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THDP Ch 83 Part 3 – Yun Qingyan (III)

Bright light and dark shadows intertwined, filling Meng Qi’s vision. Out of sudden, cold lights gleamed in the air as long swords slashed down in three directions. Immediately after, shining silver wires wove their way out of the array. The silver wires were very thin, as if they were totally harmless and could be ignored. But Meng Qi knew that anyone who accidentally walked through the wires would end up with countless wounds caused by their sharp edges. Before the wires subsided, countless caltrops fell from the sky, filling the entire area.

Meng Qi gasped slowly as she watched the powerful offensive displayed in front of her eyes.

Yun Qingyan flicked his sleeve, activating the last array in the center — the Smoke Screen array. The three different weapons were instantly smeared with pale green light.

Meng Qi hadn’t placed any actual poison, and not all poisons were green in color. She knew that Yun Qingyan was helping her to understand better by making a visualization.

Meng Qi slowly exhaled as she watched intently. Such a powerful offensive power turned out to be made up of three minor arrays superimposed by another not-so-powerful Smoke Screen array.

The world of arrays was indeed vast and profound, broad and unfathomable.

And also… very powerful!

Meng Qi subconsciously recalled what Ji Wujiong had told her before. He said that a single powerful array cultivator could face multiple enemies of a similar cultivation base in ancient times. Sitting inside the array they created, the array cultivator could repel simultaneous attacks from sword and spell cultivator with a laugh.

Now it seemed that Ji Wujiong’s story was real. With enough understanding of arrays, one could reach such prowess.

For example…

Meng Qi turned her head and looked at Yun Qingyan. If it was this person, he must be able to reach such an unparalleled height!

“Have you remembered the positions of each array just now?” Yun Qingyan asked again. His voice was like the first snow itself; cold, but with a hint of gentleness.

Meng Qi nodded, only to realize that they had unknowingly stood side by side again. The man’s tall figure was right by her side, and when he moved his hand, the long sleeve of his robe almost swipe against her cheek.

Meng Qi quickly took two steps back, trying to maintain a respectful posture. Although the man never allowed her to call him Master, but in her heart, he was already her only Master, the highest existence she should respect for the rest of her life.

He was also the person who had given her the most kindness and care in her whole life.

“I remember.” Meng Qi replied solemnly. She really wanted to take out a bamboo slip and jotted every single word that came from the man’s lips. However, Meng Qi knew that doing so would be a bit too rude, so she held back the urge.

Yun Qingyan nodded: “Go back now.”

“Yes.” Meng Qi swallowed the disappointment that was rising in her heart. She reluctantly looked at the other party’s back figure. After they parted, she didn’t know when would their next meeting be.

But this person had been willing to show up just to teach her. Even if it was only a short period of one incense stick of time, she must be satisfied and shouldn’t demand more.

“What?” Yun Qingyan turned his head and saw Meng Qi’s unwilling gaze. The corners of his lips raised slightly. His mood improved a little, and even his voice had turned a bit softer. He asked patiently: “Do you have any questions?”

“No…” As soon as Meng Qi shook her head, she regretted instantly.

“Go back.” Yun Qingyan flicked his sleeve.

Meng Qi stood unmoved, but her body seemed to be flying backward. She was getting farther and farther away from the man’s white figure, and her surrounding gradually became blurry. The world seemed to turn around, and Meng Qi knew she was about to leave soon, with no idea when their next meeting would be.

“That Ji Wujiong…” Right before she truly left the place, Yun Qingyan’s voice suddenly rang in her ears, as clear as if he was standing next to her: “Do not listen to him!”

“Yes!” Meng Qi replied immediately. Even without Yun Qingyan’s warning, she refused to listen to Ji Wujiong. She would never worship another person as her Master!

The next moment, Meng Qi opened her eyes and found herself inside her bedroom in the inn. She lowered her head, looking at the still warm jade slip in her palm.

Meng Qi subconsciously reached out and touched her cheek.

Was she dreaming just now?


But if that was a dream, she shouldn’t remember that person’s name so clearly.

Meng Qi lowered her head slightly. She was holding Beyond The Heaven’s jade slip, and she also remembered the array method the man had just taught her. There was no way all of these were just her dream!

Meng Qi quickly pinched her own cheek: “Ah—”

She exclaimed softly.

It hurts!

She didn’t seem to be dreaming!

Meng Qi’s mood instantly soared, and she quickly jumped out of bed in excitement. Feeling the hard floor below her feet, she became even aware that everything was real. Meng Qi was about to burst into happiness as she skipped over and opened the door.

“Hmph!!!” The moment Meng Qi walked out of the door, she was greeted by Ji Wujiong’s cold snort. The black-robed man was leaning on the courtyard wall just outside the bedroom, looking extremely bored. The shade of a tall tree growing in the courtyard fell upon his figure. The sun shone through the leaves, leaving mottled shadows on Ji Wujiong and making the three black scars on his face looked even more conspicuous.

Ji Wujiong looked even gloomier and creepier than usual, but Meng Qi merely glanced at him and smiled. Her current mood was so good that even Ji Wujiong seemed a bit more pleasing to her eyes.


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  1. Daaww xD she needs to be more comfortable with him tho. Considering they might get married in the future lololol
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  2. I hate how Chinese authors almost always write female leads to be a complete mess when the ml is around when they are so chill and calm in other situation. F u just let the mc be competent as she is and not worship d!ck

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