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THDP Ch 84 Part 2 – Ambush (II)

The fire crackled from time to time, and soon enough, white smoke emerged from the cauldron. Meng Qi poured the finished pills into a porcelain bottle and threw another batch of ingredients.

“What is this?” Ji Wujiong was also an expert in poison, but he didn’t recognize the pill Meng Qi was making.

“When experimenting with a pill formula before, I omitted a single ingredient. The resulting pill had no medicinal effect, but the moment it broke, a lot of white smoke erupted, making it hard to see the surrounding. After that, I tried adding two more different herbs, giving the smoke a stinging effect on the eyes. Those who are caught in the white smoke cannot stop shedding tears.” After a pause, Meng Qi added: “I think it’s quite interesting. I named it Little Smoke Pill.”

Meng Qi chuckled, showing two shallow dimples on her cheeks. As she spoke, she took out the finished pills and threw in the third batch of ingredients.

“Ah!” She suddenly exclaimed.

“What’s the matter?” Ji Wujiong asked.

“My medical cultivation has just reached the peak of the third rank.” Meng Qi tilted her head slightly and answered.

Ji Wujiong: “…”

Ever since they left the inn, Ji Wujiong discovered that the girl’s hostility towards him suddenly faded a lot. However, he suddenly felt that he should be more flustered. Meng Qi clearly had a true love for medicine. Her cultivation base was still in the fifth realm of the Foundation Establishment stage, right? But her medical cultivation was already in the third rank’s peak! Her talent in medical was obviously no less than her talent in arrays!

Ji Wujiong took a deep breath. The bitter medicinal fragrance curled up from the cauldron and entered his nostrils.

Meng Qi took out the last batch of pills, then stood up and flicked her fingers. With a quick swish, the pills flew forward and fell onto the nearest Smoke Screen arrays. Meng Qi held out her hands. With a handful of spirit stones in her hands, she rushed past the row of array formations she had arranged.

Half an incense stick of time later, Meng Qi returned to the entrance. She softly landed next to Ji Wujiong. Her face was blooming with a smile: “It’s finished.”

As soon as Meng Qi’s voice fell, a loud sound of footsteps came from behind. When she turned around, she saw about sixty to seventy cultivators, led by the mayor of Fengyu Town, were rushing towards them.

“Two Fellow Daoists.” The mayor stopped in front of them, turned around and pointed at the cultivators behind him, and introduced: “There are a total of 72 cultivators here, of which seventeen are Nascent Soul cultivators. The rest are Golden Core. Except for some whom I left to guards Fengyu Town, everyone is here.”

“Thank you, mayor.” Meng Qi cupped her hands politely.

“I’ll leave the rest to you two. I’m going back to Fengyu Town to arrange the defense there.” The mayor nodded at Meng Qi, turned around, and rushed back.

Meng Qi glanced over the group of cultivators. There were seventeen Nascent Soul and more than fifty Golden Core, which was better than her expectation. There were both men and women of varying ages; almost all of them were either sword or spell cultivators.

Meng Qi coughed lightly and turned at Ji Wujiong.

“What do you want me to do?” Ji Wujiong said: “Just arrange as you see fit.”

Compared to Meng Qi, Ji Wujiong possessed more extensive knowledge and experience, and he had faintly guessed the meaning behind this Grand Tournament. Meng Qi was a medical cultivator, but he wasn’t. Although he couldn’t wait to pull the little girl to join their rank of array cultivators and inherited his teaching, he understood that it was pointless to fall into another argument now.

“Okay.” Meng Qi nodded, “Please divide into two groups. The first group is to go around to the back of the arrays we have set up and lie in ambush on the cliff. Wait until Tengshe Sect enters the arrays’ range, then attack them from behind.”

“The second group will stay here and prepare to stop any Tengshe Sect people who try to run away.”

Ji Wujiong: “…”

This arrangement was really crude and simple.

Meng Qi didn’t want to make things too complicated. After all, this place was a venue for medical cultivators’ Grand Tournament, and the test created wouldn’t be based on fighting.

The cultivators were very obedient and quickly divided themselves into two groups, each with a balanced number of spell and sword cultivators. Then they waited for Meng Qi’s further instructions.

“This group.” Meng Qi pointed to the left group, “Go to the back.”

Ji Wujiong raised his finger, and a thin light of spiritual aura flashed out. These last few hours, he and Meng Qi had worked hard to prepare arrays that filled both the ground and mountain wall, leaving only a very narrow path that could be tread on safely.

In the group Meng Qi pointed at, nine were Nascent Soul cultivators, divided into five sword cultivators and four spell cultivators. The spell cultivators were especially good at attacking a wide range. Under the leadership of the nine Nascent Soul cultivators, the remaining Golden Core cultivators quickly ran across the path pointed out by Ji Wujiong and went to find a place to ambush.

“The rest of you are staying here. “Meng Qi said to the other group. Eight Nascent Soul cultivators reamined, five of which were sword cultivators. They were apparently from the same sect. They could use sword arrays, which enable them to attack and defense. Very powerful.

The remaining cultivators quickly scattered to both sides of the towering mountains and disappeared.

Meng Qi and Ji Wujiong also hid at the entrance of the valley. They briefly discussed the plan. When the people from Tengshe Sect triggered the arrays, they would signal the cultivators hiding in ambush to attack and forced the enemies into the depth of the arrays.


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  1. I don’t know much about this novel – is a long one? Meng Qi has so many interpersonal relationships that I worry about the translation continuing until the end. Thanks for your work!

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