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THDP Ch 90 Part 3 – Choice (III)

Although those Beiming Pills were not of high grade, they shouldn’t be totally useless. Unless…

Meng Qi held out her hands to support Ji Wujiong’s body and made him sit by the big rock next to them. One of her hands was pressing on his back, while her other hand was touching his chest. Meng Qi then slowly closed her eyes. After reaching the fourth rank of medical cultivation, Meng Qi’s Beiming Spell had also advanced to the fourth realm. The Beiming Pills she currently had on her hands were the ones she refined before. Their ranks were pretty low, and thus they had little effect on Ji Wujiong. Since that was the case, her only alternative was to use the Beiming spell directly to fill Ji Wujiong’s spiritual sea.

“Young Daoist.” The woman’s voice called again, “His spiritual sea is damaged. If you use Beiming Spell to help him recover, you cannot stop in the middle. Otherwise, his cultivation realm will fall, and his spiritual sea will collapse entirely. Once that happens, only a medical cultivator who has reached the realm of Profound and above will be able to heal him.”

Meng Qi was startled.

“Have you thought about it, Young Daoist?” The woman slowly said. “The barrier on this cliff can only protect you for another hour. After an hour, the devil aura can break into the cliff. If he has not recovered by then, are you going to die here with him?” The voice became gentler: “You are extremely talented. Why bother to take such a high risk for such a dangerous person?”

The voice seemed to be getting closer and closer. Meng Qi could even perceive the woman’s faint sigh, as if she was right by her side. The sweet and soft voice seemed to touch the bottom of people’s heart, like a gentle elder sister who genuinely cared for her younger sister.

“You refused to leave him alone, and have already done your duty towards your friendship with him. You also healed him and helped him regain his aura, and thus have done your duty as a medical cultivator.” The woman said gently. Her voice was full of soothing acceptance. “You have done your best. You and he don’t have such a close relationship. If you now leave and save your own life, you will be able to treat more patients in the future. No one will accuse you of leaving.”

“Young Daoist…” The woman said softly: “When you chose to stay, you did very well. I’m very happy. You have passed the third level final test. Now, you can go.”

Once her voice fell, another gate appeared beside Meng Qi.

Meng Qi glanced at the gleaming gate. This time, the distance was closer, and through the thin light curtain, she could see the situation of the outside world more clearly than the previous time.

Over there, she could see Sikong Xing’s anxious and worried face as she talked to Su Junmo.

“Young Daoist, congratulations on passing the final test. Go back, your true friends are worried about you, and they are waiting outside. They will be very happy to see you pass the test and return safely to them.” The woman softly persuaded: “You have done everything you should do. Even if you leave now, you don’t have to feel guilty.”

“I…” Meng Qi closed her eyes.

“Go back.” The woman said again: “There is a limit of what a single person can do, and no one will blame you for this.”

At this time, the Apricot Forest on the other side of the gate was very quiet. In fact, from the moment the woman opened the first gate, the Apricot Forest suddenly became extremely quiet. The sky above the forest seemed to have turned into a huge mirror, with Meng Qi and Ji Wujiong’s figures reflected on it.

In the past few days, the argument of whether to re-open the Grand Tournament’s barrier or not had split people into three factions. In the beginning, the news that Meng Qi and Ji Wujiong had passed the Grand Tournament’s second test had been reported to the respective sects by the disciples who survived until the end. Then, the news quickly passed from various sword and spell sects to the Medical Society Alliance, to the major medical sects in the four realms, and finally to the ears of medical cultivators who attended the Medical Cultivator Conference in Xingluo City.

Everyone was full of curiosity. The Grand Tournament of Medical Cultivator Conference had always been shrouded in mystery. It was said that every tournament would be different, and no one knew what they would encounter prior to entering the barrier. Even the disciples of sword and spell sects who joined as helpers only knew that this was the easiest kind among the large-scale sect training missions. However, no one could clearly explain what was there inside the barrier.

So when the news spread, Pei Mufeng and Su Junmo joined hands and went to Medical Society Alliance with a request to open the Grand Tournament barrier so they could go in too. Even though medical sects didn’t want to sour the relationship, they could only tell Su Junmo’s group that there was no way to open the barrier again before the Grand Tournament ended.

Because of this matter, they had been arguing for two days, and even the conference was postponed.

Su Junmo was desperate and anxious. It was said that the third test was even more dangerous than the previous two. If Meng Qi really fell there, she would not be able to come out again. At that time, he also wouldn’t be far from death!

Qin Xiumo, who rushed to Xingluo City, was equally furious upon knowing Meng Qi’s situation. His natal long sword was placed on Xue Chengxuan’s neck, completely didn’t care about offending both Feng Alliance and Medical Society Alliance.

Xue Chengxuan shook his head with a pale face. He tried to explain that Apricot Forest’s holy land was the legacy left behind by the ancient power from tens of thousands of years ago. No one could break its rules. Once the barrier was closed, it couldn’t be opened again until the Grand Tournament was over. In the end, Xue Chengxuan could only comfort Su Junmo and the others, saying that Meng Qi probably could pass the test and leave the barrier by herself.


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