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THDP Ch 83 Part 1 – Yun Qingyan (I)

The white-robed man didn’t know Meng Qi’s inner thoughts. He glanced at her indifferently, waved the sleeves of his robe, and walked forward.

His face was without expression. But from the way he walked, he seemed to be in a bad mood.

Meng Qi followed him with her head slightly down. As she watched the hem of his white robe swayed, little by little, she felt as if a kitten was scratching her heart lightly. It was itchy, but also with unbearable joy.

Meng Qi’s heart was beating faster and faster, but her throat felt dry and astringent. Even if she opened her mouth repeatedly, no sound could come out.

Time seemed to stop, but also seemed to be passing quickly.

The white-robed man didn’t walk long before he stopped and turned around. He said to her: “The three arrays of Sun Slashing, Moon Chasing, and Star Shooting are often also known as three minor killing arrays.”

“…Yes.” Meng Qi responded half-dazedly. She heard what the person was saying, but his voice seemed a bit distant, as if coming from a far away. Even if she understood every word, she was unable to connect the full meaning. It was totally incomprehensible for her.

Meng Qi glanced at the man’s familiar, yet somewhat unfamiliar, face. It stood to reason that she should have long been adapted to see this person’s peerless appearance. After all, it hadn’t been long since they had parted, and in her previous life, there was a period when they spent several months full each year in each other’s company, day and night. But now that she finally saw him again, she still felt a bit dazzled by that handsome face.

She was wrong!

She was really, really wrong!

Even if Ji Wujiong’s scars healed, his look would still be far inferior to this person. Not only that, even looking all around the three realms, Meng Qi believed that no one looked better than him!

Especially because the person in front of her eyes was not only very handsome, but also open-minded, kind, and gentle. He was truly, really, absolutely, the best in three realms!

At this moment, the white-robed man glanced at her, moved his finger, and pointed diagonally at the ground. With quick ‘swish, swish’ sounds, three arrays of Sun Slashing, Moon Chasing, and Star Shooting were drawn on the ground in no time.

Finished, the man raised his gaze and said: “Draw these three arrays in a line, and you can trigger them at the same time.”

“Then, when you—…Meng Qi!” The white-robed man raised his eyebrow slightly as his cold, star-like gaze fell on Meng Qi’s face. He instructed: “Repeat what I just said.”

“You…you said…” Meng Qi opened her mouth and tried to repeat, but her mind was blank. She couldn’t even remember what the man had said just a moment before. After repeating ‘you’ several times, Meng Qi pursed her lips and lowered her head in embarrassment. Both her face and ears were so hot that they seemed to be burning.

This was the first time she felt so embarrassed in front of this person. To think that she was so distracted that she didn’t even listen to his lesson! Meng Qi blushed from ear to ear. Her head was hanging so low as she silently fixed her eyes on the green grass on the ground.

Therefore, she didn’t see the faint smile that flashed quickly in the white-robed man’s eyes. But when he spoke again, his voice was colder than before: “You don’t want to learn from me?”

“No!” Meng Qi suddenly raised her head. Her red face was full of panic. “Of course I want…” Knowing that her explanation sounded very weak, she lowered her head again and said in a low voice: “I know my wrong. I shouldn’t be distracted. Don’t be offended, please…”

The white-robed man’s lips slightly raised. Today he had seen more of Meng Qi beyond her usually calm and composed self, such as her blushing face and a rare embarrassed one. But they all seemed to be…kind of cute?

But he quickly put away his smile. His tone was as cold as before: “I won’t repeat it the third time.”

“Yes.” Meng Qi quickly responded. She raised her eyes again, but this time, she didn’t dare to look at the man’s face, for fear that she would lose her soul again. Instead, she focused her gaze on his hand. The pair of hands were slender but masculine, with a touch of beauty and cleanliness. Very beautiful.

The white-robed man pointed to the formation of three arrays he had just laid and repeated his explanation: “Together, these three arrays are called minor killing arrays. Sun Slashing summons three long swords, as if slashing into the sun itself. Moon Chasing produces sharp silver wires horizontally and vertically, filling the whole area. If not careful, the wires will harm both allies and enemies indiscriminately. Star Shooting holds hidden weapons that will fall upon anyone who enters its area of effect.”

“Yes!” Meng Qi nodded enthusiastically. Her expression was now full of concentration as she focused on listening seriously. There was no longer shyness and nervousness she showed just a moment ago.

The white-robed man was a little disappointed. His gaze fell upon Meng Qi’s focused face for a moment before slowly retracted.

“So…” He pointed to the three arrays on the ground and asked Meng Qi: “If you are going to add a poison array on top of these, how will you do it?”

Meng Qi didn’t dare to step forward. She stood in place and carefully examined the three arrays from her position. If she wanted the array’s effect to superimpose each other, drawing them next to each other wouldn’t be enough. The first condition was to establish a connection between two arrays. In other words, there should be at least two lines on both arrays that could run through each other.

“Hmm…” Meng Qi pondered for a moment. Her position was a bit far, so she had to lean slightly to have a better look at the arrays.

“Come here.” The white-robed man beckoned, motioning her to stand beside him.


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