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THDP Ch 89 Part 3 – Those Who Shouldn’t be Saved (III)

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Meng Qi looked around and picked up a small stone on the cliff. She snapped her fingers and flicked the stone towards Ji Wujiong. As soon as the stone left her side of the cliff, a wave of devil aura whizzed up and swept it away. The black sea suddenly surged crazily, as if to laugh at Meng Qi.

“Ji Wujiong!” Meng Qi raised her voice and shouted. But the black-robed man was still lying quietly on the ground and did not respond to her.

How severe were his injuries?

Meng Qi frowned. With Ji Wujiong’s cultivation base and strong vigilance, even if he was poisoned or passed out in exhaustion, he should be able to wake up instantly. Originally, Meng Qi assumed that since Ji Wujiong knew about poison and medicine, he should also know some simple healing techniques despite not being a medical cultivator. But now, it seemed that his situation was much worse than she previously thought.

Meng Qi hesitated for a moment, then she suddenly leaned down and picked up ten small stones from the ground. She then stood up again, raised her hand, and threw the stones into ten different directions.

As expected, ten waves of devil aura quickly emerged from the black sea and swept away all the stones in an instant. The next moment, the wind whizzed by with noises loud enough to awaken even the deaf. But Ji Wujiong, who was on the opposite side of the cliff, was still lying quietly on the ground and showed no reaction.

What should she do now?

Meng Qi paced back and forth along the edge of the cliff. She looked up at the sky and saw the black clouds seemed to get closer again. She didn’t know when the sky would truly press to the ground, but at that time, she and Ji Wujiong…

“Young Daoist.” A soft voice suddenly rang in Meng Qi’s ear. This voice was no stranger to her. When she was in great pain from the spiritual aura that forcefully entered her body, it was the same voice that suddenly appeared and instructed her to relax.

“Senior?” Meng Qi raised her head and looked around.

Inside the beast house, the little white tiger squinted his eyes slightly.

Senior again?

Who is Meng Qi calling?

He had found out that besides himself, Meng Qi also called the bookhall elder ‘Senior.’ Now, she was suddenly calling somebody by this address again. But who?

The little white tiger raised his head lazily. He knew that it was impossible for him to see through it. The one Meng Qi was calling must be the remnant of spiritual consciousness left behind by the great predecessor of medical cultivator — or perhaps the array cultivator who created this barrier — tens of thousands of years ago.

“Young Daoist.” The voice called again. The previous time, Meng Qi was in severe pain, so much that her mind was blank, and she almost couldn’t think. At that time, she couldn’t even tell whether the voice was a man’s or a woman’s. She only knew by instinct that the voice bore her no harm and that she could trust it. This time, however, Meng Qi’s mind was clear. The voice was as gentle as a spring breeze, sweet and beautiful.

“Senior, please give me your instructions.” Meng Qi knew that even though the voice seemed to be not much older than herself, anyone who could stay in this barrier must be a great person from tens of thousands of years ago. Calling the voice ‘Senior’ must not be wrong.

“Young Daoist is very meticulous and has eyes on details. You are also very knowledgeable about poisons. With just two people, you managed to pass the first test in record time. How relieving, how delightful.” The woman praised with a gentle tone. “The Mingxin spell isn’t originally part of the reward of the first test. I especially sent it to you, and you chose it. This must be fate.”

“Thank you, Senior.” Meng Qi bowed respectfully.

“You are good at arrays, don’t limit your think to just inside the box, and passed the second test with a method I have never thought of…” There was a hint of laughter in the woman’s voice. “Among the younger generation of medical cultivators, there is actually a genius also talented in array cultivation, who is able to combine the two arts of array and medical…” The voice was like a spring breeze: “I’m very delightful! The Five Spirits Cauldron can finally see the light of the day again.”

Meng Qi was stunned. It suddenly became clear to her that even the Five Spirits Cauldron was also especially given to her by this mysterious predecessor. She once again bowed towards the empty air: “Many thanks for Senior. Senior has taken a lot of care of me. As a junior, I am ashamed.”

“If these things stay buried here, they will just perish.” The woman said with a smile. “You can afford them. No need to be so humble.” She paused and then slowly said: “During the third test, you are facing the nature hidden in your heart. You can pass the test in a very short time, proving that you have a clear mind and is single-minded in your cultivation. I helped you move one step forward. However, the path of cultivation has never been easy. I hope you won’t let me down.”

“Yes.” Meng Qi lowered her head and closed her eyes. The voice guiding her right now was obviously a great predecessor of medical cultivators from tens of thousands of years ago. Most probably, she was someone deeply in touch with the creation of the Grand Tournament’s barrier and even the Apricot Forest holy land itself.


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