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THDP Ch 86 Part 1 – Win (I)

The blaze gradually went out, and simultaneously, the medicinal fragrance in the small bronze cauldron had become very strong. A burst of smoke spread out before quickly converging into the center of the cauldron, all blended into a small pill.

Finally, everything became tranquil again, leaving a small, dark blue round pill inside the bronze cauldron. A smile appeared on the corner of Meng Qi’s lips, and she bent down to take the pill.

Meng Qi had just taken out the Cangmingsan Pill when suddenly, the bronze cauldron let out a soft click. Unable to withstand the powerful fire, the cauldron began to crack. In no time, it broke into countless small pieces and scattered on the ground.

Meng Qi: “…”

She looked with distress at the cauldron that had accompanied her for almost a year. But she quickly stood up, Cangmingsan Pill in hand, and shouted: “Ji Wujiong!”

When she had been refining the pill, Meng Qi was completely in focus and did not dare to be distracted at all. Now she finally looked at Ji Wujiong again, the situation didn’t seem to be good. Ji Wujiong was panting hard, the narrow black saber in his left hand, with eyes staring ahead. His face was pale, which made his scars even more conspicuous. His right hand hung on his side, fingertips dripped with blood. His amethyst eight trigram compass spiraled around him; its purple light flashed quickly. Meng Qi actually could see a worry from the compass. The compass was just an artifact with no living soul, but it probably had followed its master for a long time and gradually became connected with each other.

Ji Wujiong heard Meng Qi’s call but did not look back. He let out a cold sneer and kept staring at the Tengshe Sect leader.

Tengshe sect leader floated arrogantly in the air. The originally despondent disciples standing behind him had also regained their fighting spirits. Their faces were rosy as if victory was already in their hands.

On Meng Qi and Ji Wujiong’s side, only five Nascent Soul sword cultivators remained. The rest were six or seven Golden Core cultivators, who could barely stand behind the five sword cultivators. However, there were more wounds on their body, and all of them looked shaky as if they could be blown away at any moment.

The gaze of the Tengshe Sect leader swept across gloomily. He actually wasn’t as unperturbed as in the beginning. A large part of his right sleeve was scorched black, and on his exposed arm, there was still a bleeding wound, looking extremely hideous.

“Give me the pill!” Ji Wujiong inhaled deeply and slowly took a step back.

Tengshe Sect leader snorted coldly. He lifted his left hand, on which the green phosphorous snake was coiling on the wrist, and waved it.

The green phosphorous snake pounced towards Meng Qi. Only then did she realize that, like its owner, the snake had also been injured quite a bit. Half of its head was missing; its remaining one eye shone coldly. Not only that, but many of its scales had also gone, exposing its tender white flesh in many places.

With a loud hiss, the green phosphorous snake bit Meng Qi when suddenly, a circle of white light appeared around her.

The array left by Ji Wujiong responded quickly and protected Meng Qi.

“Don’t come out!” Ji Wujiong reminded hurriedly.

“Okay.” Meng Qi stared at the green phosphorous snake with burning eyes. Her medicine cauldron had been broken, and she had no way to make a second Cangmingsan Pill. Meng Qi took a deep breath and gripped the pill in her palm. The footwork done by the five sword cultivators immediately flashed through Meng Qi’s mind. She moved her feet, then quickly rushed out of the array.

“Meng Qi!” Ji Wujiong yelled sternly as he rushed towards Meng Qi. At this moment, a strong medicinal fragrance suddenly burst from all over Meng Qi’s body. The medicinal fragrance seemed to have a physical manifestation as it formed a circle of silver light around Meng Qi, completely enclosing her slender body.

The beautiful girl in the blue robe seemed to be shrouded in holy light. The sleeves of her robe were raised by the wind as she reached out one hand and pointed her finger ahead. The white light condensed on her fingertips as if she could hold it in her hand.

As if it met something frightening, the green phosphorous snake that was about to bite Meng Qi suddenly twisted its thick body in panic and desperately tried to change its direction.

Ji Wujiong was taken aback at first, but a thought soon flashed through his mind.

Inside Meng Qi’s storage space, the little white tiger lying weakly on a bed also raised his head slowly. His azure blue eyes were still dim, but his pupils glinted slightly with complicated emotion.

…with this timing?

“Oh?” Even the Tengshe Sect leader also narrowed his eyes and turned his gaze at Meng Qi as he slowly said: “Medical cultivation breakthrough.” His voice was still cold, but with a touch of surprise: “Still in the Foundation Establishment stage, yet the medical cultivation has advanced to the fourth rank. Can be considered as promising talent.”

Tengshe Sect leader’s eyes were weird and creepy. His black pupils were extremely narrow, and the white part almost occupied his entire eyes. His gaze was always very cold, like the eyes of a lifeless corpse. When he looked at anyone, they would look back, because they felt like being watched by something terrifying.

With a slight fluctuation in his expression, the Tengshe sect leader’s eyes fell on Meng Qi’s face: “Would you like to enter my Tengshe Sect and worship me as your master?” He slowly added: “If you do so, I will spare your and your friends’ lives.”

Meng Qi totally ignored him. Her feet kept moving nimbly, and she rushed forward like an arrow.

Hurry up!

She took a deep breath and accelerated her speed.

Hurry up!


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