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THDP Ch 84 Part 3 – Ambush (III)

Meng Qi and Ji Wujiong also hid at the entrance of the valley. They briefly discussed the plan. When the people from Tengshe Sect triggered the arrays, they would signaled the cultivators hiding in ambush to attack and forced the enemies into the depth of the arrays.

Meng Qi leaned against the mountain wall. The barrier seemed to have a daily cycle function. After spending a full day being busy, the night had now completely enveloped the land. Stars occasionally twinkled. The surrounding tall green mountains looked very menacing under the curtain of the night sky.

Meng Qi looked up at the sky. Slowly, her mind turned to the memory of Yun Qingyan patiently teaching her today.

Unexpectedly, she saw him again so soon.

She still couldn’t believe it!

Meng Qi’s hands hanging on her sides suddenly clenched, tightening her grip on her silver medical knife.

“Meng Qi.” Ji Wujiong suddenly whispered: “When they start, you should take a look at the sword array used by those sword cultivators.” After pausing for a moment, he continued: “Most of the sword arrays that are now circulating in Three Thousand Worlds are originated from ancient arrays. However, like the refinery cultivators, those sword cultivators only learned a few superficial things and cannot display the true essence of the arrays. They simply put on a posture, which is enough to scare ignorant fools who know nothing about arrays.”

Ji Wujiong’s remark was as mean as always. Meng Qi had become accustomed to his sarcastic style. She knew that since he specifically pointed it out, there must be some merits for her to see the sword array in action.

Meng Qi was about to nod her head when Yun Qingyan’s voice suddenly rang in her mind: “Sword arrays are really simple. If you want to learn, I will teach you.” His voice had just fallen when it was followed by a slight cough.

“…Yes.” Meng Qi was very worried about Yun Qingyan’s condition. When cultivators reached a certain level of cultivation, they rarely could get sick. Yun Qingyan’s voice was a bit weak, and he coughed from time to time, showing that his injury was not light. It might even damage his foundation or spiritual sea.

“Are you okay?” Meng Qi couldn’t help but ask again.

“I’m okay.” Even though he replied so, Yun Qingyan coughed again, “It’s nothing. You should concentrate on the ambush…” His tone got colder: “Don’t get distracted….and no useless talk!”

“Yes!” Meng Qi replied obediently. The enemies practically outnumbered them, and there was also a powerful enemy in the Spirit Severing stage. She really must not be distracted!

Master—…no! Senior Yun Qingyan had just taught her another great lesson!

“What are you doing? Did you hear what I said?” Ji Wujiong’s voice suddenly rang again.

“Don’t talk.” Meng Qi whispered: “They should be coming soon—…listen!” Her expression tensed.

Ji Wujiong closed his mouth. His expression turned serious as he looked at the other side of the valley: “Coming…” Ji Wujiong’s voice was slightly hoarse. He reached out his hand and gripped the mountain wall beside him. “They are bringing venomous snakes and poisonous insects with them.” He said again. “A lot.”

“Yeah!” Meng Qi nodded. She had already anticipated this, so on both sides of each killing arrays formation, she also prepared Thousand Cranes arrays. The goshawks summoned by Thousand Cranes arrays were nimble and quick. With their sharp beaks and keen eyes, they were the biggest nemesis of insects and snakes. What’s more, she had witnessed personally how the goshawks defeat Ji Wujiong’s ghost puppets. She knew that they wouldn’t lose to Tengshe Sect’s venomous snakes and poisonous insects.

Ji Wujiong raised his hand and commanded: “Prepare!”

The cultivators hiding behind immediately moved in silence.

Meng Qi couldn’t hear a sound, but she could feel a sharp chill emitted from behind. Looking back slightly, she saw the sword cultivators had their swords floating on their sides. The swords faintly glow in the dark night, looking very cold and sharp.

Next to the spell cultivators, their natal magic weapon also floated, ready to attack. The natal magic weapons of the three Nascent Soul cultivators had almost grown completely. They flew up and down next to their owners, emitting a faint light. The spell cultivators also prepared to launch spells. As long as the enemies appeared, the spells would immediately activate and attack.

Meng Qi’s breath stagnated. She subconsciously tightened her grip on the silver medical knife in her hand. Although the Yinyue Sword Technique she practiced was too weak to enter Ji Wujiong’s eyes, it was still an offensive technique suitable for medical cultivators.

“Don’t leave my side.” Ji Wujiong glanced slightly and whispered to Meng Qi. Suddenly, a wind blew his robe, and an exquisite small amethyst eight trigram compass appeared in front of Ji Wujiong, glowing faintly in the darkness.

“Array cultivators…” Even in this situation, Ji Wujiong didn’t forget to appeal to Meng Qi about how awesome array cultivation was. “…even in direct battle, will never lose to either sword or spell cultivators.” A strange color flashed in his dark blue eyes. “Meng Qi, you must watch carefully.”

Finished speaking, Ji Wujiong suddenly seemed to remember something. He turned to Meng Qi and held out his hand: “Give me some spirit stones.”

Meng Qi: “…”


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