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THDP Ch 84 Part 1 – Ambush (I)

Luminous vine, smoke sand, magpiedove feather…these were the large stocks of materials Meng Qi collected from the general stores in Fengyu Town. These materials were not expensive. Even in Three Thousand Worlds, one could find them cheaply in either Cloud Immortal Pavilion’s branches or large cities’ general stores.

The time the mayor gave them to prepare was twelve hours. During this period, Meng Qi had been very busy. After parting with the mayor, she proposed a plan to trap and ambush the Tengshe Sect before they could reach Fengyu Town, to which Ji Wujiong agreed. After that, the two ran all over the town to collect any usable materials and planned the arrays they were going to use. Meng Qi then had another conflict with Ji Wujiong and learned a new technique under Yun Qingyan’s guidance. After she came back, she and Ji Wujiong went to inform the mayor about their plan before departing the town in search of a place suitable for the ambush.

It took them almost two hours to reach this place, located thirty miles away from Fengyu Town. And now, the time left for them was a little more than nine hours.

Meng Qi’s movements were very steady. Even though she knew that a harsh battle was awaiting them, there was a slight smile on her beaming face. Her expression was as warm as the spring breeze itself, and her eyes were twinkling brightly like the stars.

If Ji Wujiong didn’t know better, he would misunderstand Meng Qi for setting up a place to meet her lover, not preparing an ambush for enemies. Ji Wujiong clicked his tongue in annoyance. If this stubborn girl adamantly refused to tell him, any threats or coercion were useless.

Ji Wujiong’s eyes fell on the small arrays on the ground. Meng Qi’s hands were extremely swift. Within one incense stick of time, she had finished drawing three sets of three minor killing arrays on the valley’s only road. She was humming a cheerful tune Ji Wujiong didn’t know as pieces of materials kept pouring from her slender fingers.

Ji Wujiong watched her skilled movements in silence. Who would ever think that this girl had just learned these arrays a few hours ago?

“Give me the materials.” After watching for a moment, Ji Wujiong walked slowly to Meng Qi’s side and reached out his hands.

Meng Qi was stunned for a moment before she divided the materials in her storage space item for Ji Wujiong.

Ji Wujiong’s gaze swept over both sides of the mountain walls that formed the narrow valley. The mountains were very tall and steep, thrusting into the sky. Even a cultivator would never pass this place from the top of the mountains.

In an instant, Ji Wujiong’s figure flashed by as he leaped quickly towards the mountain wall. Ji Wujiong deliberately wanted to show off his skills in front of Meng Qi. His feet tapped lightly on the mountain walls, flying here and there like a nimble bird. His hands kept moving, dropping materials after materials like a flowing river.

Lights flashed from time to time. Every time Ji Wujiong pointed his finger, a sharp aura directly penetrated the mountain wall, sending the materials into it. Feeling a little smug, Ji Wujiong stopped to stand on a protruding rock before turning back to look at Meng Qi.

However, like a diligent worker ant, the blue-robed girl was still busy on the ground and paid zero attention to Ji Wujiong.

Ji Wujiong: “…”

“Meng Qi.” He called out.

“Huh?” Meng Qi raised her eyes to the voice.

On the steep mountain wall, a young man in a black robe stood arrogantly, facing the wind. When the wind passed through the narrow valley, it screamed loudly and blew their robes around.

Ji Wujiong’s hair was a bit messy, with a few strands were swept across his unblemished left cheek.

“What’s the matter?” Meng Qi reluctantly stopped her hands and glanced towards the mountain wall Ji Wujiong was standing at.

“Eh?” Seeing the array on the mountain wall, Meng Qi’s eyes instantly lit up. “Awesome!”

“Heh—” Ji Wujiong chuckled. The array he drew on the mountain wall was Hundred Ghosts And Hundred Charms Array. He then nonchalantly asked: “How many do you need?”

“The more, the better.” Meng Qi said casually. She then lowered her eyes to the ground again and resumed her task.

About six hours later, the last pieces of materials in Meng Qi’s hand fell on the ground. A light flashed slightly and soon submerged into the soil and disappeared. Meng Qi took a few steps back, almost stepped out of the valley’s entrance, admiring the endless row of array formations on the road ahead.

Right, these were array formations!

Three minor killing arrays were arranged into a circle on the ground, with a Smoke Screen array being superimposed on them. This formation was then repeated countlessly, stretching from the valley’s entrance to one mile ahead. On the mountain walls on both sides of the road, many Hundred Ghosts And Hundred Charms arrays were embedded.

Ji Wujiong leaped lightly and landed next to Meng Qi, looking at the row of arrays on the ground. “Tsk…” He rarely fought alongside other people, which was why he was now feeling conflicted. Ji Wujiong squinted his eyes and glanced at the girl standing next to him. The girl’s cheeks were flushed. Small beads of sweat drenched her forehead, which stuck a few strands of loose hair onto her face.

Somehow, Ji Wujiong felt that Meng Qi was more pleasing to the eye now.

Meng Qi was in a good mood. Feeling Ji Wujiong’s gaze, she turned her head and gave him a slight smile. She then took out her small bronze cauldron and the medicinal ingredients she brought from the pharmacy. Her hands swiftly throwing the ingredients into the small cauldron, then she used her fingers to drew the Lihuo Great Fire array on the ground.

Although this was the second time he saw this, Ji Wujiong’s eyebrows twitched slightly as he watched Meng Qi using the Lihuo fire to refine medicine.

The fire crackled from time to time, and soon enough, white smoke emerged from the cauldron. Meng Qi poured the finished pills into a porcelain bottle and threw another batch of ingredients.


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