji Wujiong called rudely. “You seem to forget to tell us what we need to do.”

“What?” The mayor turned his head in surprise, “You two come from over the mountain to help, but you don’t know what you need to do?” His thick eyebrows frowned deeply as he murmured: “I thought you two were here to help us after receiving an order, are you not?”

Ji Wujiong said coldly: “If you don’t make it clear, how do we know how to help you?”

The mayor’s frown deepened as his face turned dark with worry: “I thought you two were sent by that person, so you must have the ability to help our Fengyu Town tiding over this crisis. But actually…” He shook his head in despair.

Ji Wujiong’s face darkened as his eyes flashed dangerously. He was not a patient person, and these few days, all his patience had almost been exhausted by Meng Qi. He glared coldly at the mayor and slowly raised his right hand. His posture clearly told that if the other party dared to say something that made him even more impatient, his palm would immediately strike down.

Meng Qi hurriedly said: “Excuse me, can you tell us what is happening with this town?”

The mayor sighed: “Two guests probably don’t know, but there is a high mountain five hundred miles away from our Fengyu Town. There is a sect on the top of that mountain. It is originally a spell sect, but the sect members are very good at using poison, and they can even control venomous insects and snakes. Originally, Fengyu Town paid tribute every month in exchange for a peaceful relationship. But seven days ago, the son of their sect leader went down the mountain to play in Fengyu Town and ended up in some disputes. Two cultivators were fed up with his behavior and wanted to teach him a lesson, but it ended up with the sect leader’s son being killed here.”

Meng Qi could roughly guess what happened next: “So the sect wants to take revenge for their leader’s son.”

“Yes.” The mayor’s eyes reddened as he continued in a despaired tone: “Their sect leader is a powerful man in the second realm of the Spirit Severing stage, and there are also twelve Nascent Soul elders under him. Not to mention dozens of disciples in the Golden Core stage.” He paused. “After the incident, the sect leader of Tengshe sect sent someone to deliver a message seven days ago, saying that he will bring his disciples to slaughter the whole town tonight. I was forced to send out a distress message. When I saw you two today, I thought you are the people specially sent to save the lives of all people in our town.”

“Just a few Nascent Soul cultivators, what is to fear about?!” Ji Wujiong snorted coldly with clear disdain. “We are indeed here to help.”

“Really?” The mayor was overjoyed. He looked at Ji Wujiong gratefully, “I still don’t dare to tell the town’s population about this. I am afraid that they will end up falling into chaos. However, I have summoned all the cultivators in the town who vowed to protect our hometown. With you two’s help, I can rest assured.”

Meng Qi’s brain was quietly sorting out the facts that she just heard from Fengyu Town’s mayor. It seemed that the test this round was to protect the town from Tengshe Sect’s attack. Tengshe Sect was a spell sect, but they excelled in using poison, and could control venomous insects and snakes. The mayor said that he had hastily gathered all the cultivators living in the town, and Ji Wujiong had also told her that there were Golden Core and Nascent Soul cultivators in the lobby.

As medical cultivators, Meng Qi and Ji Wujiong’s intended role should be to ensure that the cultivators gathered by the mayor could fight in their best condition. However, unlike previous years, only two people were in their group, which made this test much harder than the first test.

On top of that, Ji Wujiong was a spell cultivator, not medical, and she herself was still in the Foundation Establishment stage…

Meng Qi pursed her lips slightly. Anyway, she must plan step by step. Except for some basic ones, most of the medicines they brought from outside couldn’t be used here. However, those medicines obviously wouldn’t be enough.

Before Meng Qi could ask, the mayor had taken out two tokens and respectfully said: “These are the authority tokens of our town. Because this is a matter of life and death of the whole town, two guests can use these tokens to take anything you need from any store in the town.” As if to remind them, the mayor slowly added: “However, the things you get here can only be used here.”

Meng Qi took the tokens and nodded.


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