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THDP Ch 87 Part 3 – Great Reward and Danger (III)

Meng Qi silently watched Ji Wujiong’s drastic change of attitude. Although she was very curious, she knew that this matter probably involved Ji Wujiong’s family affair, so she didn’t ask a word. Meng Qi turned her head to look at the eight trigram compass that had slowly turned back to its initial position. Except for the character ‘Qian’ that had turned dim, the rest of the characters were still shining in dark green color. Since there was a radical ‘seven’ among the characters that compound the character ‘Qi’ in her name, Meng Qi simply pressed the character ‘Gen,’ the seventh in eight trigram lines.

With another ‘click,’ the eight trigram compass turned around for the second time. As before, there was a small box behind it. This box was carved from a large piece of sapphire, which felt warm to the touch. Just the box alone was already very valuable.

Meng Qi reached out to take the box and opened it. Seeing a small bamboo slip inside the box, she couldn’t help but smile. It seemed that the barrier really knew what she needed the most. Although miraculous medicines and ingredients were extremely precious and rare, they would be gone after usage. In contrast, bamboo and jade slip recorded everlasting knowledge and were more precious to her.

Meng Qi took out the bamboo slip and sent a small amount of spiritual aura into it. At this moment, Ji Wujiong had put away the jade slip with the ‘Ji’ character inscribed on the back. His eyes flashed slightly, and his expression still looked a little unusual. Still, when he glanced at the bamboo slip on Meng Qi’s hand, his tone was normal: “It seems that the predecessors of medical cultivators really love you, seeing that you got your favorite thing every time.”

After a pause, he asked: “What’s in it?”

Meng Qi put away the bamboo slip with a complicated expression: “The method to refine a natal magic weapon.”

“!!!” For a moment, Ji Wujiong’s eyes flashed with a blazing fire. Among the three realms of Three Thousand Worlds, Demon Realm, and Devil Realm, only Three Thousand Worlds cultivators refined their natal weapons. Tens of thousands of years ago, array cultivators perished, and most of the refining arrays were also lost with them. As a result, the refining methods of countless artifacts and magic weapons were no longer known to the world. Although Three Thousand Worlds cultivators could still use their spiritual sea as a furnace to refine their natal weapon, most of the weapons were relatively simple. For example, a long sword. Another example was the silver needle used by Xue Chengxuan, which was the most common natal weapon used by medical cultivators. Many medical cultivators chose silver needles when it was time to refine their own natal weapon. On this aspect, even the prestigious clan like Xue Clan was no better than ordinary medical cultivators.

The period of tens of thousands of years ago was recorded as a magnificent golden era in Three Thousand World’s history. During that era, great geniuses from all walks of life emerged one after another, illuminating the sky with their various natal weapons. Countless weapons, incomparable richness, each was a work of wonder. But now, almost all of those natal weapons and their refining methods had been lost in time. And the current war between the three realms had been reduced to the most primitive battle between cultivators.

Ji Wujiong was a master of arrays. Tens of thousands of years ago, refinery cultivation was just a branch of array cultivation, and he naturally knew more about this kind of past event and story than most people. For example, the moment stepped into Apricot Forest’s holy land, he knew that this place was passed down tens of thousands of years ago. The current generation wouldn’t be able to produce such a place even if they mobilize the whole power of Three Thousand World. Therefore, the refining method of natal weapon that could be found here should also be…

Ji Wujiong’s eyes blazed once again. When he finally opened his mouth, his voice was a little hoarse: “What natal weapon?”

Meng Qi gave the other man a glance. Unlike him, she didn’t understand the significance and importance of the bamboo slip in her hand.

“Five Spirits Cauldron.” Meng Qi replied.

Ji Wujiong exhaled slowly, and his voice became serious: “Meng Qi, promise me. Apart from you and me, you must never let a third person know about this matter. Do you understand what I mean?”

“Huh?” Meng Qi looked back in confusion.

“Even to your best friend, even to your future dao companion…you must not speak a single word about the thing in your hand.” Ji Wujiong’s tone became more serious, “Understand?”

“You should know. In the last tens of thousands of years, Three Thousand Worlds has experienced a lot of catastrophes. Sometimes, it was caused by the invasion from the other two realms. Sometimes, it was internal strife where fellow human cultivators were killing each other.” Ji Wujiong slowly said.

Meng Qi nodded.

“Every time a treasure appears in this world, it will be followed by a bloodshed that lasts for years, even decades.” Ji Wujiong’s tone was heavy and solemn, no longer with his usual mockery that seemed to look down at anyone and everyone.

Meng Qi’s expression also turned serious.

“Fortunately, we are inside the Grand Tournament barrier. Fortunately, there are only the two of us now. Otherwise…” Ji Wujiong’s eyes narrowed. “You may not be able to leave the Apricot Forest holy land with your life. What is moral? What is justice? Those elders of Medical Society Alliance, the four large clans of Feng Alliance, the so-called benevolent healers, those great people who claim to help the world and save lives, can and will crush you in minutes, just to get their hands at that thing!”

“Meng Qi.” Before Meng Qi could say a word, Yun Qingyan’s voice suddenly rang in her mind, “Promise him.”

After a pause, he added: “That man is right.”

Meng Qi believed that Ji Wujiong would never joke about this kind of thing. With Yun Qingyan’s words, she instantly realized the seriousness of this matter.

“Okay.” Meng Qi nodded subconsciously.

“Remember my words.” Ji Wujiong raised his finger to Meng Qi and said coldly.


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    1. Even if they believed that MQ will freely share the info instead of hoarding it to become more powerful as a sect-less wandering cultivator, MQ would still need to share the info to a small group of people since she can’t teach it to everyone, and those people would fight over who gets to learn first, then those people who learn might think they should get to judge who deserves to learn, etc.

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