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THDP Ch 84 Part 4 – Ambush (IV)

Finished speaking, Ji Wujiong suddenly seemed to remember something. He turned to Meng Qi and held out his hand: “Give me some spirit stones.”

Meng Qi: “…”

Nothing particular could be seen on Ji Wujiong’s scarred half face. But when Meng Qi’s surprised gaze met his, the faint light from the amethyst eight trigrams compass happened to fell on the other half of his face. In a very brief moment, a tint of deep red seemed to flash on his face.

Ji Wujiong gritted his teeth, exasperated and embarrassed: “After we leave this place, I will pay you back a hundred times!”

“No need.” The corners of Meng Qi’s lips raised slightly. Here was the medical cultivators’ Grand Tournament. She was the one who benefitted the most by passing the test, and she naturally knew how to distinguish this kind of thing.

Meng Qi took out a handful of eight-grade spirit stones and handed it to Ji Wujiong, along with a few ninth-grade spirit stones.

“You are so rich?!” Ji Wujiong stared with disbelief at the eight-grade and ninth-grade spirit stones on his hand: “Then why did you…”

He suddenly shut up.

“Huh?” Meng Qi was puzzled, “What?”

“Nothing!” Ji Wujiong took the spirit stones. What he wanted to ask was that since Meng Qi was so rich, why did she dispatch the Cultivator Alliance to Lu Qingran for a few ninth-grade spirit stones?!

However, Ji Wujiong couldn’t say it aloud. For him, that memory was extremely humiliating and embarrassing. Moreover, he never expected that Meng Qi, a mere Foundation Establishment cultivator, was so rich!

Even richer than him!

“We medical cultivators…” Meng Qi guessed Ji Wujiong’s thoughts and said half-jokingly: “…earn a lot of money! Now it is still not too late if you want to change career!”

Ji Wujiong snorted coldly. With a shake of his fingers, the black saber appeared in his hand again. He turned around arrogantly, looking at the still unseen enemies through the valley: “Array cultivators are the real winner in combat power! Ha—”

Inside the valley, the sounds of people moving swiftly became louder and louder. However, the night was still dark with no disturbance insight.

Then suddenly, a light lit up ahead!

“They did it!” Meng Qi jumped down and rushed towards the light.

Ji Wujiong quickly followed.

Sure enough. Soon after the light flashed, another light — much brighter and overwhelming — came from multiple spells, accompanied by loud sounds of rumble. Immediately afterward, the ‘swish, swish’ sounds of multiple long swords broke through the air, followed by chaotic shouts.

Meng Qi and Ji Wujiong were a little far away, and she couldn’t figure out what they were shouting about.

In the increasingly tumultuous scene, a cold voice suddenly rang: “Nothing serious. Keep going.”

The voice was obviously not loud, but Meng Qi and Ji Wujiong heard it clear and pristine. It was such a cold voice, so unpleasant in the ears and giving goosebumps, as if a venomous snake was crawling across their back.

Meng Qi and Ji Wujiong exchanged a glance.

The person who just spoke should be the leader of the Tengshe Sect, the only Spirit Severing cultivator among the enemies, and also the one who threatened to slaughter the entire Fengyu Town!

The sect leader’s voice had just fallen, and in an instant, the screams and shouts suddenly ceased.

At this time, the arrays lit up!

Someone immediately shouted to warn: “There is an ambush! There is an ambush ahead!”

“Shut up!” Tengshe sect leader’s cold voice rang again. “Just a small array. Its power is limited. Go forth…kill them!”

Meng Qi took a deep breath as she tightened her fists. When used separately, the three minor killing arrays of Sun Slashing, Moon Chasing, and Star Shooting were indeed weak arrays which effects were not very powerful. She deliberately put fewer arrays on the outermost periphery, which was the distance nearest to the exit, and also didn’t set them up to work in tandem.

All for a single moment!

She wanted to trick the enemies into thinking that the arrays were nothing, in order to lower their guard and make them advance without caution.

“There is here too!”

“Here too!”

“Huh? It doesn’t seem to be that good. I easily avoided it.”

“This one is also very weak. They aren’t a bit dangerous.”

“I thought Fengyu Town has some tricks in their sleeves. But it turned out just to be this level.”

“Maybe this is their dying struggle? Hahahahaha…”

Amidst the frantic laughter, the disciples of Tengshe Sect gradually forgot their cautiousness. Finally, they began to enter the area with denser arrays…

Meng Qi’s palms had been gripping a bunch of fifth-grade spirit stones all this time. Seeing the timing was correct, she threw them out.

With a soft ‘puff’, a group of arrays was instantly activated.

“Huh? This one seems a bit…ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!” One of Tengshe Sect’s disciples, a cultivator in the Golden Core stage, suddenly let out a shrill scream.

As if flipping on a switch, the scream became the prelude of the subsequent terror. One after another, the arrays activated in continuous succession. Meng Qi deliberately set up the arrays such that they were linked to one another, creating a deadly chain reaction.

When the first array activated, others immediately followed suit. In just a few seconds, the entire valley had become a chaotic hell. Numerous long swords, shone in either green color, cold silver, or pitch black, came slashing at Tengshe Sect’s disciples. Almost simultaneously, silver wires suddenly swayed in all directions, covering both horizontal and vertical, trapping them inside the chaos. Countless black caltrops, full of poison, fell from the sky, with no cover to hide from.

As if those were not enough, white smoke also rose from time to time. Not only did the smoke limit their vision, but it also stung so much that they couldn’t even open their eyes!

Tengshe Sect’s disciples, who were looking down at their enemies just a moment ago, immediately fought back. However, with the stinging white smoke filling their surrounding, silver wires limiting their mobility, long swords slashing at them mercilessly, and caltrops falling from the sky incessantly…


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  1. Lv. 100: Hahaha, it’s a Lv. 5 dungeon, what kind of trap is there to fear? *click*
    [Trap effect: Drops HP to 1] *click* [Trap effect: Shoots a really fast projectile]

  2. He really should ask Lu Qingran why she owed Meng Qi so much spirit stones 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️ I mean Meng Qi had a legit IOU signed by Lu Qingran so it wasn’t fake or anything.

  3. If only Ji Wujiong knew that he contributed greatly to Meng Qi’s wealth, since she was able to earn three thousand profound crystals to “solve” the poison array he placed on the Xue clan’s youngest daughter, lol.

    Thanks for the chapter! 😀

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