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THDP Ch 82 Part 1 – Master (I)

Ji Wujiong looked at Meng Qi deeply. A trace of surprise flashed in his eyes, as he never expected this girl to be so bold when she got crazy.

“Have you think carefully?” He asked slowly: “With only the two of us?”

“Not only us!” Meng Qi rebutted quickly. She already considered the plan: “There are other cultivators in the town. Since the mayor said that they were gathered here to guard Fengyu Town together, then they can also come with us to ambush the enemies from Tengshe Sect.”

Ji Wujiong stared up and down at Meng Qi. To be honest, he was truly surprised. But even more, there was also a long-lost vibration that he hadn’t felt for a long time. Except for being not cruel and unrelenting enough, Meng Qi’s talent in arrays and the decisiveness she demonstrated at this moment…

The extreme stubbornness she showed before, when she refused to bow her head or give up…

Her boldness of using the Thousand Cranes array to directly rob the medicinal plants from his ghost puppets…

She also didn’t hesitate to sacrifice the blood moon and even courageously fought head-to-head with him.

Everything was too much in line with his own temperament.

Ji Wujiong slowly narrowed his eyes and stared at Meng Qi for a while. The slender girl in a simple blue robe stood firmly in front of him. Her fair skin seemed to be glowing under the sunlight, and there was a unique deepness in those clear eyes of hers.

Ji Wujiong slowly let out a sigh.

He decided!

No matter what, he would take Meng Qi as his disciple!

It was not easy to find a successor for his teaching. Most of the cultivators of Three Thousand Worlds pursued either the sword or the spell. They had been unfamiliar with array cultivation and would never consider switching their path. As for the refinery cultivators who still retained some knowledge of arrays, as he said before, most of them spent their time muddled along and had no ambitions other than refining artifcts and weapons for others.

Occasionally, there were a few ambitious and talented disciples. Over the years, Ji Wujiong had visited several refinery sects that could be considered top-ranking and had met many refinery cultivators. Unfortunately, not a single one satisfied his criteria.

But now, he had found it.

Ji Wujiong’s gaze slowly swept across Meng Qi, full of satisfaction.


Meng Qi, who originally was waiting for Ji Wujiong’s usual sarcastic remarks, didn’t expect to hear such a positive response.

“We can try.” Ji Wujiong’s lips raised. His eyes gleamed with bloodthirsty excitement, “To kill them on the road, heh…” He laughed coldly: “Meng Qi, it seems that I have underestimated you before. Unexpectedly, you still have this kind of side.”

Meng Qi turned around and walked quickly towards the nearby general store: “Otherwise?”

“I thought that all medical cultivators are people donning the mask of virtue to assume the high moral grounds, very hypocritical.” Ji Wujiong followed behind as he said in a lazy tone: “All they do is to fulfill their own selfish mind, and for that, they don’t hesitate to plunder by force and plunge countless living beings into misery. But on the surface, they claim that all they did is for the good of the world, that they are compassionate and will never take the initiative to kill others…oh, of course, there is self-awareness in that. They know that even if they want to kill, they are too weak to do so directly.”

Meng Qi froze for a second. She could tell that Ji Wujiong disliked people from the Medical Society Alliance, but she didn’t expect that his misunderstanding of medical cultivators actually ran so deep.

Meng Qi pursed her mouth and continued walking around the street. Then she said: “You harmed Li Che from Canglang Academy.”

“Who is that?” Ji Wujiong asked nonchalantly.

Meng Qi: “…”

“A young medical cultivator who looks quite weak,” she answered.

“I see.” Ji Wujiong’s face suddenly sank. So it was the young male healer whom Lu Qingran took a risk to let go. In the Apricot Forest, that young man had the gut to face him directly, despite their disparate in strength.

Meng Qi turned her head and glanced at Ji Wujiong. She said coldly: “Canglang Academy is not a large sect. The medical cultivation in the Southern Realm is declining, and spell cultivators dominate the realm. But the people of Canglang Academy have been doing everything they can to fulfill their obligation as healers.”

“Heh—” Ji Wujiong obviously didn’t believe it.

“Every year when the epidemic is rampant, Canglang Academy always sends their disciples to various towns in Southern Realm, where they will treat ordinary people to reduce the epidemic outbreak.” Meng Qi paused for a moment. “Of course, this is also part of the practice to advance their medical skills. However…” She smiled: “For medical cultivators of the third rank and above, the effect of treating ordinary people is too small to be useful for advancing.”

“As far as I know, they are the only medical sect who do this.” Meng Qi said again: “Perhaps you will mock them for seeking fame, but I know they are not.” She emphasized: “Canglang Academy does this, merely because as healers, they cannot see people die without trying to save them.”

A complicated feeling flashed in Ji Wujiong’s eyes. He remembered that he was caught off guard during the previous test and was poisoned by the Qiwu powder. At that time, Meng Qi’s first reaction was not to take the opportunity to kill, but to save him. Her fingertips were shimmering with lights from a spell, so Ji Wujiong could see that her first instinct was truly to save his life.

“What do you want to tell me?” But Ji Wujiong’s expression remained the same.

“Nothing.” Meng Qi said: “I’m bored, so I’m just finding a topic to chat about.” She would never try to persuade others to change their minds, but would still say what should be said.

“Do you think I shouldn’t hurt that Li Che? You are accusing me!” After a moment of silence, Ji Wujiong suddenly exclaimed.

Meng Qi: “…”

She snorted, too lazy to talk. This guy’s ability to twist people’s words was truly top-notch.

“The poison I gave them was terribly weak, nothing more than the mix of afterimage grass and plum blossom juice. Any random third-rank medical cultivator can cure it. If they cannot even solve such a poison, why they still insist on calling themselves medical cultivators?” Ji Wujiong said again.

“…What about the Four Orders And Four Seasons array?” Meng Qi asked.

Ji Wujiong sneered: “Those people have to know that there are mountains outside the mountains. There is more of this world than their narrow view! I also gave them a gentle reminder. The whole medical cultivation in Three Thousand Worlds is too weak, and this is what happens if they are being blindly arrogant!”

Meng Qi has already entered the general store. She handed the token to the owner and swept away all the materials she could use. She didn’t want to continue arguing with Ji Wujiong about the medical cultivators. There was no point in that.

Ji Wujiong asked: “What arrays do you want to use?”

“Hundred Ghosts and Hundred Charms is fine.” Meng Qi said. “The Thousand Cranes array is also very useful.”

Ji Wujiong: “…” She had just learned the array, and already wanted to use it in real combat?


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  1. Many thanks
    Lol.. he’s not good enough. Not even bothering to ask for her opinion is already crossing him off the list

    1. Maybe in the future, but right now, her ‘Master’ is injured. Ii think his facial injuries were caused by the White Tiger Sovereign. The White Tiger is still weakened. It is quite possible that the two fought until both were injured severely. I wonder who the real main villain is though. The Tiger? Or this guy who’s tongue is sharp and barbed? Or someone else who set both sides against each other?

  2. When he described her i thought he almost strarted liking her only to find out he wanted her to be his disciple. Lol i imagined the anime fall meme 😂

    1. witchbutterfly

      Is it bad that I’ve taken a liking to this li wujiong guy? I’d actually like to see him teach her stuff and make her more powerful, but no way that qiqi will accept being someone else’s disciple besides our master

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