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THDP Ch 90 Part 4 – Choice (IV)

These past two days and two nights, none of Meng Qi’s allies ever left the Apricot Forest. Su Junmo and Sikong Xing were deadly worried. Qin Xiumo and Chu Tianfeng’s faces were also extremely dark, and their eyes were ferocious with killing intents. It was as if they were ready for a murderous spree if Meng Qi couldn’t return safely. Meanwhile, Pei Mufeng was standing with a cold face on the side, and no one could guess the mind of this Pavilion Master.

Seeing the Medical Cultivator Conference fell into this state, Xue Chengxuan felt helpless and sad. These past two days, he glanced back at the twelve peaks several times. Standing on the peaks were the sects and clans representing the strongest medical cultivators in the four realms, including his father and other heads of the four clans that formed the Feng Alliance.

Xue Chengxuan knew that they were not afraid of Su Junmo and the others, but his father and other elders had their own considerations. Whether it was Chu Tianfeng, Pei Mufeng, the mysterious sword cultivator Qin Xiumo, and even the charming young lady Sikong Xing, they all represented a large sect or a powerful family behind them. Not to mention Su Junmo, who seemed to be an envoy from the Demon Realm. Yet, father and elders were just one step away from forming an antagonism with them.

Xue Chengxuan closed his eyes helplessly. When did they start to be like this? To maintain Feng Alliance’s absolute and supreme status in the medical world, it was necessary to maintain a good relationship with the major sects of the four realms.

It was…

Amidst Xue Chengxuan’s agitated heart, Qin Xiumo had already retracted the sword on his neck. When the cold and sharp blade touched his skin, he stared at the stern-looking young man in black.

Was he afraid? Probably a little bit.

Even a cultivator was afraid of death, including Xue Chengxuan. But even more, envy he couldn’t quite express quietly emerged from the bottom of his heart. Xue Chengxuan envied Qin Xiumo for his ability to be unscrupulous to the point of domineering and also because he could use his sword in place of words. The black-robed young sword cultivator didn’t seem to care what kind of consequences it would bring to him for offending the eldest son of the current leader of Feng Alliance, who was also the future head of Xue Clan.

Apricot Forest was in such a mess for two days. Su Junmo and the others seemed to have made up their minds. They were determined not to leave until Meng Qi returned safely.

None of the medical cultivators in the Apricot Forest still have an interest in continuing the conference. Everyone sat freely in small groups of two or three, chatting lightly while waiting. They were all actually very curious. Each time, more than one hundred medical cultivators entered the Grand Tournament barrier, but this time it was only two. On top of that, it seemed that those two had already passed two of the tests. This aroused everyone’s curiosity, and thus they were looking forward to seeing the final result of the tournament.

Su Junmo and the others were also waiting, albeit very anxiously.

Suddenly, a brilliant light flashed above Apricot Forest, and the figure of Meng Qi, surrounded by an ominous-looking sea of devil aura, appeared on the sky. Not only was her figure visible, but even her dialogue with the mysterious woman could also be heard clearly by everyone.

The gate opened, but Meng Qi chose to stay. Everyone saw her chose to stay with Ji Wujiong. They also saw her used the ghost puppets she summoned to finally reach the man. When her silver knife was swallowed by the devil aura, a series of gasps sounded in the Apricot Forest. Then, when the mysterious woman persuaded Meng Qi again and told her that she had passed the final test, many medical cultivators showed a look of envy on their faces.

Even Xue Cheng, Wen Su, and other leaders of Feng Alliance turned into a heavy expression. Due to their positions, they knew much more than average medical cultivators, including the secret that the Grand Tournament barrier was actually…

At that moment, everyone looked at Meng Qi with envy.

Since the beginning of the Grand Tournament, all participants who could reach the final test were always accepted by major sects and grew rapidly to finally became well-known figures in the medical world. Now, this little girl who was no more than a Foundation Establishment cultivator would receive this honor?

This was also the first time for the public to see the content of the third test of the Grand Tournament.

Could this be the final test that the mysterious woman said?

Everyone was waiting. The black-robed man named Ji Wujiong injured so many of their companions before. As the woman said, even if Meng Qi abandoned him, no one would blame her. She had done her best and fulfilled what a medical cultivator ought to do. Once she returned, she would return in glory, becoming a new genius in the medical world for the next ten years. This time, she was the only one who participated in the Grand Tournament, and she also passed it in full view, so no matter which sect she entered, she would be well-received.

Very… enviable!

On the other side of the gate, on the cliff by the sea of ​​devil aura.

“But…” Meng Qi finally opened her mouth and replied: “…but I will have a guilty conscience!”

Meng Qi suddenly opened her eyes and gently pressed Ji Wujiong’s chest and back with her two palms. Her eyes were bright and clear: “Thank you, Senior. But I want to try my best.”

After she finished speaking, a dark blue soft light emerged from her hands, enclosing her and Ji Wujiong. Meng Qi closed her eyes again and slowly sent aura into Ji Wujiong’s body.

The fourth realm’s Beiming Spell formed a transparent, light blue aura that gushed towards Ji Wujiong’s spiritual sea.

In Apricot Forest, the people watching this scene with their own eyes suddenly shut their mouths and fell silent.


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