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THDP Ch 86 Part 2 – Win (II)

Meng Qi totally ignored Tengshe Sect leader. Her feet kept moving nimbly, and she rushed forward like an arrow.

Hurry up!

She took a deep breath and accelerated her speed.

Hurry up!

The third rank of medical cultivation was similar to the Golden Core stage. Thus, when a third rank medical cultivator advanced to the fourth rank, it was equivalent to the breakthrough of a Golden Core Cultivator into the Nascent Soul stage.

Cultivation was an act against heaven. A major breakthrough would trigger a vision of heaven and earth, which was a response from the Great Dao of the path they cultivated on. The white light on Meng Qi’s body was the vision of heaven and earth she obtained by breaking through from the third rank to the fourth rank. The light was very thick, almost like a physical manifestation, accompanied by a strong medicinal aura.

At this moment, Meng Qi was impervious to hundreds of poisons and impenetrable to tens of thousands of illnesses. Wherever she went, a strange phenomenon happened. The dying came back alive, and torn flesh regrew on the exposed bones. But the duration of this miraculous effect was extremely short. This was probably a way for the Great Dao of medical cultivation to gave back and protected medical cultivators.

Under everyone’s eyes, Meng Qi rushed at Ji Wujiong like a whirlwind. “Here!” She raised her hand and threw the Cangmingsan pill.

After seeing Ji Wujiong caught the pill, Meng Qi’s lips curled slightly. Without a moment’s delay, she turned direction and rushed towards the injured Fengyu Town’s cultivators.

Accompanied by a strong medicinal aura, Meng Qi arrived and lightly stroke her allies’ bruised bodies. The Golden Core cultivators, who were about to lose their combat powers because of their severe injuries, looked at their wounds in surprise as they began to slowly heal at speed visible to the naked eye. Spiritual aura gathered into their body, gradually recovering their spiritual sea. The poison they got from the Tengshe sect leader, which rendered them immobile, also began to slowly dissipate.

In no time, the Golden Core cultivators regained their vigor and could fight another round. As for the five Nascent Soul sword cultivators who were slightly injured, they had already recovered when Meng Qi ran past them and had rushed to Ji Wujiong again.

The white light surrounding Meng Qi’s body gradually faded, as well as the medicinal aura on it. Meng Qi used the last sprunt to rush to Ji Wujiong’s side.

All of these seemed to happen in the blink of an eye.

Even Tengshe Sect leader didn’t expect that Meng Qi would do this. His eyes, with strangely narrow pupils, fell on Meng Qi’s face again: “Do you understand what you have just done? Many medical cultivators can only dream of getting such medicinal aura and holy light, yet you just gave it to others like they are nothing. If you absorb all of it, you will be able to straightly enter the second realm of medical cultivation’s fourth rank.”

Meng Qi stood still, showing no reaction. From the corner of her eye, she glanced at Ji Wujiong. Cangmingsan Pill had already begun to take effect, and Ji Wujiong’s body was full of spiritual aura. He was originally a Spirit Severing cultivator, but was seriously injured. On top of that, his spiritual sea was also damaged, and he could not display his original strength.

At this moment, Cangmingsan Pill had dispersed into his body. Its powerful medicinal aura spread throughout his body, forcefully expanding his spiritual sea and temporarily patching its cracks.

Meng Qi didn’t mind chatting with Tengshe Sect leader to buy Ji Wujiong a bit more time: “Really?” She smiled coldly: “Just a realm. If my life is gone, what’s the use of breakthrough?”

Tengshe Sect leader let out a weird laugh: “A very interesting girl. Enter my sect, and I will grant you the position of eldest senior sister. From now on, 300 disciples of Tengshe Sect and its 3000 lackeys will be under your command!”

“Really?” Meng Qi raised her jaw slightly, “I’m only a Foundation Establishment cultivator. What if they refuse to accept me?”

“Don’t worry, they don’t dare to disobey!” Tengshe Sect leader’s eyes were on Meng Qi. But from time to time, he glanced at Ji Wujiong. He gradually felt strange. Ji Wujiong, whose cultivation base was lower than his own just a moment ago, suddenly was surging with a powerful aura that condensed into his body.

In a blink of an eye, Ji Wujiong seemed to be completely reborn and revitalized.

The corners of Meng Qi’s lips curled slightly as she slowly said, “You want me to be your disciple…” She suddenly jumped back and yelled, “Quick!”

The last word was for Ji Wujiong. The black-robed young man suddenly raised the narrow black saber in his hand. The corner of his lips raised up in a slight smile. He and Meng Qi had only cooperated a few times, but they seemed to have a tacit understanding. The saber stabbed the ground and swiftly formed lines circling the blue-robed young girl.

Meng Qi waved her hand and threw a handful of eighth-grade spirit stones. Now that Ji Wujiong had restored his cultivation base, he was a powerhouse at the peak of the Spirit Severing stage, surpassing even Tengshe Sect leader. On top of that, his mastery in arrays was higher than Meng Qi. No matter how strong Tengshe Sect leader was, he wouldn’t be able to destroy the array Ji Wujiong had just made. At least, not so quickly.

Meng Qi curled her lips and opened her mouth again: “However, I am pursuing the path of medical cultivation, and my goal is to become a ninth-rank medical cultivator. I am not interested in your sect at all!”


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