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THDP Ch 82 Part 2 – Master (II)

Ji Wujiong asked: “What arrays do you want to use?”

“Hundred Ghosts and Hundred Charms is fine.” Meng Qi said. “The Thousand Cranes array is also very useful.”

Ji Wujiong: “…” She had just learned the array, and already wanted to use it in real combat?

In fact, Meng Qi wanted to use the modified version of Four Poles Great Array. However, she remembered how shocked were Sikong Xing and other red fox demons when they saw the array. There was a chance that Ji Wujiong would also recognize it. In order to avoid unnecessary trouble, Meng Qi chose to use other arrays.

“Other than those, we can also deploy a few more arrays to restrict their movements. And then…” She pondered for a while: “A killing array!”

“What do you think?” When it came to arrays, Ji Wujiong was a real expert.

When Ji Wujiong listened to Meng Qi’s plan, several ideas popped into his mind. But he didn’t say anything. Instead, he just stared at Meng Qi and waited for her to continue.

“Hmm…” Meng Qi began to ponder again.

“There are roughly two methods to prepare an array.” Ji Wujiong was no longer stingy to share his knowledge with Meng Qi. He continued: “One is to draw the array with your own aura. This way, the array can be activated immediately, and the resulting effect is also stronger. This is the most common and the most important fighting method used by array cultivators.”

“There is another method…” Ji Wujiong watched Meng Qi sorted a large amount of materials into different categories and put them into her storage space item. He glanced at the general store owner, who was watching them with a smile. “It is to use the aura in raw materials to draw the array. The advantage is that the array can be set up in advance and activated when needed. The disadvantage is that the array will take longer to be prepared, which makes it unsuitable to be used when enemies are near.”

Meng Qi nodded. She hadn’t studied arrays systematically before. But after obtaining the introduction-level book about arrays at Heaven And Earth Book Hall a while ago, she read it carefully. The book also mentioned the two methods, but the explanation was not as concise and easy to understand as Ji Wujiong’s.

The person who taught Meng Qi arrays in her previous life was open-minded and unrestrained by nature. His ability and strength were unparalleled, but his behavior was arbitrary and often unexpected. Four Poles Great Array, the Star Array….such were important arrays that should never be easily spread out, but he easily taught them to Meng Qi without the slightest intention of hiding his knowledge. However, he had never taught her the basics of array cultivation. Meng Qi could use many advanced-level arrays, but she was ignorant of the basics. She merely imitated whatever that person taught her. It was only after she read that book that she slowly figured the basics out.

Ji Wujiong turned his eyes back at Meng Qi and said, “There are many disciples in Tengshe Sect, and they also have several Nascent Soul elders. These materials are obviously not enough.”

Meng Qi nodded.

The two turned around and quickly ran the entire Fengyu Town in a lap, sweeping all the materials they could use from every single general store. Finally, Meng Qi went into the town’s pharmacy and used the token to take out a bunch of usable medicinal ingredients.

“How is it?” Ji Wujiong asked. “Have you got a plan about how to arrange the arrays?”

It took them around one hour to collect the materials for the arrays. After that, the two didn’t return to the mayor, but to the room prepared for them in the inn at Fengyu Town center.

Meng Qi took out a piece of paper and answered: “Even with the killing array, I am afraid it won’t be easy to kill Spirit Severing cultivator directly.”

“Yeah.” Ji Wujiong nodded. He opened his mouth and about to say something, but in the end, he said nothing.

Meng Qi narrowed her eyes slightly. Time was pressing. She quickly recalled all the arrays she knew one after another. If possible, she didn’t want to expose the Four Poles Great Array. However, to say about other arrays strong enough to kill — or at least incapacitated — cultivators in the Spirit Severing stage…

She wasn’t sure.

She raised her eyes to glance at Ji Wujiong, who was looking at her coldly at the opposite chair, as if waiting for her decision.

Which one should she use?

“That book…” When Meng Qi was hesitating, the familiar voice suddenly rang again in her head. But this time, the voice sounded a bit…weak?

Meng Qi quickly glanced at Ji Wujiong, but the guy’s expression remained the same. He obviously couldn’t hear the voice. Meng Qi didn’t dare to speak, so she asked silently in her heart: “Do you mean the book from Heaven And Earth Book Hall? But the arrays in that book are very basic and simple.”

As far as Meng Qi knew, unlike refined medicines or spells, arrays weren’t distinctly separated into ranks or grades. However, a stronger array was usually more complex, and couldn’t be used without a high enough cultivation base.

Thus, although Meng Qi knew how to use Four Poles Great Array, she was unable to activate its original version, even if she used high-quality materials to draw it. She could only activate the modified variation that her Master had specially simplified for her.

When Meng Qi used Four Poles Great Array in Huajiang Manor, she used the modified version with the help of expensive materials. With her current cultivation base, if she wanted to use the original version against real enemies, her aura probably would have been drained out before she finished drawing one-tenth of the array.

Therefore, the complex and powerful arrays couldn’t be used by low-level cultivators. This was probably one of the ways to determine the rank of an array.

“Hmm…” The voice sounded lazy, but also hoarse and seemingly lacked energy. “There is a special section about killing arrays in that book.” After a pause, he said again: “Arrays don’t have rank. They are boundless. So what if the opponents are in the Spirit Severing stage? You don’t need to be afraid.”

“Yes.” Meng Qi replied in her heart. The books in Heaven And Earth Book Hall couldn’t be taken out, but after she left Beyond The Heaven, she quickly recorded all the contents she memorized into several bamboo slips. Following the voice’s order, Meng Qi took out a bamboo slip from her storage space item, poured a spiritual aura into it, and quickly re-read it.

Ji Wujiong: “…”

Was she making a last-minute effort? What she was doing now was no different than a student who read the textbook just outside the exam room right before the exam.

However, the more Meng Qi showed her superb talent in arrays, the more itchy Ji Wujiong felt.

He really wanted to take her as his disciple!


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  1. Hey don’t underestimate the power of students who memorize stuff just before entering the exam hall xD

    1. Indeed fellow daoist, my fellow brothers and sisters would always advise me to chill before partaking in my trials and tribulations but I refused to listen to them and I swear the heavens strike me if I speak a word of lie but the last moment learning has always cleansed my soul and cleared my mind

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