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THDP Ch 89 Part 2 – Those Who Shouldn’t be Saved (II)

This sea of ​​devil aura should be the illusion created for Ji Wujiong, so why could she enter it?

Meng Qi looked around carefully. The sky was densely covered with dark clouds, so close to the ground as if they would fall at any time. In the black sea, devil aura was still rolling frantically in fierce waves, hitting the two sides of the cliff with overwhelming force as if they wanted to smash the cliff and dragged the two people above into the bottomless black sea.

Meng Qi took another step forward, getting closer to the fissure that separated her and Ji Wujiong.

“Have you taken medicine?” Meng Qi asked.

“Took them all.” Ji Wujiong replied lazily.

“Oh.” Meng Qi took out a small porcelain bottle from her storage space. “This is Qibao Pill, effective for internal injuries.” She took out a small jade box: “There is Xuanshuang Powder in it, which is used to treat external injuries.”

Meng Qi threw the bottle and box to Ji Wujiong: “Can you take these?”

“Don’t!” Ji Wujiong shouted suddenly, but it was too late.

Devil aura suddenly surged from the fissure, soared into the sky, and instantly swept away the porcelain bottle and jade box thrown by Meng Qi. For a moment, the black sea’s movement became more frantic, and the wind blew more fiercely as if laughing wildly at her.

Meng Qi’s breath stagnated. Just now, she had a strange feeling, as if this cliff was the only safe place here. If she or Ji Wujiong dared to leave the cliff, the devil aura would devour them without mercy.

“You saw it.” Ji Wujiong sat down again, “This place is dangerous.”

Meng Qi whispered, “Yeah.”

Well, since she couldn’t think of a better way for the moment, Meng Qi simply chose to sit down cross-legged. She had just broken through into the Golden Core stage by relying on a large amount of external aura. The aura didn’t come from her effort and definitely wasn’t as good as the steady aura she slowly accumulated on her own.

However, Meng Qi was already familiar with the next step. In her previous life, she also relied not on her own cultivation, but on the Star Array Yun Qingyan taught her, and barely broke through into the Golden Core stage. Similar to this time, the Star Array plundered the aura from the spirit stones she provided and then forcibly infused them into her body. Afterward, Yun Qingyan also taught the method to consolidate the sudden influx of aura caused by her breakthrough. So Meng Qi sat down cross-legged, activated the spell Yun Qingyan once taught her and closed her eyes in meditation.

Ji Wujiong: “…”

He gave Meng Qi a glance, but was not surprised at her action. This girl was always calm and composed, often beyond his expectation. The reason why he didn’t remind Meng Qi to not step out of the cliff was that he knew that she definitely would not do anything reckless until she figured out the situation.

Seeing Meng Qi sitting cross-legged in meditation, Ji Wujiong also closed his eyes tiredly. He had been fighting for nine days and nine nights at this black sea of devil aura. He didn’t know where the end was, nor did he know how much he had to kill before he could get out.

However, the moment he saw this place, Ji Wujiong knew that the only method to leave was to kill, kill, and kill!

The boundless black sea was formed from a thick devil aura, which slowly condensed devil beasts. It was these devil beasts that Ji Wujiong killed. Every time he killed one, the devil aura in the black sea would reduce a little, and the black clouds in the sky would increase by the same amount. Like this, Ji Wujiong fought until he ran out of aura before he returned to the cliff, which was the only safe place, and waited for recovery.

Once recovered, he continued to fight. Ji Wujiong’s originally damaged spiritual sea didn’t break or even get worse during the nine days and nine nights of reckless fighting. Instead, each time he killed another devil beast, a ray of devil aura would fly into his body, entering his spiritual sea and forming a net that slowly covered the largest crack.

Cultivators didn’t need rest. However, Ji Wujiong was deeply exhausted after the continuous battle of nine days and nine nights. In the beginning, he didn’t even dare to close his eyes for a moment. Until Meng Qi suddenly came down from the sky and walked slowly through the broken dark void. Although Ji Wujiong’s mouth was as sharp as usual, there was a warmth in his heart.

Faintly sensing Meng Qi’s figure sitting not far away, Ji Wujiong closed his eyes and soon fell asleep.

Time passed, but the perpetually dark clouded sky offered no clues about the passage of time.

Meng Qi slowly opened her eyes. Her gaze was clear and seemed to be covered by an extra layer of warm light. “Huff—” She let out a deep breath, then stood up and stretched her body. Meng Qi lightly flicked her fingers, and a white light appeared on her fingertips, much brighter than before. She had finally consolidated the aura in her body and could now use it freely.

Entering the tournament’s barrier and passed the tests had yielded Meng Qi a great harvest. Not only she successfully broke through into the fourth rank of medical cultivation, but she also formed her golden core here. Even if she returned to Three Thousand Worlds now, she already had enough power to protect herself and was no longer a weak, ant-like cultivator.

“Ji Wujiong.” Meng Qi put down her hands and turned to Ji Wujiong. The black-robed young man groaned softly, but he did not wake up.

“Ji Wujiong?” Meng Qi called again. She raised her head, only to see the black clouds on the sky that seemed to hang even lower than before.

Ji Wujiong still didn’t wake up. This time, there wasn’t even any reaction from him.


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