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THDP Ch 85 Part 1 – Tengshe Sect Leader (I)

Ji Wujiong…cannot win?

In front of Meng Qi’s eyes, a succession of powerful lightning strokes for the second time. Tengshe Sect people were shrouded in it, had no time to escape, and were smashed by lightning bolts once again.

Ji Wujiong’s black robe fluttered by as he stood there fearlessly. His tall and thin figure stood straight in the night, with flashing bolts of lightning and loud screams served as his background. Ji Wujiong was holding his black saber in his hand, and the amethyst eight trigram compass exuded a soft purple light as it floated beside him.

He looked very strong.

Amidst the thundering sounds, the last round of lightning descended. Tengshe Sect’s disciples outside the lightning range were all full of shock and fear. Even Fengyu Town’s cultivators who came to assist Meng Qi and Ji Wujiong also looked at the powerful lightning with wide eyes.

For a moment, almost everyone stopped moving and turned to look at the disciples who were trapped in the middle of lightning bolts.


Ji Wujiong!

Ji Wujiong’s long hair was blown with the wind. Under the flash of flashes of lightning, the three black scars on his face were particularly conspicuous and frightening. It was such a huge contrast with the intact side of his face, which was as handsome as an immortal fairy.

Such a handsome, mysterious and unfathomable man in the black robe…the attack he launched was far more powerful than the strongest spell that could be used against enemies of the same cultivation level.

Fengyu Town’s cultivators flickered their eyes. They looked at Ji Wujiong before turning their gaze at Meng Qi, who was standing farther away. Seeing the terrifying lightning, they were so shocked that they almost forgot their purpose here.

Wasn’t this the Grand Tournament barrier located in medical cultivators’ holy land?!

Such a terrifying and powerful attack, one would think that this was done by a spell cultivator!

The earth-shaking barrage of lightning finally dissipated, leaving many Tengshe Sect’s disciples scorched on the ground, unable to stand up anymore.

At this moment, in addition to Nascent Soul elders, several Golden Core disciples also began to break free from the arrays and rushed towards the other side of the valley. Meng Qi’s eyes quickly swept over them. There were about twenty disciples in the Golden Core stage. As for the rest, many were still trapped inside the arrays, with some had been killed or severely injured and thus were no longer able to fight. Even those who managed to break through were full of injuries on their bodies, and some even needed to support each other before they could barely walk on their own.

These Golden Core disciples certainly had no idea. After desperately rushing out of the terrifying, hell-like valley, the first thing they saw was their powerful elders, who were struck by lightning and could not fight back.

The ordinary disciples of Tengshe Sect stood outside the valley in a daze, watching the scene in disbelief. There was panic in their eyes, and even more, there was terror!

“Do it!” Ji Wujiong commanded sharply.

Fengyu Town’s cultivators who were still in a daze suddenly returned to their senses. Swords lit up, spells flashed. In an instant, they attacked Tengshe Sect’s disciples.

“Look carefully.” Yun Qingyan’s voice rang in Meng Qi’s mind. “Those five sword cultivators are using a sword array.”

Meng Qi’s heart shuddered. She originally wanted to ask why Ji Wujiong, who looked very strong, couldn’t win against the leader of Tengshe Sect, who was at the Spirit Severing stage. But with Yun Qingyan’s words, she quickly shifted her focus to the five Nascent Soul sword cultivators who were activating their sword array.

Ji Wujiong mentioned earlier that sword arrays were derived from normal arrays. Meng Qi had never thought about this before. She watched the five sword cultivators intently and saw that they should be using the same set of sword techniques. Even more, the offensive and defensive footwork they used were almost identical. The five of them moved in different positions, and any of them could make up for a gap left by others.

The five sword cultivators moved forward and retreated in tandem. After selecting a Tengshe Sect Nascent Soul elder, five natal long swords quickly hulled around. On the surface, they seemed to be wasting manpower. However, the result came too fast. Surrounded by five people, the Nascent Soul elders died under the swords in less than half incense stick of time. On the contrary, the Nascent Soul spell cultivators fought Tengshe Sect elders one-on-one, and many were locked in a stalemate state.

“The sword technique they use is called Five Elements Sword, part of Five Elements And Four Symbols Sword.” Yun Qingyan’s voice rang again. “However, they clearly haven’t learned enough, and part of the knowledge may have been lost. Otherwise, it won’t take them such a long time to kill one enemy of the same cultivation level.”

“The Five Elements And Four Symbols Sword originally derived from Five Elements And Four Symbols array.” He continued. “This array is useful. Medical cultivators need five elements of innate primal aura to cultivate spiritual plants and spiritual herbs. Using this Five Elements And Four Symbols array is the best. It can split the spiritual aura absorbed from surrounding into five elements innate spiritual aura. I will teach you later when we have time.”

Meng Qi: “…Yes, thank you, Senior.”

…Senior? !

Yun Qingyan had a rare moment of astonishment.

Didn’t he say that she could call him by his name?!

What senior?!

“Senior.” Meng Qi called softly. “Their footwork seemed to form an array.”

“…yeah.” Yun Qingyan responded casually.

Meng Qi stopped talking. She focused her attention on the five sword cultivators’ movements. Seeing that the enemies wouldn’t be able to get close to her for the time being, Meng Qi simply squatted down and scratched the footwork of the five sword cultivators on the ground with her silver medical knife.

“Um…” Meng Qi quickly drew a rough diagram on the ground. However, the five sword cultivators stood on a corner and hardly changed positions with others, so the diagram she drew based on their footwork alone was incomplete. After contemplating for a while, Meng Qi’s gaze turned to mid-air, where their long swords were traversing.

The tips of the swords shone coldly. And just like that, another Tengshe Sect’s elder was buried under the five swords’ attack.


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  1. Hard-working genius’ figuring out the exact position of a flag from a live stream by using the sky, or in this case, seeing a sword technique she’s bad with and turning it into the original array, meanwhile there’s me, still trying to remember some of the important things in html/css like ooo .

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