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THDP Ch 83 Part 2 – Yun Qingyan (II)

“Come here.” The white-robed man beckoned, motioning her to stand beside him.

“…Yes.” Meng Qi was stunned for a moment before she obediently took two steps forward. Now that she had a better view, the three arrays on the ground seemed to be alive. Even though she had been distracted, Meng Qi’s mind continued sketching out the arrays’ drawing process she saw just now.

Her eyes finally fell on the man’s hand. Now that they were even closer, Meng Qi could clearly see his neatly trimmed nails. There were no odd-looking knuckles on his slender fingers; all were perfectly shaped, like the world’s most beautiful art, so perfect with no flaws…

Meng Qi shook her head hard. She secretly glanced at the man.

She was being distracted again!

She hurriedly lowered her head, unaware that her red earlobes had completely exposed her. The corners of the white-robed man’s lips curled slightly, and when he spoke again, his voice became a little more gentle: “Have you figured it out?”

“Yes!” Meng Qi nodded.

“Try it.” The man stepped slightly away.

Although the ground was made of soft soil, Meng Qi was unable to follow the man’s example to draw arrays with just the movement of her fingers, so she took out her small medical knife and pointed it diagonally to the ground. She started slashing quickly, forming another small array in the middle of three arrays formation. She already had a clear idea in her mind, so there was no hesitation in her movement.

The brand-new array had three lines traversed from it, which happened to be connected with the other three arrays. In addition, the three lines also turned into different directions, running through the next array, connecting four different arrays into one big formation.

Meng Qi drew the last stroke, put away her knife, and smiled satisfied.

“Smoke Screen array.” She said: “We can place poison on its center. Once activated, it will stimulate the remaining three, and the whole formation can be used both to attack and defend.”

While talking, Meng Qi turned her head subconsciously and looked at the white-robed man. She had forgotten that she had walked a few steps forward just now, and they were now standing next to each other as the man had silently walked back to his original position when she was busy drawing the array.

As soon as Meng Qi turned her head to the side, she smelled a cold and refreshing fragrance. It was slightly bitter, yet very calming, like the smell of the trees in the woods after an autumn rain.

Meng Qi reflexively backed away two or three steps, widening the distance between them. She was now much calmer than she had been initially. Although her heart was still beating very fast with joy, she was no longer so overwhelmed that her mind turned blank in a daze.

“This—… I have been rude.” Meng Qi lowered her eyes and cupped her hands toward the man. She almost called herself ‘this disciple,’ but remember that the other party had never allowed her to worship him as her master, she quickly changed the address.

For Meng Qi, this man was a bright moon on the tall mountain. No matter what he said, she never had the slightest doubt, let alone dissatisfaction.

The white-robed man glanced at Meng Qi. His eyelids drooped slightly, covering the glimmer in his eyes.

“Senior, please gives your guidance.” Meng Qi cupped her hands again. This time, she didn’t dare to blaspheme the man with her direct gaze and averted her eyes to the ground. Seeing the soft soil below her feet, only then Meng Qi slowly came back to her senses.

—This place didn’t seem to be a floating island in Beyond The Heaven.

The grass growing on the ground was very soft, like strands of delicate silk. The cold pond on the opposite side was also very wide. From Meng Qi’s position, she couldn’t see the edges of the pond. A cloud waterfall fell from the mountains so high that she couldn’t see their peaks. The mountains were covered by an imposing sea of clouds, which in turn became the source of the cloud waterfall.

In short, the place where Meng Qi was now standing was far more magnificent than Beyond The Heaven’s highest floating island she had once seen in her drunken dream. Although the floating island’s scenery was also extremely beautiful, it lacked this place’s imposing grandeur and atmosphere.

Meng Qi slowly clenched the palms hung on her sides and subconsciously pursed her lips. So this place was not Beyond The Heaven?

Or here was indeed Beyond The Heaven, but a place she had never set foot before?


She was clearly in Apricot Forest’s Grand Tournament Barrier, but the man could use Beyond The Heaven’s jade slip to bring her here.

Who…exactly was he?

Countless questions flashed through Meng Qi’s mind. But in the end, she quickly let them go. If he didn’t want to tell her, she wouldn’t ask, wouldn’t think, and wouldn’t doubt.

Meng Qi closed her eyes for a moment. When she opened them, her gaze had become clear and determined again. She believed whatever he said — such thought flashed through her mind, very quickly.

“You don’t need to call me ‘Senior.'” The white-robed man said: “My name is Yun Qingyan. Meng Qi, since there we are not master and disciple, you can call my name directly.”

“Yun…Qingyan…” Meng Qi murmured the two words in repeat. She raised her head and stared dazedly at the man.

There was no slightest ripple on the white-robed man’s face as he looked calmly into Meng Qi’s eyes.

“…Yes.” Meng Qi responded in a low voice.

Yun Qingyan took a step forward and raised his hand. The next moment, a gust of wind blew from the ground, blowing up his robe. “Be careful!” He barked. Yun Qingyan’s held Meng Qi’s back with one hand while the wide sleeve of his other hand was spread out protectively in front, holding the fierce wind away from her.

All Meng Qi could see was a blinding bright light. When she and Yun Qingyan drew the arrays, they didn’t use any spiritual aura. Logically speaking, the arrays were just patterns drawn on the ground and couldn’t be activated, but Yun Qingyan used an unknown method to activate them.


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Translator’s note:

Finally, a name! I’ve fed up typing white-robed man again and again lol.

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  1. Huh did she not know his name after all those years in her past life? And wonder if he’s getting memories of then too

    1. Now I am thinking of a cosmetology cultivation set of techniques to ensure the best looking nails on the planet. Requirements to learn for all pretty boys and girls of the cultivation worlds. 😆

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