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THDP Ch 88 Part 3 – Illusion (III)

“So Young Daoist Meng is trapped in the illusion and refuses to wake up?” The old man chuckled.

“…Yes.” Yun Qingyan threw back another bamboo slip, “The man obviously didn’t say or do anything, but Meng Qi is so obedient.”

“And you are bothered by this?” The old man suddenly turned around. A smile flashed in his eyes as he looked at Yun Qingyan.

“She is now inside the Grand Tournament’s barrier in Apricot Forest holy land. I don’t know when she will be able to come out.” Yun Qingyan evaded the previous question, but he added: “I cannot let her trapped for long.”

After a pause, he said again: “That Apricot Forest was created by the great seniors of medical cultivators tens of thousands of years ago…” Speaking of the word ‘senior,’ Yun Qingyan gritted his teeth before he continued: “…and then passed down throughout the generations. The base that supports the whole Apricot Forest and its functions is indeed a very powerful array. Brilliant and magnificent. Even tens of thousands of years ago, whoever can set up such a grand array must be the strongest of their era.”

The old man narrowed his eyes slightly and pondered for a moment: “Medical cultivators…”

“The one who created the arrays is not necessarily a medical cultivator. But the Great Dao of medical cultivation1 resonates to the Apricot Forest, and the power it contains has never been reduced over tens of thousands of years.”

“Very impressive indeed.” The old man nodded slowly. He suddenly turned his head: “To be able to resonate with the Great Dao of medical cultivation and is used as a venue of a tournament…was the barrier created to test the young generations of medical cultivators?”

“It is.” Yun Qingyan responded.

“I see…” The old man narrowed his eyes, “From what I know, medical cultivators were highly regarded tens of thousands of years ago. But they were also extremely focused. Therefore, I guess that this illusion array is probably testing Young Daoist Meng’s determination as a medical cultivator.”

“Meng Qi saw me inside the illusion.” Yun Qingyan repeated.

“Oh.” The old man gave him a glance, “Perhaps it means that you are the stumbling block on Young Daoist Meng’s pursuit of the Great Dao of medical cultivation.”

Yun Qingyan: “…”

“You’d better not to meddle carelessly.” The old man said again: “I know an illusion array that is similar to the one you described. But it has been lost tens of thousands of years ago.”

“Huh? ”

“It is said that the reason why the illusion array is extremely difficult to break is that the person who enters the array will see the illusion that mimics the reality that can truly happen. It is the thing buried in the deepest part of their heart and also the thing that they wanted the most to see. If the array that trapped Young Daoist Meng is really this illusion array, then she is the only person who can figure out a way to break the illusion and come out.”

“Nevertheless, Young Daoist Meng is a medical cultivator, and the illusion is part of the test created by a holy land connected to the Great Dao of medical cultivation, so what are you worry about?” The old man continued: “If she is really talented and can pass the test, she will gain a tremendous boost in her medical cultivation. You shouldn’t ruin the little girl’s great opportunity.”

Yun Qingyan: “…”

“Go, go.” The old man waved his hand, “You, a dignified Demon Monarch, is actually getting worse day by day. Since when did you start to become fussy like a nagging old woman? Learn to be decisive like Young Daoist Meng.”

“Demon Monarch, huh… “Yun Qingyan raised an eyebrow. A black metal-like token suddenly appeared in his hand, which he lightly played with: “The Demon Monarch Order is about to reappear. So many ambitious celestial demons in the Demon Realm are looking forward to it, waiting for the Demon Realm to change its monarch.”

The old man: “…”

“Starfallen Sea won’t last long.” Leaving these last words, Yun Qingyan’s figure flashed, and he disappeared without waiting for the old man to respond.

The old man did not immediately leave. He stood behind the railing on the twelfth floor, overlooking the whole Heaven And Earth Bookhall. After a while, his figure also gradually disappeared as he muttered to himself: “This old man is already halfway in the grave, why bother worrying about this kind of thing? Maybe I should go to that old fellow to play chess…”

Apricot Forest, inside the Grand Tournament’s barrier.

Ji Wujiong sat cross-legged on the ground. Under him was a black cliff. The cliff was menacing, surrounded by dangerous steep and a strange-looking black sea. Said to be a sea, but in fact, there was no water in it. Instead, a strong devil aura, as thick and as dense as water, filled the entire sea surface. The devil aura was tumbling madly, along with strange screeches like ghosts’ screams and the smell of blood that filled the air.

The three scars on Ji Wujiong’s right face looked even more prominent and terrifying in this place. He kept sitting cross-legged, motionless. His eyes were shut tight, as if he hadn’t been affected by this environment at all.

Where is Meng Qi?

This was Ji Wujiong’s only concern.

Did she also encounter the same situation? The danger and horror of the Devil Realm’s Starfallen Sea were far above that of the Three Thousand World’s Starfallen Sea.

Meng Qi was just a Foundation Establishment cultivator. Could she break out safely?

Ji Wujiong opened his eyes suddenly, and a ray of light flashed in his eyes. He stood up and slowly drew out his black saber. Meng Qi had never seen the situation when Ji Wujiong drew out his saber. If she was here, she would be baffled to see Ji Wujiong’s hand, tightly clasped on his chest, slowly drawing out the black saber from the position right above his heart.

The amethyst eight trigrams compass also appeared next to him in an instant.

Blood surged in Ji Wujiong’s eyes. With a narrow black saber in his hand, he walked step by step, approaching the edge of the cliff.


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  1. Great Dao: Dao can also be translated as ‘path’ or ‘road.’ Cultivation is symbolized as a journey throughout a path until the cultivator achieves ‘the Dao,’ which is enlightenment of a sort. The Dao itself can be the manifestation of concepts or rules. Previously, I translated ‘Great Dao’ as ‘great path’ (i.e., the great path of medical cultivation). The previous translations have been adjusted, and from now on, the word ‘Dao’ and ‘path’ will be interchangeable.

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