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THDP Ch 87 Part 2 – Great Reward and Danger (II)

——She had never seen a spiritual sea shattered so badly.

Meng Qi frowned slightly as countless thoughts flashed in her mind. When the spiritual sea was damaged, no aura could exist in the body. Regardless of human, demon, or devil, all cultivators in this world couldn’t escape this natural rule. Ji Wujiong’s spiritual sea should have been heavily damaged, so much that Cangmingsan Pill’s fierce side effect was nothing in comparison. No wonder she felt that the aura around him was very strange; sometimes strong and sometimes very weak.

But how could this be?

Logically speaking, with such a damaged spiritual sea, Ji Wujiong shouldn’t be able to use any aura at all.

“Are you curious?” Ji Wujiong grinned again.

“I’m curious.” Meng Qi nodded, “But I won’t be your disciple just to know the reason.”

Ji Wujiong snorted, which contorted the scars on his face. Meng Qi stared at the three black scars. This kind of injury should be caused by a weapon contaminated with devil aura. However, she had no idea of what kind of devil aura it was. What effect did it have on Ji Wujiong? Could it be related to his injured spiritual sea?

“Curious about these scars?” Ji Wujiong raised his eyebrow.

“Humph.” This time, it was Meng Qi’s turn to snort. She was indeed very curious! But no matter how curious she was, it is impossible for her to become Ji Wujiong’s disciple.

Meng Qi looked around and changed the subject: “Have we completed the second test?”

This tournament was directed for medical cultivators, but she and Ji Wujiong didn’t play by the card and instead directly attacked the enemies, which usually was done by spell and sword cultivators. In the beginning, Meng Qi made this choice because of the small number of people entering the Grand Tournament barrier this year, which forced her to use a drastic method to protect Fengyu Town. However, now that she was standing at the place where they fought a vigorous battle side by side last night, Meng Qi suddenly felt an unquenched ecstasy that still boiled her blood. She kind of understood why so many cultivators in Three Thousand Worlds chose to walk in the path of sword or spell. Occasionally being free and unrestrained, repaying grace with grace and grievance with grievance actually felt pretty good.

Meng Qi closed her eyes, restraining the fighting intent that arose in her heart. She raised her hand and activated the Heart-clearing Spell. After her medical cultivation was promoted to the fourth rank, all the spells she practiced also rose accordingly by one realm. A spiritual aura swirled on Meng Qi’s palm, and the light emitted by the Heart-clearing Spell seemed to manifest into a real substance. Meng Qi watched the light with excitement. What fighting intent, what ecstasy. None of those could be compared with the improvement in her medical skill, which always made her the happiest!

Ji Wujiong glanced at the joyful girl and knew what she was happy about. He turned his head and looked at the surrounding area, which had turned very serene and peaceful, as if last night’s battle had never happened.

Meng Qi also looked around: “Should we go back to Fengyu Town and find the mayor?”

“Let’s go.” Ji Wujiong nodded. Since the task was assigned by the mayor, they probably needed to go back to him.

“I wonder how many tests are there in this Grand Tournament?” Meng Qi muttered. The second test was already much higher in difficulty than the first test. The third test would definitely be even more difficult. If there was the fourth and the fifth…would it be possible to leave the barrier just by herself and Ji Wujiong? Especially now that her medical cauldron was broken…

Thinking of this, Meng Qi turned her head and looked at the fragments of broken cauldron on the ground: “I hope we can find a new medical cauldron in Fengyu Town. Otherwise…huh?” Meng Qi’s eyes suddenly widened: “”What is that?”

Ji Wujiong also turned his head and followed her gaze.

At the entrance of the valley, specks of green light slowly emerged from the ground and gathered together in mid-air. More and more green lights emerged, finally forming a door.

For a moment, Meng Qi and Ji Wujiong exchanged a glance, and then walked together towards the door.

With a soft ‘click,’ the door slowly turned open. Behind it was around eight trigram compass, with eight characters symbolizing the eight directions written sequentially in a dark green archaic style.

“Should be the reward for this test.” Ji Wujiong said.

“Yes.” Meng Qi also nodded.

But how to choose? When choosing the first test’s reward, they could choose between a bamboo slip, jade slip, rare medicine, magic weapon, and rare treasures. But this time, they didn’t even know what the reward might be.

“Just choose whatever.” As Ji Wujiong spoke, he reached out his hand and pressed the ‘Qian’ character. Another soft click, and the whole eight trigram compass turned over, revealing a small jade box behind it. The box was carved from a whole piece of thousand-year-old cold jade, which was already very valuable by itself.

Ji Wujiong picked up the jade box, opened it, and took a look at its content: “Seems to be your favorite.”

Meng Qi: “…” She didn’t pay any care to Ji Wujiong’s little joke and curiously watched him sending some aura into the jade slip.

“Eh?” Ji Wujiong’s expression suddenly froze.

“What is it?” Meng Qi asked quickly. “Is it an array?!”

“…Yes.” Ji Wujiong’s tone was full of doubt as he took a careful look at the jade slip in his hand. The jade slip was slightly warm, with the character ‘Ji’ inscribed on its back.

Ji Wujiong almost jumped up in surprise: “…it belongs to my Ji family!”

Ji Wujiong’s face suddenly became serious. He sent aura into the jade slip again, quickly scanning its content.


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