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THDP Ch 86 Part 5 – Win (V)

At the same time in Three Thousand Worlds, disciples of various sword sects and spell sects returned after attending a once-in-ten-year medical cultivation holy land trial. Among large-scale sect trials, the medical cultivation trial was said to be the simplest and easiest, but many disciples came back downcasted, unable to believe that they had failed. After all, even though dying in the mission didn’t mean death in reality, their cultivation base would fall by one minor realm.

The failed disciples were full of frustration and confusion. Why was this trial so difficult? According to the seniors, the medical cultivation trial was the easiest compared to other sect trials, because they only had to pass the trial alive regardless of the success or failure of the mission. Each of them would be attended by one or two medical cultivators in this trial, and it was almost impossible to die.

No one expected that instead of having one or two medical cultivators ready to heal anytime, they instead were dragged to the wilderness to besiege the Tengshe Sect people. The sect leader of the Tengshe Sect not only excelled in using poison attack but also had an absolute advantage in the cultivation base.

After the disciples left the trial barrier and returned to their sect, the surprise and shock on their faces hadn’t had time to fade yet. But after being stunned for a moment, they quickly rushed to their masters, sect leaders, and sect elders, wanting to report what they had seen in the trial barrier as soon as possible.

When Meng Qi and Ji Wujiong were relaxing and recovering, secret news began to circulate in Three Thousand Worlds—

Medical cultivators were going to rise!

At this year’s medical cultivation trial, two medical cultivators won with unconventional moves. A young female medical cultivator named Meng Qi, who had advanced to the fourth rank of medical cultivation despite still being in the Foundation Establishment stage, was recognized by the Great Dao of medical cultivation when she broke through and was bestowed by the holy light and medicine aura. Obviously, she could use them to advance her cultivation further, but Meng Qi didn’t hesitate to use them to save her allies. This kind of generosity definitely was a trait of a direct disciple cultivated by a large sect, which allowed her to be so free and easy.

On the other hand, the black-robed young man called Ji Wujiong hardly looked like a medical cultivator. The two’s mastery of arrays was far above that of the Three Thousand Worlds’ most skilled refinery cultivators of today. Even as disciples of large sword sects and spell sects, they had never seen an array directly used as a means of attack. In their eyes, arrays were just something needed to refine artifacts and weapons, used by refinery cultivators who had no self-protection ability except for the artifacts and magic weapons they refined.

The news spread overnight, and even some people in the Medical Society Alliance also got a touch of the news.

In the Apricot Forest, the mess left by Ji Wujiong had been cleaned up, and the Medical Cultivators Conference was proceeding as usual.

But the young Pavilion Master of Xingluo Pavilion, Pei Mufeng, had never appeared on the twelve peaks again.

Medical cultivators gathering in the Apricot Forest seemed to have forgotten the crisis they had encountered that day. They knew that mentioning this matter again was equivalent to offending Feng Alliance, its four major clans, and even the Medical Society Alliance. Now, they were still sitting on the grassland in the Apricot Forest, listening to the lectures from various elders on the twelve peaks.

The people here cherished the rare chance to listen to the knowledge from experienced elders of large sects. However, without the Grand Tournament that everyone had been looking forward to for a whole decade, this year’s conference truly lacked a major flavor.

Xue Jinwen stood at the end of the Xue clan’s seat on Feng Alliance’s peak. Her eyelids drooped slightly, obscuring the light in her eyes. Her memories were cut off on the day when she was finally about to arrive at Xingluo City when she met a somewhat weird couple. When she opened her eyes again, she was already in Xue Clan’s temporary residence in Xingluo City.

Both her eldest sister and youngest sister were extremely indifferent to her. Especially the youngest sister, who kept blaming her for coming here, saying that she had lost Xue Clan’s face in the Apricot Forest…

Xue Jinwen softly bit her lower lip. However, she decided to stay, despite how angry her youngest sister was. Because she heard two names…’Meng Qi’ and ‘Su Junmo.’ Xue Jinwen didn’t know whether this Meng Qi was the Xiao Qi she knew. But instinct told her that Xiao Qi indeed had something to do with this matter. After all, Xiao Qi had asked her for a bamboo slip with the information about the Medical Cultivators Conference, but the girl herself had never shown up in Apricot Forest.

On the twelve peaks, an elderly man sighed and ended his lecture. There was no sound in the entire Apricot Forest, and the atmosphere was still pretty heavy.

Suddenly, there was a loud clamor from the entrance of the forest. Everyone, including Xue Jinwen, subconsciously turned their gaze at the entrance.

From the entrance, Su Junmo and Sikong Xing strode side by side. Next to them was Pei Mufeng, who had disappeared for several days.

“Alliance Head Xue.” Su Junmo walked quickly in front of the twelve peaks and cupped his hands toward the head of Feng Alliance. He didn’t bother to be polite and said straightforwardly: “Does Alliance Head know that Meng Qi and the black-robed man Ji Wujiong are now trapped in the holy land’s Grand Tournament barrier?” His eyes were sharp as a knife, and he said without hesitation: “Please open the barrier once again and let us go in!”


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  1. Lol. They completely screwed up the “easy” test for the non-medical cultivators 😂 No wonder the illusions seemed so sentient!

  2. I don’t quite understand how other cultivators were able to participate in the Grand Tournament when Meng Qi and Ji Wujiong were the only ones sent in earlier. Unless the barrier is allowed to be opened again after closing it? Either way, considering those cultivators mentioned fighting the Tengshe Sect in the wilderness, did they fight them and lose while Tengshe Sect was on its way to Fengyu Town or was it a completely different test with the same enemies? In addition, how were they able to know about Meng Qi’s and Ji Wujiong’s battle when they weren’t there in person? Hopefully it’ll be explained later on in more in detail.

    Thanks for the chapter! 😀

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