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THDP Ch 87 Part 4 – Great Reward and Danger (IV)

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“Remember my words.” Ji Wujiong raised his finger to Meng Qi and said coldly.

Meng Qi nodded again. Yun Qingyan’s voice, who was silent for a moment, suddenly rang again: “If you find a chance, try to silence him fore—”

Before Yun Qingyan finished his words, Ji Wujiong spoke again: “Meng Qi.”

“Huh?” Meng Qi was stunned.

Yun Qingyan did not continue. However, although the sentence was not complete, his meaning was already clear.

Ji Wujiong suddenly raised his hand and placed it on his chest, right on his heart. His middle finger and thumb were buckled together. His expression was solemn, and his voice was even more solemn than his expression: “I, the patriarch of Ji family, swear by my soul to never tell anyone that Meng Qi possesses the refining method of Five Spirits Cauldron. In this life, I will never violate this oath. If I ever do, let heaven and earth condemn me.”

“…since he still has a brain, let him go for the time being.” Yun Qingyan’s voice rang again without delay. “But Meng Qi, you shouldn’t trust him too much. Ji family people have never been good folks.”

“…Yes.” This time, even though it was Yun Qingyan’s warning, Meng Qi hesitated a bit. When they first met, Ji Wujiong clearly didn’t look like a good person. But he was merciful when attacking and didn’t really hurt Qin Xiumo. Later, although he wanted to mess up with the Medical Cultivator Conference, no one died because of him. After entering the Grand Tournament barrier, Ji Wujiong, who initially threatened to cut her into a thousand pieces, began to cooperate with her. Now even more so, he took the initiative to make a soul oath and helped her to keep the secret about Five Spirits Cauldron.

After getting along for just a few days, Meng Qi knew that she didn’t hate Ji Wujiong. His actions were extreme, and his attitude was as if he despised everyone, but his nature was not evil. However, it was more impossible for her to go against Yun Qingyan’s words. Although she felt a bit conflicted, Meng Qi still responded affirmatively.

Yun Qingyan’s voice sounded weaker than before. Meng Qi wanted to ask, but judging from their previous conversations, she knew that the other party wouldn’t tell her. Meng Qi pursed her mouth as she raised her eyes and watched Ji Wujiong turned his back against her and strode towards the door: “Let’s go.”

“Yeah.” Meng Qi followed suit. The eight trigram compass by the door had disappeared. Although the door seemed to be made of intangible green light, it opened as soon as it was pushed.

Ji Wujiong stepped in first, followed by Meng Qi. Behind the door was a long corridor, surrounded by two walls inlaid by many luminous pearls. Under Meng Qi and Ji Wujiong’s feet was a floor made of large bluestone cut into neat slabs, paving a smooth road for them. The pearls shone softly, illuminating the path they traveled on and even the entire passage.

Except for luminous pearls, the walls were also decorated with many lines of various colors. The lines seemed messy, and Meng Qi couldn’t figure out what they were. Meng Qi raised her head and glanced at the ceiling, also inlaid with countless luminous pearls.

“This is a star chart.” Ji Wujiong, who walked ahead, said to her.

“I see.” Meng Qi nodded. The whole passage was embedded with countless luminous pearls, imitating the starry sky and forming a large star chart. “What about these lines?” She asked again.

“Doodles.” Ji Wujiong gave her a glance and said grumpily.

The passage was not long, and it didn’t take a long time for the two to walk to the exit. Sunlight poured into the exit, dimming the shine of luminous pearls nearby. A few steps away from the exit, Ji Wujiong stopped and asked Meng Qi: “What do you think the next test will be?”

After thinking for a while, Meng Qi answered: “The first test is about observation, solving a poison, and cooperation. The second test probably supposes to be about quick response, treatment, and teamwork. Then the third test…” Meng Qi glanced at the exit and said: “Should also test our teamwork, and then…” Meng Qi pondered: “Healers need to be benevolent, and talent comes after heart. The next test should test both our ability as a medical cultivator and our mindset.”

Ji Wujiong raised an eyebrow: “Let’s go out.” Seeing Meng Qi, a Foundation Establishment cultivator who could become a fourth-rank medical cultivator, he suddenly felt it made sense.

“Okay.” Meng Qi also took another step and walked into the exit. As soon as she stepped out, the sudden bright sunlight made her close her eyes in a reflex. Before she opened her eyes again, a refreshing floral scent came to her.

Meng Qi subconsciously held her breath and slowly opened his eyes. She was suddenly taken aback. The scenery before her was unknown to her, but somehow made her feel a bit familiar. Green mountains stood endlessly in the distance, with a vast grassland on their feet. Hundreds of flowers bloomed in the grassland. A river with clear water passed through it, and from time to time, Meng qi could see fish jumping out and in the water surface.

Meng Qi stood in a daze for a while before she suddenly reacted. “Ji Wujiong?” She looked around, but found that the black-robed young man was no longer in sight.

“Ji Wujiong!” Meng Qi raised her voice and called again.

However, there was no response, only the brisk chirping of birds and the burbles of the river.

“Ji Wujiong!” Meng Qi shouted again. She and Ji Wujiong exited the passage one after another, only separated by one or two steps. No matter how fast Ji Wujiong was, he couldn’t disappear so quickly. Unless…

Meng Qi was about to rush forward and call Ji Wujiong again when suddenly, her shoulder was patted by someone. She immediately sighed in relief. The corner of her lips slightly raised as she turned around and said: “You suddenly disappear. It really freaks me out. This place looks so peaceful and tranquil, but you said before that the more peaceful a place looks on the surface, the more it may—”

Her voice stopped abruptly.

The moment Meng Qi turned around, her eyes fell into another pair of clear eyes——

The white-robed Yun Qingyan was standing behind her, looking at her with a smile.


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