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THDP Ch 84 Part 5 – Ambush (V)

Tengshe Sect’s disciples, who were looking down at their enemies just a moment ago, immediately fought back. However, with the stinging white smoke filling their surrounding, silver wires limiting their mobility, long swords slashing at them mercilessly, and caltrops falling from the sky incessantly…

Even a single wrong move would leave them with many injuries.

“Another ambush!” One of the disciples shouted in warning.

“Ssshhhhhh…” The hissing voices suddenly became louder.

Meng Qi stared at the source of the voice, and suddenly felt so nauseous—

The ground behind Tengshe Sect’s disciple seemed to become a pitch-black floor mat that moved up and down like a wave. Countless venomous snakes twisted their slender body, slithering towards the other side of the valley. Above the snakes was a dark cloud, made from countless poisonous insects. The buzzing sounds of their flapping wings became louder as they flew forward.

“My turn!” Ji Wujiong’s eyes flashed with bloodthirst. With a snap of his finger, a handful of eighth-grade spirit stones flew towards the mountain walls. With a soft rumble, the entire valley was once again illuminated by strong lights. As the twenty-four Hundred Ghosts And Hundred Charms arrays Ji Wujiong prepared were all activated, countless little ghost puppets emerged from the mountain walls with loud laughter and quickly ran towards the Tengshe Sect’s disciples.

Those ghost puppets didn’t even need to attack those disciples. They only needed to stop them for a moment, and the long swords, silver wires, and black caltrops would do the rest. Some of the ghost puppets rushed towards the snakes and insects, catching and tearing them in half.

“How many arrays have you prepared?” Even Ji Wujiong was a little speechless. On the ground, the lights from the activated arrays kept shining one after another, giving him slight goosebumps.

Meng Qi: “Only until all the materials were used up.”

As Meng Qi spoke, she threw another batch of spirit stones. This time, the Thousand Cranes arrays were activated, and countless goshawks emerged and rose to the sky. Compared with Ji Wujiong’s ghost puppets, the goshawks’ movements were swifter and sharper. With one swept down from the sky, five or six snakes were ripped apart by their sharp talons.

Ji Wujiong exhaled slowly.

When Meng Qi was being cruel, she really had no mercy!

However…this was even more in line with his temperament!

In an instant, the valley had become a living hell. Tengshe Sect’s people were clearly not prepared to face this kind of relentless arrays attack. They were all in chaos, each man on his own.

“Argghhh!!” With a loud, bloodcurdling scream, the Golden Core disciple with the lowest cultivation base finally fell down, followed by the second, then the third….

The Nascent Soul elders might be able to hold on for a while, but at least half of the Golden Core disciples were no match against the arrays encirclement prepared by Meng Qi and Ji Wujiong. More and more Tengshe Sect disciples were falling down.

“Be careful!” Ji Wujiong suddenly held Meng Qi’s arm and abruptly pulled her to retreat. With a loud ‘bang!’, a spell fell and exploded in the place where the two were standing just now.

A Tengshe Sect’s Nascent Soul elder with blood on his sleeves and thin wounds on his cheeks finally broke free from the area with the densest arrays and rushed toward the other end of the valley. The black-robed elder glared coldly at Meng Qi and Ji Wujiong: “Just two kids?! How dare you obstruct our Tengshe Sect!”

Without even waiting for his words to finish, Meng Qi already waved her hand. With a loud ‘swish!’, five long swords pierced the air from five directions. Those were from Fengyu Town’s five sword cultivators, whose cultivation bases were also in the Nascent Soul stage. The Tengshe Sect’s elder didn’t even have time to say another word before he died under their simultaneous attacks.

But this was just the beginning. More and more Tengshe Sect’s Nascent Soul elders began to break free from the encirclement and rushed out towards the valley’s entrance.

Ji Wujiong’s robe sleeves flicked lightly and he walked in front of Meng Qi. “Stand behind me.” His voice was solemn, completely shielding her behind his body.

“Okay.” Meng Qi nodded obediently. She knew that in the next phase of the battle, her greatest contribution would be to stay behind, protect herself, and don’t drag her allies back.

Ji Wujiong turned around. The narrow black saber in his hand moved as fast as lightning, drawing an array around the place Meng Qi was standing at. “Stay…”

As Ji Wujiong spoke, he was about to throw spirit stones into the array. However, Meng Qi was faster. Before Ji Wujiong could finish his sentence, she had already thrown the remaining eighth-grade spirit stones in her hand. The array lit up, forming a protective barrier around her.

“…here.” Ji Wujiong finally finished his sentence. He stared at Meng Qi, who was standing in the center of the shining array with a face that was saying: ‘I will stay behind obediently and will not cause any troubles.’

The corners of Ji Wujiong’s lips slightly raised: “Very good…”

Ji Wujiong said a few more words. However, the area near the valley entrance had become a fierce battlefield. The sounds of exploding spells, swords slashing through the air, and the various lights and shadows…Meng Qi couldn’t hear what he just said.

Ji Wujiong held his narrow black saber tightly, injecting sword aura into it. He then leaped forward lightly, his robe flapped around with the air current. “Look clearly!” Without turning his head, he yelled at Meng Qi: “I will show you the battle of an array cultivator!”

The saber began to dance on the ground, and Ji Wujiong, dressed in a black robe, looked like a ghost in the night. In a blink of an eye, the array was finished. Ji Wujiong jumped back and threw a few spirit stones.

Immediately after, numerous lightning bolts suddenly struck several Tengshe Sect’s disciples who were within seven or eight feet diameter from the array. The lightning fell one after another, brightly illuminating the three hideous scars on Ji Wujiong’s face. The lightning also brought forth a strong wind, fluttering his black robe and swaying his long hair.

In an instant, the screams were accompanied by various burnt smells.

Meng Qi was totally dazzled. She subconsciously murmured in praise: “Amazing…”

“Eh?” Meng Qi squinted her eyes. Ji Wujiong’s face suddenly grew very pale. She instantly remembered that Ji Wujiong’s body was afflicted by a strange aura fluctuation that made his conditions waver between strong and weak.

“Ji Wujiong!” Meng Qi shouted. She quickly took out a bottle of Beiming Pills from her storage space item and threw it to the black-robed young man. “Take this!”

She paused for a moment, then added: “Be careful!

Inside the beast house in Meng Qi’s storage space item, the little white tiger, who was lying lazily on the bed, suddenly opened his eyes. He stretched out his paws and tapped gently on the bed.

Inside Meng Qi’s mind, Yun Qingyan’s voice suddenly rang: “He seems to want to deal with the sect leader…”


“However, he cannot win.” Yun Qingyan said coldly.


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